Link of the Week: The Writer’s Almanac

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An almanac is traditionally classified as an annual publication or “an annual calendar containing important dates and statistical information such as astronomical data and tide tables.” They provide a place to consolidate information so that it can be easily accessible to those who want it.

The Writer’s Almanac features daily updates that follow “on this day in history” highlights, like those that you might find in a newspaper. In the case of the WA, subscribers or site visitors can read (or listen to) a few poems and historical highlights pertaining to literature and the authors of it. The host of the WA also features famous authors on their birthdays, and details their work and lives.

You can subscribe to the email list, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or download their podcasts from iTunes, the Swell app, or iHeartRadio for iPhone and Android.

Also on the WA website, you can find a series of interviews with poets. Take some time to read about these authors and their work!


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Link of the Week: Writer’s Almanac

The Writer’s Almanac is a daily radio show and podcast that broadcasts quick tidbits of literary history. The show is hosted by Garrison Keillor (American writer and humorist) and is produced by American Public Media. In an effort to read a wider audience, the information is also represented online in blog format. Each day a new poem followed by important birthdays and moments in writing history are posted. Check out the website for inspiration, talking points, and to read about authors you may not have heard of before. The website is a great resource for all publishing students looking to                                                      reconnect with their love of books.