Compete in the ePortfolio Contest!

The Pulse wrote a blog post, announcing the following ePortfolio contest. Check it out below!

Resume, schmesume. It’s time for you to put down the fancy paper, walk out of the Staples, and head back to your computer to get started on your ePortfolio. Why? Three words: Portable. Professional. Personal. Forget trying to cram in all of your work onto a tiny sheet of paper. It’s a digital world and we are digital boys and girls.

An online collection of all your work, ePortfolios showcase your accomplishments, give you the opportunity to creatively represent yourself and your education, and so much more. You can post your resume, files, images, videos, and blogs that show your success and progress as a student while enriching your learning, preparing you for your field of work, and sharpening your technological skills. You can also include extracurricular activities and student organizations you’re a part of, you can network with others, and people can even post letters of recommendation for you to show prospective employers. The possibilities are endless!

And if that’s not enough, you can win a $100 gift card by entering the Spring ePortfolio Contest open to undergraduate and graduate Pace students.  The winner will receive a $100 gift card to Barnes & Noble, and will be recognized at the ePortfolio Student Showcase with an ePortfolio Certificate of Excellence.  Submitting is only a click away. Log in to to enter! The deadline is April 9, so act fast!


  • A reflective statement on your introduction page in the Overall Reflections box. The statement should answer the question “How does your ePortfolio reflect your personal and/or professional growth as you continue your studies at Pace University?” (250-500 words)
  • At least three complete ePortfolio pages

Good luck!

Staff in the Spotlight: Barbara Egidi, Program Manager, M.S. in Publishing

If you are a student taking classes at the Midtown Center or an online student, chances are that you have heard from or met with Ms. Barbara Egidi, the Program Manager for the M.S. in Publishing program.

Ms. Egidi, who began working at Pace over 40 years ago and who holds two degrees from Pace, an A.A.S. in General Business and a B.S. in Office Information Systems, works diligently to keep meticulous records for all of the students in the program.

She is also the “go to” person if students have any questions about their course schedules, course planning, course substitutions, status in the program, graduation questions, and just about anything else our graduate students might need help with.  “I enjoy working closely with students, assisting and advising them through the many ups and downs they face while trying to pursue their graduate degree.  It is most fulfilling being a part of the process and being there when our students finally complete their degree.”  Ms. Egidi says she often feels like a “mother hen who is not only very protective of her flock but also very proud of them too.” 

When asked what advice she would offer to new students entering the program, Ms. Egidi replied, “I would like to remind them to always use their worksheet that they are given when they enter the program.  They should be completing it every semester as they continue to enroll in courses.  By doing so, they will always be aware of their status in the program and will be assured of graduating on time.  Students who do not have a publishing background should enroll in our strong internship program.  Not only is it an asset on one’s resume but an internship may open a door to a full-time publishing position.  I always like to remind students to network with other students, the faculty, guest lecturers, and the M.S. in Publishing Advisory Board.  And I cannot stress enough that if a student is running into difficulty in a course that they should contact their professor immediately.  Faculty are always willing to work with students.”

Ms. Egidi is also an invaluable resource for the M.S. in Publishing Faculty and the other staff members in the program.  If a Professor has a question about a particular student, a particular procedure, or simply needs someone to talk to, Ms. Egidi is there for them.

One of the most remarkable things about Ms. Egidi is her ability to give each and every student her utmost care and attention – nothing falls through the cracks under her care and guidance.  Many students have benefitted from her wise advice and kindness, and she is a wonderful colleague and friend to those who work with her.

The best way to reach out to Ms. Egidi is via email at – 7 days a week!

