Link of the Week: Bookforum



One of my favorite book sites to visit is Book Riot (BR). Hands down, it has one of the best communities of readers that I’ve come across, and the content produced for that site is rich and comes from a diversity of voices. BR describes themselves as such:

  1. BookRiotCircleWe create.
  2. We always prefer the book to the movie.
  3. We riot as a team.
  4. We geek out on books, embarrassingly so.
  5. We’re leaders.
  6. We practice charity.
  7. We miss our subway stop cause the book is that good.
  8. We are non-traditional.
  9. We believe in family (bookshelves and cats count).

Not only does BR provide book reviews and a wide assortment of discussion columns, it also provides podcasts and sets up some events for readers and others who are in the reading/writing community. This is a particularly helpful resource when it comes to finding feedback on recent happenings in the book world, and joining discussions on trends or particular books. The voices put on display in the pages of Book Riot’s website are diverse, which creates a good context for productive conversations.


Link of the Week: The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post book section, called HuffPost Books, provides an excellent combination of book news, guest blog posts, videos, reviews, opinion columns, and images, culminating in a one-stop shop for all things books!  HuffPost Books publishes humorous articles alongside more serious reviews to both entertain and enlighten curious readers.  Features such as ‘The Book We’re Talking About This Week’ provide quick synopses of books to look out for.  Other articles focus on pop culture and celebrity news as they relate to books, such as 50 Shades of Grey parody videos or interviews with Hunger Games celebrities.  There is even a link to join the HuffPost Book Club, where you can join in the discussion with other readers.  A colorful and diverse site, HuffPost Books is an entertaining way to stay up to date on the world of books.