Publishing Program to Host Chinese Executives for Three-Week Seminar

By Professor Andrea Baron

For three weeks in May and June, the Publishing Program will host 16 executives from Phoenix Publishing and Media Group, the largest printing and publishing company in China.  The group will participate in a series of seminars where they’ll hear presentations and exchange ideas with key industry leaders in the U.S.

Professor Baron and Professor Lian

The visit is part of an ongoing partnership between PPMG and the Pace Publishing program to organize the exchange of ideas, information and business opportunities. Starting in 2006, the Publishing Program broadened its international scope in several ways.  In addition to the PPMG program, there was an agreement with Wuhan University in China.  This includes the exchange of faculty members, who spend a semester in NY, as well as participation by our faculty in an annual digital publishing conference in China.  These experiences have added a lot to our understanding of the Chinese and the international publishing industry for the students and faculty who participated.

The past years’ sessions with the PPMG group were extremely valuable in sharing information, and have also been successful in helping them develop partnerships with US publishers and printers.

This year’s sessions will focus on developments in print technology for book and magazine publishing, digital printing and cross-media workflows, and the expansion of environmental initiatives. The publishing landscape is changing rapidly and, as print publication volume decreases, printers have branched out, developing new services for their customers.  These include digital supply chains, digital prepress services and print applications, and new tools such as web portals, e-commerce, and cross-media applications.  We’ve also seen demand increase for environmental initiatives and energy usage reduction and carbon neutral techniques in paper and print manufacturing.  All of these issues are critical to the survival and success of our industry.

A group of PPMG Executives listening to a lecture during the May, 2011 training

We have an array of speakers lined up who represent top national leaders in their fields, and who are currently addressing these challenges.  They will include digital vendors, publication printers, book and magazine publishers, paper manufacturers, and international organizations.  Pace publishing faculty members Andrea Baron,  David Delano and David Hetherington will also give presentations to the group.  The seminar sessions are being organized by Professor Baron with translation provided by Professor Lian.

The activities will also include site visits to Hearst Magazines and Time Inc. for demonstrations of their newest digital workflows and media management systems. The group will also tour the headquarters of Bloomberg Financial and attend the Book Expo America trade show during their visit.

Last year’s sessions were marked by lively discussion and exchange of information.  So many things have changed in the space of this year that we’ll be looking forward to discussing up-to-the-minute developments as we learn about the new directions in the publishing industry in the US and China.


The guests in the group and the organizations they come from are as follows:

Zuo Yumei, Director, Phoenix Publishing & Media, Inc.

Zhang Hao, Postdoctoral, Phoenix Publishing & Media, Inc.

Xu Chenmin, Vice General Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Mei Xiaofang, Department Manager, Jiangsu Publishing & Printing Materials Corporation

Zhang Rongming, Vice General Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Yancheng Printing Ltd.

Wang Zhiguo, General Manager Assisitant, Jiangsu Phoenix Digital Printing Co., Ltd.

Xu Ling, Director, Phoenix Education Publishing, Ltd.

Zhang Jing, Director, Phoenix Science Press, Ltd.

Zhong Min, Director, Phoenix Vocational Education Books, Ltd.

Qiu Li, Director, Phoenix Juvenile & Children’s Publishing, Ltd.

Wu Yonggang, Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Printing Production, Ltd.

Xia Nan, Vice Manager, Nanjing Amity Printing Company, Ltd.

Kong Dawei, General Manager, Jiangsu Gaochun Printing Company Co., Ltd.

Wang Hong, General Manager, Suzhou City AO Advertising Co., Ltd.

Ma Xuquan, General Manager, Xuzhou Xuquan Print Co., Ltd.

Zhang Hao, Vice General Manager, Nanjing Bills & Securities Printing Co., Ltd.

Link of the Week: Society for Scholarly Publishing

Bernie Stukenborg is a publishing professional who has worked in journal production and publishing for twenty years. He has been involved in the Society for Scholarly Publishing for nearly twelve years and has chaired the SSP Membership Committee, where he has been an active participant, for the past six years.  Mr. Stukenborg’s passion is helping publishers address business and production challenges – this he does via his sales role with Dartmouth Journal Services, a Sheridan Group company. Due to his commitment to the Society, he wrote a piece for the blog telling us about the organization. Enjoy!

Thank you to Andrea Baron for the opportunity to enter the Pace MS Publishing blogosphere!  After a very stimulating cup of coffee with Andrea and reading many entries in your dynamic blog, I am thrilled to find a vibrant community of students and professionals interested in a wide range of publishing forms and flavors.  Please allow me to introduce you to a related community – the Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP).

SSP is a group of 1,000+ members who are passionate about scholarly communication – editors, compositors, publishers, printers, online hosts, librarians, mobile app developers and many more – from those who are brand-new in the field to seasoned executives who are leaders of large and prestigious organizations.  Our members work in nonprofit societies, professional publishing companies and other commercial enterprises, universities and pharmaceutical companies – anywhere scholarly content is created, refined and disseminated.

