Part II | Bridging the Gap: From the Classroom to Corporate America

On April 26, Bette Rockmore, Visiting Distinguished Professor of Publishing for the 2017-2018 academic year, delivered the second-half of her lecture “Bridging the Gap: From the Classroom to Corporate America.”

In Part I, Rockmore, a consultant for SiriusXM, DeBorah Charles, Senior Marketing Director at SiriusXM, and Marc Richards, VP/Ad Sales Central Region at SiriusXM, presented on the fundamental differences between university and corporate America – and the shifts required to “bridge the gap” between the two.

Professor Raskin
Professor Raskin introduced Rockmore and her colleagues at the start of the presentation. (Photo: Rachael Kelly)

Last Thursday, Rockmore, Lauren Sutcliffe, VP, Marketing, Advertising Sales at SiriusXM, and Matt Ammentorp, Manager, Finance at SiriusXM, talked about how to shine in an entry-level position and outlined the skills necessary to ace an interview. As someone who has interviewed thousands of candidates throughout her career, Rockmore knows what it takes to stand out. Continue reading “Part II | Bridging the Gap: From the Classroom to Corporate America”

Link of the Week | Handshake for publishing students at Pace University


Is your job search yielding less-than-fruitful results? Are you stressed from preparing summer and fall internship applications? (Contrary to popular belief, it is not too early to start applying for fall positions, especially if they’re with the Big 5!) Here’s our advice: book an appointment with Professor Jane Kinney-Denning, the publishing program’s Executive Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach, or someone in Career Services. They’re here to help you navigate the big wide job world out there.

Handshake is another resource you should definitely be using (Pace subscribes to the program). The talent-recruitment start-up calls itself a “democratizing opportunity…because building [a] career shouldn’t depend on where you go to school, what you’re majoring in, or who your parents know.” The platform posts job and internship listings, advertises events, and allows employers to message students directly if they meet the criteria for certain jobs.  Continue reading “Link of the Week | Handshake for publishing students at Pace University”

Quote of the Week | Mary Shelley

Did you know Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein turned 200 this year? Assembled from body parts torn from cadavers and brought to life with a powerful spark, Frankenstein’s noble monster is one of literature’s most beloved creatures whose legacy “continues to influence the way we confront emerging technologies, conceptualize the process of scientific research, imagine the motivations and ethical struggles of scientists, and weigh the benefits of innovation with its unforeseen pitfalls.” To honor the novel’s historic birthday, the Keats-Shelley Association of America has created Frankenreads, an international celebration of the Modern Prometheus which will feature a number of Frankenstein-themed events throughout the year (like public readathons of the novel on October 31, 2018!). Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Mary Shelley”

Alumni in the Spotlight | Ana Ban

Ana Ban graduated from the M.S. in Publishing program in 2015. Before moving to the U.S. from Brazil in 2013, she worked as a writer and translator for 12 years handling books published by Neil Gaiman, John Steinbeck, Virginia Woolf, Meg Cabot, and Jack Kerouac. (She also has experience translating graphic novels and magazines like Rolling Stone and National Geographic into Brazilian Portuguese).
Ban moved to New York to pursue a career in publishing when machine translation programs became more readily available. Pace was her destination of choice because of “all the support the whole staff gave [her] – a foreigner moving to the city – during the whole process of application, enrollment, and adapting to the local culture. After graduation, she started working in contracts and rights management at The Experiment, an independent nonfiction publisher. Founded in 2009, it publishes “highly practical” and “straightforwardly narrative” books, as well as works that “ingeniously combine practical information with narrative gusto.” It’s best-known for its vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free cookbooks such as Forks Over Knives and The No Meat Athlete Cookbook.

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Link of the Week | Pace University Library


If you are a graduate student in the M.S. in Publishing program, you will (eventually) be required to write a graduate thesis paper. Graduate theses are completed over the course of PUB 699A and B, or as part of the two-sequence Graduate Seminar course (690 A and B). If you’re planning on writing your paper this summer or fall, don’t forget to use the Pace University Library!

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