Course Spotlight: Modern Technology

Technology in the handsPub 620: Modern Technology

“What is new this year is storytelling, creating and prototyping mobile apps, [and] the discussion of virtual reality [and] its future in publishing.

We will use Adobe Creative suite and other cloud based programs and learning will be done using tutorials.

This course will provide an introduction to content management systems and their role in current trends in publishing. Discussions are based on overall technology issues as well as publishing content.”

Official Course Description:

Technology has become an integral part the publishing industry. New Media thrives on the various ways information flows. Multimedia technologies can shape the flow of information in culture. Digital Asset Management (DAM) will be discussed in detail, as well as the components of a content management system (as it pertains to the publishing industry).

Professor Jodylynn Bachiman
Professor Jodylynn Bachiman

Current trends in technology will be discussed during classes. The idea is to broaden your knowledge of the industry, regardless of its method of delivery. Specifically, the topics of Web 2.0, Web 3.0, social media trends, and online content. How are these paradigm shifts shaping the future of publishing, and will it change the current landscape of traditional media forever?

We will utilize Adobe Creative Suite applications to create infographics, storytelling, and mobile application prototypes.

modern technology objectives
Professor Bachiman has a few guest speakers planned and lined up for the semester.

Pub 620: Modern Technology can be taken as an elective and counts for the Information Systems in Publishing Requirement.

This class is about YOU! It is my responsibility to set the tone for your own projects and to be certain that you stay on track.”

Upcoming Event: Exploring Future Reality

exploring Future realityIs the age of virtual and augmented reality, long anticipated, finally upon us? Exploring Future Reality is a full day event with virtual and augmented reality faculty researchers and industry experts delivering lightning talks, presentations and interactive demos. The discussion will focus on the impact of VR/AR on the media and technology industry, including best practices for storytelling, prototyping, and distribution.

Hosted by Viacom NEXT and organized by NYC Media Lab, #ExFR16 will present a program featuring over 20 media executives and faculty researchers for a full day event detailing the impact of virtual and augmented reality. The conference will explore all areas of VR/AR, ranging from what’s in the lab, what’s being commercialized by technology companies and startups, and what’s being developed by industry. The event will also include interactive demos created in NYC universities, lightning pitches from early stage startups and a workshop led by Verizon.

Speakers include:

Ken Perlin, NYU
Chris Hercik, Time Inc.
Kelly Alfieri, New York Times
Marc Maleh, R/GA
Javier Molina, NYU Integrated Digital Media
Sowmya Gottipati, NBCUniversal
And more!

exploring future reality2Panels and programs include:

What is Reality?
Columbia University’s Steven Feiner, NYU’s Ken Perlin and Viacom NEXT’s Chaki Ng will sit down with Ben Johnson, the host of Marketplace’s tech podcast Codebreaker, for an abstract and imaginative discussion: How will VR/AR technologies change society and the world?

Advertising and Marketing
How are new VR/AR hardware and platforms being positioned in the market? Panelists including Marc Maleh of R/GA, Brett Leary of Digitas and Resh Sidhu of Framestore will discuss.

Technical Horizons
As VR/AR hardware breaks into the consumer market, panelists Winslow Burleson and Mark Skwarek of NYU will highlight the research agendas of leading faculty and device manufacturers.

And more!

Interested in the event and want to receive a media advisory? Contact Alexis Avedisian, NYC Media Lab’s Communications Manager at

Student prices are $25.

For more information click here!

If you are interested, make sure to register now!

Publisher’s Weekly: Webcast on Digital Comics

Hosted by PW’s Calvin Reid, this webcast panel will look at the comics and graphic novel market focusing on three topics: the rise of comic and graphic novel sales in both traditional bookstores and comic specialty shops; how the growing impact of digital comics is sending consumers into stores and how digital comics are helping the sales of print comics; the launch of new digital comics imprints and the growing popularity of Kids Comics, indie female creators and webcomics. Register here. 

Link of the Week: O’Reilly Media

O’Reilly Media’s mission is to spread “the knowledge of innovators through technology books, online services, and tech conferences.”  Founded in 1978, O’Reilly Media has established itself as a forward-thinking company that devotes itself to the newest computer technologies and innovations.  Their publications include the “animal books” for software developers, such as “Learning the vi Editor” and “Learning Perl.”  Their website takes the mission further, highlighting their upcoming conferences, trainings, and even information on the O’Reilly School of Technology.  The O’Reilly Radar links to articles on up-in-coming trends in the world of computer and media technology.  Always interested in the cutting-edge, O’Reilly Media has its digital ear to the ground.