Every day, a handful of our most prominent members write about “what’s hot and cooking in scholarly publishing” via our blog: The Scholarly Kitchen.  In 2010, it was nominated for a Webby in the Blog – Business category. Always thought-provoking, well written, and authoritative, it’s a great way to stay up-to-date with issues that concern everyone working in scholarly communications – you’re guaranteed to find a daily dose of highly caffeinated content to sip on throughout the day!

We meet face-to-face throughout the year, and our showcase is the annual meeting where, on average, over 700 people gather to discuss market trends, swap experiences with new workflows and share ideas about emerging business models.  Coffee breaks and evening receptions provide networking opportunities, a vital component to
the meeting, and collegial friendships spring up as members serendipitously meet, discover common ground, and become trusted professional contacts who continue to communicate after the meeting concludes. This year’s conference – Social, Mobile, Agile, Global: Are You Ready? – promises to be our best yet and will equip attendees to navigate the significant challenges that lie ahead in this rapidly changing culture.  If you are interested in obtaining a free day pass to the meeting, to be held in Arlington, VA (May 30 – June 1), please let me know, and I will facilitate this and be happy to host you for a day.

Other opportunities to connect in person include our spring, Library Focus Group where librarians panel discussions about topics that are current to scholarly publishing. In the fall, we host an innovation conference where we invite people from outside our niche to share case studies and stimulate discussions on intersecting business models, technologies and methodologies.

In addition to these many activities, members use their association with SSP to find and post job opportunities via our Job Bank, and there’s also a handy Scholarly Communications Internships page n our website where we provide links to multiple internship and practicum opportunities all over the country. And, as an SSP member, there are also numerous opportunities to get involved with the organization, for example, by serving on one of our 14 committees.

In my experience, you would be hard pressed to find a professional group that is more collegial, engaging and vibrant!  I invite you to join us, network with us and contribute to SSP throughout your scholarly communications career.  We will learn together as we navigate the sea of change that is streaming through the publishing world.

Feel free to contact me via email or LinkedIn with questions about how SSP can be a catalyst to your career and/or to discuss the benefits of Student Membership.  And don’t forget to let me know if you’re interested in a free day pass to this year’s annual meeting – I hope to see you there!

Summer Publishing Classes!

Did you know that registration for summer classes has already begun?  Taking summer courses is a great way to accelerate your studies, or to spread out your workload.  This summer, the program is offering some new and unique courses that we hope will be valuable to students and teach them marketable skills for the industry.

One new course is the Seminar on Books and Magazines:  Practical Applications of Product Management in Digital Media, taught jointly by two new adjunct professors, Christine Ford and Aaron Goldsmid.  Christine Ford is a Digital Product Manager at Condé Nast Publications, and also a member of the M.S. in Publishing Advisory Board.  Aaron Goldsmid is the Director of Discovery Products at, an Company.  The course is offered in Summer Session I, on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 – 8:40 pm.  Below is a description of this seminar course:

The book and magazine publishing industry has undergone tremendous changes in only a few short years. With the explosion of pure online content sites, interactive tools and ebooks, and media-centric mobile applications on the market, roles that were once more common in technology fields are now becoming standard in publishing houses as well. In the last few years we’ve seen a new role in particular emerge in publishing. Digital product management is no longer just for computer science or engineering majors working in software companies. With user experience, return visits, and content quality becoming the predominate drivers of successful digital media sites and apps, publishing companies are now turning to professionals with traditional liberal arts and publishing skills to help develop engaging media products.  Now the digital project manager – the person who oversees the creation of all of these content-driven sites, tools or mobile applications – often plays a key role in developing all of the kinds of features for publishing companies.  This course will help take the mystery out of technical product development and methodologies, give students hands-on, highly sought after skills, and bridge the gap in ways that publishing professionals can immediately put into practice. This course addresses, in both books and magazines, interactive media content.”

Another great course for students interested in magazines is Principles of Publishing: Magazines, taught by Professor Andrea Baron. Professor Baron has taught in the program for the last ten years, on top of her work with companies such as Condé Nast and The New Yorker.  To learn more about Professor Baron, check out our Faculty in the Spotlight interview with Professor Baron.  The course is offered in Summer Session II on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 – 8:40 pm.  Below is a description of this magazine course:

This course is an introduction to the basic principles of magazine publishing for consumer, association, and business to business publications.  Students will explore the structure and functions of the publishing enterprise, as well as the unique attributes of magazines: editorial mission and principles, periodical design, marketing, and modes of production and distribution.  A variety of publishing business plans will be explored, as well as the changing pattern of revenue streams, from subscriptions and newsstand sales, to marketing ventures, branded products and the wide range of evolving digital initiatives.  Guest speakers from major publishers will provide insights into the industry.”

Go to MyPacePortal and register now to take advantage of these or other courses offered this summer!

