Link of the Week: NYC Wix Lounge

 The Wix Lounge in New York City is a membership-based program that offers space to hosts events, exhibits, and collaborations, as well as workshops, online website assistance, and other support for professionals in young, growing businesses.

The Wix Lounge caters to individuals and groups who need space to work or guidance to incorporate technology into their marketing plans. While useful for smaller visions, Wix has about 90 million users worldwide and operating out of 190 countries, allowing them a firsthand understanding of global outreach to better assist larger projects. Though they do emphasize providing in-person workspace access in Manhattan, Wix also gives members access to website building that doesn’t rely on a knowledge of coding and help with how to lay it out. This is a great company for entrepreneurs, small businesses, and free-lancers to consider signing up for because of the amount of services and aid that Wix gives to members.

Link of the Week: Wix Lounge

Looking for a free work and event space? Well, look no more! Welcome to the Wix Lounge, located steps from Union Square. Professionals in the metropolitan area are always in need of a venue that is open to positive expression, and the Wix Lounge is that place. The Wix Lounge aims to provide freelancers, artists, and entrepreneurs with a free arena in which to conduct their affairs. During daytime hours, from Monday to Friday, the Wix Lounge is open to the public for networking opportunities. Later at night, they have a calendar of events as well as openings for workshops, fundraisers, and shows. The Wix Lounge is an excellent forum for any organization or even a single individual. Check it out, and host an event. After all, it is free!