PPMG Publishers at the U.S. vs Apple Trial


PPMG publishers had a front row seat to the testimony at the U.S. versus Apple trial over alleged price-fixing in the U.S. ebook market.

What better way to understand U.S. anti-trust law and ebook pricing practices than to experience firsthand the case of U.S. vs Apple Inc.? 


During their first full week of professional development, the executives of the Phoenix Publishing & Media Group spent a morning in Judge Cote’s courtroom downtown. They heard testimony from such publishing executives as David Young of Hachette, and then lunched in nearby Chinatown.


Other stellar speakers this week included Cyrus Kheradi, SVP of International Marketing, Sales, and East Asia Business Development at Random House (check title) who spoke about expanding RH’s digital footprint globally, and Marshall Sonenshine, founder of investment banking firm Sonenshine Partners LLC, who overviewed the U.S. market from an investor’s point of view with an eye toward acquiring U.S. publishing assets.


The program, taught by Professor Melissa Rosati and Professor Kirsten Sandberg, continues through next week.

Publishing Program Welcomes Phoenix Publishing Media Group

Publishing Program Welcomes Phoenix Publishing Media Group


Welcome Address by Professor Sherman Raskin 

Pace University MS in Publishing faculty and staff welcome the Phoenix Publishing Media Group (PPMG) to the University for training.  PPMG will be in residence from June 6 to June 21, 2013, exploring the dynamic changes that digital publishing has had on the industry. Pace and PPMG are committed to fostering publishing education and a greater understanding between the publishing industries in China and the United States.  We are honored to host our colleagues from China and wish them great success. We would like to thank Mr. Wu Xia Pong, Vice President at PPMG, for his leadership and for making it possible for his colleagues to visit Pace.


Professor Sherman Raskin

Director, MS in Publishing Program

Director, Pace University Press

Professor, English-Publishing

Welcome Phoenix Publishing and Media Group!

Pace University proudly welcomes executives from Phoenix Publishing and Media Group from Nanjing, China for training from May 29 through June 15, 2012. Pace has now had the pleasure of educating close to 100 executives from this major conglomerate based in Jiangsu Province.  Our agreement with PPMG goes back to 2006. Our goal and mission is clear: to mutually cooperate and share ideas about the industry, strengthening ties between the United States and China.

The topic this session is printing. Professor Baron and Professor Lian will discuss the changes caused by digitalization and how they affect the printing industry. Guest lecturers have been invited to participate in the seminar.

The Pace administration, faculty, and staff extend our best wishes to our colleagues from Nanjing for a successful training experience and visit to NYC.

Sherman Raskin
Professor of English/Publishing
Director MS in Publishing Program
Director Pace University Press
Pace University

Publishing Program to Host Chinese Executives for Three-Week Seminar

By Professor Andrea Baron

For three weeks in May and June, the Publishing Program will host 16 executives from Phoenix Publishing and Media Group, the largest printing and publishing company in China.  The group will participate in a series of seminars where they’ll hear presentations and exchange ideas with key industry leaders in the U.S.

Professor Baron and Professor Lian

The visit is part of an ongoing partnership between PPMG and the Pace Publishing program to organize the exchange of ideas, information and business opportunities. Starting in 2006, the Publishing Program broadened its international scope in several ways.  In addition to the PPMG program, there was an agreement with Wuhan University in China.  This includes the exchange of faculty members, who spend a semester in NY, as well as participation by our faculty in an annual digital publishing conference in China.  These experiences have added a lot to our understanding of the Chinese and the international publishing industry for the students and faculty who participated.

The past years’ sessions with the PPMG group were extremely valuable in sharing information, and have also been successful in helping them develop partnerships with US publishers and printers.

This year’s sessions will focus on developments in print technology for book and magazine publishing, digital printing and cross-media workflows, and the expansion of environmental initiatives. The publishing landscape is changing rapidly and, as print publication volume decreases, printers have branched out, developing new services for their customers.  These include digital supply chains, digital prepress services and print applications, and new tools such as web portals, e-commerce, and cross-media applications.  We’ve also seen demand increase for environmental initiatives and energy usage reduction and carbon neutral techniques in paper and print manufacturing.  All of these issues are critical to the survival and success of our industry.

A group of PPMG Executives listening to a lecture during the May, 2011 training

We have an array of speakers lined up who represent top national leaders in their fields, and who are currently addressing these challenges.  They will include digital vendors, publication printers, book and magazine publishers, paper manufacturers, and international organizations.  Pace publishing faculty members Andrea Baron,  David Delano and David Hetherington will also give presentations to the group.  The seminar sessions are being organized by Professor Baron with translation provided by Professor Lian.

The activities will also include site visits to Hearst Magazines and Time Inc. for demonstrations of their newest digital workflows and media management systems. The group will also tour the headquarters of Bloomberg Financial and attend the Book Expo America trade show during their visit.

Last year’s sessions were marked by lively discussion and exchange of information.  So many things have changed in the space of this year that we’ll be looking forward to discussing up-to-the-minute developments as we learn about the new directions in the publishing industry in the US and China.


The guests in the group and the organizations they come from are as follows:

Zuo Yumei, Director, Phoenix Publishing & Media, Inc.

Zhang Hao, Postdoctoral, Phoenix Publishing & Media, Inc.

Xu Chenmin, Vice General Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Xinhua Printing Co., Ltd.

Mei Xiaofang, Department Manager, Jiangsu Publishing & Printing Materials Corporation

Zhang Rongming, Vice General Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Yancheng Printing Ltd.

Wang Zhiguo, General Manager Assisitant, Jiangsu Phoenix Digital Printing Co., Ltd.

Xu Ling, Director, Phoenix Education Publishing, Ltd.

Zhang Jing, Director, Phoenix Science Press, Ltd.

Zhong Min, Director, Phoenix Vocational Education Books, Ltd.

Qiu Li, Director, Phoenix Juvenile & Children’s Publishing, Ltd.

Wu Yonggang, Manager, Jiangsu Phoenix Printing Production, Ltd.

Xia Nan, Vice Manager, Nanjing Amity Printing Company, Ltd.

Kong Dawei, General Manager, Jiangsu Gaochun Printing Company Co., Ltd.

Wang Hong, General Manager, Suzhou City AO Advertising Co., Ltd.

Ma Xuquan, General Manager, Xuzhou Xuquan Print Co., Ltd.

Zhang Hao, Vice General Manager, Nanjing Bills & Securities Printing Co., Ltd.

Pace Forges Stronger Links with China

The Publishing Program is once again hosting a group of executives from Phoenix Publishing & Media Group (PPMG), one of the largest publishers in China. Professors Baron, Lian, and Soares have organized an exciting series of speakers and site visits to facilitate an exchange of information with printers and publishers in New York. One of the speakers during the first week of their visit was Patrick Henry, a journalist and author, who is executive editor of whattheythink.com and PrintCEO.com, two influential websites for the printing industry.

After his meeting with the group, he blogged about his experience. Here’s an except:

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to brief a group of visiting Chinese publishers and printers on the state of the industry as experienced by their counterparts in the U.S. Our discussion highlighted the similarities that link China’s and America’s publishing sectors amidst profound market shifts in both countries. It also illuminated a few notable differences that distinguish our industry’s attitude toward change from theirs…

Read the full post here.

Henry explains that he found the meeting with the group to be both valuable and thought-provoking, and commended the Pace Publishing Program for its vision of international cooperation.