Meet your 3-D Resume: Building Your Pace ePortfolio

Publishing isn’t the only industry that is rapidly moving to the electronic side. More and more employers are asking candidates for evidence of a web presence, as The Wall Street Journal reported in an article this week. While most job-hunters are active on Facebook and Twitter, not all prospective employees are able to provide an online space that combines their academic work, co-curricular involvement, and professional experience. Lucky for you, such a tool is within your grasp!

ePortfolios are an online space available to the Pace community to post files, images, videos, blogs and various other types of rich media that reflect achievements both in and out of the classroom. Each user has seven pages available (Introduction, Academic Materials, Co-curricular/Extracurricular Activities, Professional Preparation/Resume, Recommendations, Showcase, and Rubrics). Users have the option of using as many or as few pages as they see fit. Privacy settings are flexible and separate for each page. You may choose to make your Introduction page open to the public, but keep your Academic Materials page between you and your professor.

Publishing student, Noah Efroym, was one of the winners of the ePortfolio Spring Contest in 2011!

Accessing your ePortfolio is as easy as logging in to with your Pace username and password.  Check out our tutorial page on for step-by-step instructions for creating your ePortfolio.

Want to learn more? Come to the ePortfolio Session on Wednesday, February 22 to grab a slice of pizza and begin building your ePortfolio! See you there!

Faculty in the Spotlight: Professor Melissa Rosati

The M.S. in Publishing Blog team is proud to announce a new regular feature, which will highlight the accomplishments of faculty and advisory board members from the program. We hope you enjoy our first installment of  “Faculty in the Spotlight!”

For this exciting new blog feature, we would like to celebrate one of the talented members of the M.S. in Publishing Department’s faculty team – Professor Melissa A. Rosati. As well as teaching such courses as Principles in Publishing and Book Sales & Distribution, Professor Rosati is a certified professional co-active coach (CPCC) and the owner and CEO of Melissa’s Coaching Studio and Melissa’s Social Media Studio, LLC.

Professor Rosati’s clients are writers, artists, and social entrepreneurs. With a keen interest in creativity and digital issues, she develops coaching programs to help people enrich their strategies and skills. As appropriate for the needs of an organization or an individual client, Professor Rosati formulates social networking/marketing strategies and facilitates hands-on training.

As a former publishing executive, Professor Rosati brings a solid background in editorial, marketing, and publicity to her coaching and consulting clients. Her professional experience, with publishers such as McGraw-Hill International (UK), Routledge, and HarperCollins College, is in strategic planning, reorganization, partnerships, content acquisition, online products, contract negotiation, staff training and development, and publishing in international markets. Furthermore, Professor Rosati co-leads the U.S. – China Publishing Dialogues at Pace University, where she co-facilitates executive training for publishers throughout China. She is also a co-founder of Writers, Readers, and Publishers: Present Tense, Future Bold, a thought-leadership group about the role of publishing in our culture and society. In addition, she is the host of Creativity Matters Now, an internet radio show.

When Professor Rosati is not teaching, coaching, or consulting, she spends her time writing. In particular, she blogs about different aspects of the overall publishing industry. One post, entitled, “It’s Not Your Great Grandma’s Publishing Industry, or Is It?” relates to the course she is teaching this semester, Book Sales & Distribution. The entry discusses the differences between publishing in the past and publishing in the present; Professor Rosati ruminates on “your great grandma’s” reading habits as compared to your habits, as an individual living in the digital age. For more of Professor Rosati’s compelling blog entries, please read, “Writers Are a Consumer Class” and “We’ll Always Have Bookstores.”

Attention M.S. in Publishing Students!

Have you ever been to Room 806 on the eighth floor of the Fred F. French Building? Yes? No? Maybe? Well, today is your day to venture over to the Multimedia Lab. Why, you ask? The M.S. in Publishing Program’s Multimedia Lab is a great asset to any student because there are numerous Dell computers, each of which prints to black-and-white and color printers. They all have access to the Internet, Microsoft Office programs, and the Adobe Suite, which allows students to complete their work in a warm and inviting environment. The lab fosters educational success and is the perfect place to work on individual and group assignments!

Every Monday thru Friday, the lab is open during prime working hours: Mondays from 1:00 PM to 6:00 PM, Tuesdays from 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM, Wednesdays from 10:30 AM to 6:00 PM, Thursdays from 10:30 AM to 9:00 PM, and Fridays from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. Come on by! You will not regret it!