Strand – Secrets of Publishing Panel

On May 21st, Strand Bookstore will be holding a panel called the Secrets of Publishing and will feature Deborah Landau and Susan Shapiro. Editors, agents, and authors will be in attendance to give the inside scoop on publishing poetry, fiction, YA, nonfiction, essays & articles.

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New York – Nanjing Translation Forum

The first New York-Nanjing Translation Forum, organized by the M.S. in Publishing Program at Pace University and the School of Foreign Studies at Nanjing University, China, was held on May 3rd, 2019.

The forum is an international academic seminar focusing on Chinese and English translation theory and practice. It is co-sponsored by the Project for Developing Chinese Language Teachers in NYC, Chinese Language Teachers Association of Greater New York, Confucius Institute at Pace University, Nanjing Yilin Press, Nanjing Translators Association, and Shanghai UTH International.

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Metadata for Books – Course Information

NEW YORK, May 8 2019 – Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences is once again breaking new ground in training for the publishing industry with its first-time course offering, Metadata for Books. The course, part of the Masters in Publishing program, recognizes the key role that metadata plays in the success of book publishers in an increasingly online industry. While other publishing programs cover the topic within book marketing courses, Metadata for Books is the first course offered solely on the topic.

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International Spotlight

International students are a common sight at Pace’s publishing program. Publishing is a global affair and we welcome the chance to have new students who are from different countries. We decided to ask two current students and an alumna about why they chose to go to Pace and their plans for the future.

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