First Annual Lavender Award Ceremony

First Annual Lavender Award Ceremony

(1 Pace Plaza, Multipurpose Room)

April 24th 2013, 6pm-9pm


Honoring Dr. Karla Jay

for her lifetime of leadership, education, advocacy, and service to

the LGBTQA community in and outside of Pace University


Join us for the LGBTQA & Social Justice Center’s first annual Lavender Award Ceremony to recognize Pace University students, staff, faculty, and alumni who have made lasting contributions to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Ally Community. Since this is our first award ceremony we will include a special film screening depicting the building of Pace’s new LGBTQA & Social Justice Center as well as present our esteemed Trailblazer Award to Dr. Karla Jay.
There will be a networking cocktail hour from 6-7pm, followed by the award reception and short film screening.  The evening will conclude with a dessert and coffee hour.

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Report From the Trenches: Writing the Perfect Resume

Report From the Trenches:  Writing the Perfect Resume

By Professor Jane Kinney-Denning, Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach


This is the time of year that students who are about to graduate or who are in the middle of their graduate coursework are looking for their first entry-level jobs and summer internships.  Perhaps the most essential tool you have, in addition to your excellent degrees and strong work ethic, is your resume. 


In working with students over the past 14 years to guide them in their job and internship searches, I have reviewed more resumes and cover letters that I can even count!  Students come to me with a variety of experiences and diverse backgrounds and my main goal is to encourage them to use their resumes to showcase, in a clear and uncluttered format, the strong skills that they have to succeed in today’s competitive publishing marketplace.  This means putting together a resume that the potential employer does not have to “figure out”.  Your resume should present a clear chronology of both your academic and professional experiences — this can be accomplished simply by starting your resume with what you are doing right now…if you just completed your degree or are still in school, your education goes first and is then followed by any professional work experience you have (and, if you don’t have any, time to think about interning!). 


In today’s marketplace, where technology has and continues to impact every aspect of the book, magazine and media industries, it is also essential to include a section on your resume that showcases your technical and social media skills and, work on developing those—constantly!  Remember that your resume is not a static document.  As you acquire new skills and experiences, add them to your resume — it will need to be reorganized and content streamlined or deleted if it not relevant to the positions you are applying for.  If your interests and talents are varied and you would like to move throughout the industry in different directions, you might want to consider preparing two resumes—for example, if you are applying for a position that involves eBooks or magazine Apps, prepare one resume that focuses on your technical and design skills and if you are interested in the editorial or marketing side of things, also have a resume that focuses more on your editorial and management skills.


Once you have the basics included and a format that you like, updating your resume will not be an overwhelming prospect.  Updating your resume is something you need to do on a regular basis as you move on and up in your career.  For more tips on how to write the perfect resume, check out the article from the blog DailyWritingTips  entitled, 44 Resume Writing Tips by Daniel Scocco.  It is a great resource and gives some good advice on preparing your resume.  The only thing I would add would be to pass your resume by people whose opinion you trust—a Professor, a classmate, a friend—the more eyes you have on the resume before you send it out, the better. 

Another interesting article I want to share, “This is Why Your Resume was Rejected” from The Recruiters LoungeClick here to see the larger version of the interesting info graphic to the right that shows how resumes (in this image, CV=Resume) are received, reviewed and rejected!



Internship Opportunity at the Academy of Management

Peer-reviewed Journal (Scholarly) Publishing Internship Opportunity at the Academy of Management (AOM)


Date: April 2013, open until filled

Contact: Professor Jane Denning at and Mr. Adam Etkin, Director of Publishing, with resumes at

Travel Reimbursement: Students taking the MetroNorth Railway or Pace Shuttle Bus from NYC will be reimbursed for their tickets.  (MetroNorth Railway tickets are $24 roundtrip during peak hours).   


Internship Description:
 The Publishing Department located at the Academy of Management (on the Pace Briarcliff Manor campus) is currently seeking an intern to aid with daily activities related to our 6 peer-reviewed journals.  Daily activities may include processing manuscript submissions, running statistical reports, assisting with marketing, involvement with the print and electronic production processes, advertising, copyrights, multimedia creation and editing, updating website via content management system (CMS), and other tasks as needed within the publishing department.  The intern will be under the direction of the Director of Publishing. 


The intern will gain valuable experience in the STEM publishing industry, including:

  • Oversight of life-cycle of scholarly articles, from submissions to decision to publication and beyond
    • Use of plagiarism checking software
    • Role of the managing editor
    • Production work flow
  • Reporting and metrics
    • Understanding of journal level decision ratios, turnaround times, author reach/geography
    • Analyses of citation rates, impact factor, downloads
  • Communication and Marketing
    • Assist with member newsletter
    • Social media efforts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.)
    • Multimedia projects (video, podcasts)



  • A strong desire to work and/or learn about Scholarly Publishing.
  • Document management – Faxing, copying, printing, emailing, organizing and maintaining files and databases.
  • Data Management – Extracting data from internal web based information portals. Aggregating data from various sources. Information gathering and following up.
  • The ideal candidate will also be detail-oriented, organized, self-starting, willing to learn new programs and skills, and have excellent communication skills.
  • Self-starter, with the ability to independently complete advanced projects with limited supervision.
  • Ideally will have successfully completed courses in production, copyediting, and publishing.
  • Knowledge of the Microsoft suite of programs.


The Academy of Management (“AOM” or “The Academy”) is the world’s leading professional association for management scholars, dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations. Established in 1936 and currently comprised of a volunteer network of ~20,000 members across 105 countries, AOM publishes several academic journals, organizes conferences, and provides others forums for management professors and managers to communicate research and ideas.

Quote of the Week

 “In magazine publishing, there’s nothing more exciting than the “launch.” Not many other things in business come close to this kind of adrenaline rush…“Inventing” a magazine is much more personal than inventing a lawn mower or a toothbrush. It’s more revealing of who you are; it’s an extension of your personality. There’s a lot of you between those pages.  So the fear of rejection is greater.”


-Samir A. Husni, Ph.D., a.k.a “Mr. Magazine”