Faculty in the Spotlight: Professor Andrea Baron

Magazines, books, travel – Professor Andrea Baron has done it all! She is a graduate of Pace’s MS in Publishing program and has not only held positions at very well-known and renowned magazines for twenty years, but has also been a professor at Pace for the last ten years. When Professor Baron is not working for Condé Nast or The New Yorker or teaching about magazine circulation, she enjoys traveling. Most notably, she greatly enjoyed participating in the Pace University China publishing exchange program through which she lectured and helped establish a relationship between Pace University and Shanghai Normal University.

Professor Baron is extremely well-versed in the publishing industry, and her knowledge and experience make her a wonderful resource and asset to the Publishing program. The following is a piece written by Professor Baron, showcasing some of the publishing professionals that she has brought into her classroom and the wise words they have to offer.

Keeping Connected

In the magazine industry’s rapidly changing landscape of content, design, digital formats, production methods, multi-channel publishing, revenue streams, paywalls, and business models, we find that without constantly updating the content of our courses, there’s no way we can adequately prepare our students to find and keep jobs in publishing.

One of the ways I do this is to help my students make direct connections with industry leaders. As I’ve developed the new Introduction to Magazine Publishing course this year, in addition to my classes in Magazine Production & Design and Circulation, I’ve reached out to a broader range of magazine professionals to bring an added dimension to the material we discuss in class. Furthermore, they provide news on the latest direction of the industry, insight into the actual jobs the students will one day have, and excellent networking opportunities.

The people who come to speak invariably enjoy meeting the students and thank me for giving them the chance to hear their ideas and reactions. Here are some of the people who have generously shared their insights and experience with my students over the past year:

Gregg Hano, VP of Bonnier Publishing, is a leader in digital magazine publishing. Hano spoke about the new formats that Bonnier has been very successful in using to extend their content and their brands, including websites, tablet apps, and mobile formats.

Casey Tierney, Director of Photography, Real Simple magazine, explained the photo and design process at a major consumer magazine, touching on the importance of focusing on the magazine goals and audience, collaborating with editors and marketers, and finding inspiration in many places.

Robert Perino, Art Director, Budget Travel magazine, described the day-to-day operation of the design department, the different approaches for the variety of magazines he has worked on, and the many career options that are available for designers in the magazine field.

Risa Aronson, Advertising Director, The New Yorker magazine, discussed the impact of their very successful tablet app for The New Yorker and how it fits into their unique magazine content. She explained the increasing appeal of the digital formats to advertisers and readers.

Sara Hart and Steve Stoma, Imaging Directors, Quad Graphics provided a tour of their state-of-the-art New York Imaging facility and an explanation of the digital workflow, including design, retouching, proofing, and quality control used to bring beautiful magazine pages and artwork to print and digital displays.

Marshall Corey, VP, American Express Publishing, Food & Wine, Travel + Leisure magazines presented the world of branding and marketing products to develop revenue streams and enhance magazine circulation. Corey gave students many tips for entering the marketing field.

Kim Kett, VP of Marketing, Texterity Inc., gave insight into one of the main digital magazine marketplaces, which provides the technology that large and small magazines use for their digital formats. This technology is also utilized to gain the all-important metrics and feedback on the usage of their titles.

Tom Mastrocola, Director of Subscription Acquisition & Database Marketing, American Express Publishing, explained the rapidly changing field of audience development for subscriptions as well as the challenges of changing technology and rising costs.

Ed Mayhew, nationally-known postal consultant and veteran of the US Postal Service, is an expert on magazine postal issues, working with publishers to find ways to reduce the cost of subscription delivery and to maximize the opportunities for marketing and advertising through the mail.

David Garcia, President, LB Graph-X Printing, gave students a tour of a digital and offset print facility and a first-hand look at the technology and print methods that are rapidly changing our production workflow and personalized marketing methods.

I encourage my students to treat these meetings as a chance to not only gain insight, but also impress the speakers with their commitment to the industry, and several have taken the opportunity to make contacts that have helped them get internships and jobs.

Among the speakers in the works for the upcoming summer semester is David Andelman, editor of World Policy Journal, previously the American executive editor at and a reporter for The New York Times, based in New York, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe. Andelman is eager to share his experience and insights on magazine writing with our students.

New Magazine Course Starts in Summer II!

Prof. Baron (left) with Chinese visiting professor Linda Zhu at Time Inc.

If you were wondering how to get a jump on your coursework for next year, consider my new course in Principles of Magazine Publishing (601D) that is being given during the Summer II semester. There are no prerequisites and it satisfies the 601 requirement.  It will be a completely new course, covering the unique social and historical role of magazines, the conditions in the industry, editorial goals, recent trends and changes in marketing and promotion, jobs and organization, workflows, and an in-depth discussion of digital platforms. It is a “live” course and will meet on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

There will be guest speakers – editors, designers and marketers – bringing their perspectives to the class, as well as in-class projects. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

-Prof. Andrea Baron