Meghan Stevenson

Meghan Stevenson 4Professor Meghan Stevenson has spent over a decade in publishing, beginning at Simon & Schuster and Penguin as a nonfiction book editor before launching her own freelance business in 2012 and joining the Pace faculty in 2014.

As an editor, Meghan came up with the idea for, developed, and published The Bro Code by Barney Stinson and Matt Kuhn, a New York Times bestselling book based on the TV sitcom “How I Met Your Mother.” Meghan also edited two bestsellers from actress Danica McKellar (known best for her role as “Winnie Cooper” on The Wonder Years) and The First 20 Minutes, a New York Times bestselling book on fitness by New York Times Phys Ed columnist Gretchen Reynolds, in addition to other bestselling nonfiction books.

In her freelance career, Meghan has helped nearly thirty authors develop, write, or revise their book projects, including two full collaborations (Glamorous by George by George Kotsiopoulous, Abrams and The Cheat System Diet by Jackie Wicks, St. Martin’s Press.) She teaches Editorial Principles and Practices (PUB 624). For more information on Meghan, visit her online at

Robert Evanson

Robert Evanson

Professor Evanson is a veteran executive with a strong background in finance who has been at the helm of some of the largest content companies in the country.  Since retirement in 2003, he has been, until 2008, a Senior Advisor to Apax Partners, Inc., a $31 billion private equity co. He retired in 2003 as the President of McGraw-Hill Education, a $2.5 billion global publishing unit.  Prior to that, Professor Evanson served as president, Higher Education and Consumer Group and Executive Vice President, Corporate Development, for The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.  Professor Evanson joined the Macmillan/McGraw-Hill School Publishing Company as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer in 1992.  Before joining McGraw-Hill, Professor Evanson held various posts at Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc. from 1985 – 1992, including Chief Financial Officer of the corporation, Chief Operating Officer, and Chairman and CEO of Sea World Theme Parks.  Prior to that he held senior financial positions at Harper & Row, Consolidated Rail Corporation, and Amtrak, and was a partner at Arthur Andersen & Co.

During the course of his career, Professor Evanson led a number of key acquisitions, including Tribune Education; CBS Publishing Division; Times Mirror Higher Education; and Appleton and Lange. Mr. Evanson also led numerous divestitures, among them Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; the Sea World Theme Park Group; Shepard’s McGraw-Hill; McGraw-Hill School Systems; McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning; and SRA Technology Training.  While at McGraw Hill, Professor Evanson oversaw the start-ups of McGraw-Hill Home Interactive, McGraw-Hill Lifetime Learning, McGraw-Hill Professional Development and McGraw-Hill Digital Learning.  He also served on the Board of Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc.; the Association of American Publishers (Chairman); Cadmus Communications Corp; The Princeton Review, a NASDAQ-listed testing and assessment provider; National Executive Service Corps. (NESC); The NY Institute of Technology; and John Hopkins University Press.  Professor Evanson currently serves on the Board of Pace University’s Publishing Board of Advisors and Faculty; Western Governors University, the nation’s leading competency- based university; Rose Financial Services; and Town Hall New York.  He is a retired CPA, holds an MBA and an Honorary Doctorate from New York Institute of Technology and a BBA in Accounting from St. John’s University.

Kirsten D. Sandberg

Kirsten D. Sandberg

Editor in Chief
Blockchain Research Institute

Professor Sandberg is a writer, editor, and consultant who works with executives and advisory boards to shape their publishing strategies in corporate, non-profit, and emerging market settings. She is currently serving as editor in chief of the Blockchain Research Institute and is studying how distributed ledger technology and smart contracts could transform publishing. She has extensive experience in negotiating publishing agreements and turning knowledge and expertise into branded content for a globally diverse audience.

Professor Sandberg teaches PUB 618, “The Legal Aspects of Publishing,” and PUB 632, “Academic Publishing,” both from a publishing innovator’s perspective. She serves on the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Business Models. With Professor Lian, she periodically co-directs professional development programs for Chinese publishing executives. For the two years, she has blogged the Center for Digital Transformation on how companies are using digital technologies to transform their business.

For over a decade, she served as executive editor at Harvard Business School Publishing Corporation, where she contributed to the opening of HBSP Corp Ltd in Mumbai/New Delhi. Professor Sandberg also wrote over a dozen articles for various HBS periodicals. Prior to Harvard, Professor Sandberg spent eight years at HarperCollins, first in the college division as a development editor and a marketing R&D manager and then in HarperBusiness as an acquisitions editor.

She started her media career as a computer graphics designer in the newsroom of WEEK-TV, an NBC affiliate at the time. Professor Sandberg holds a B.A. in English and TV/Radio Production from Bradley University and started an M.A. in English at Marquette University. She is a Chicago Cubs fan by birth and a Yankees fan by naturalization.

The Pace Publishing Blog featured Professor Sandberg in the “Faculty in the Spotlight” series in April 2012.

Xiao Chuan Lian

Xiao Chuan Lian

Professor Lian is currently Senior Staff Associate and adjunct professor in the M.S. in Publishing Program, Pace University. Professor Lian holds an MBA and M.S. in Publishing from Pace University.  He received a Paralegal Certificate from New York University, a BA in Library Science from Wuhan University, China and attended the Denver Publishing Institute.

Before working and teaching at Pace University, Professor Lian worked as an editor at China Press USA, and the Copyright & Permission Administrator at the Springer Science + Business Media in New York.  He teaches PUB 628 “Marketing Principles and Practices in Publishing” and PUB 622-G “Digital Issues in Publishing” at Pace.  His research interests include digital publishing, marketing, STM publishing, copyright, and the history of publishing.

Professor Lian was one of the founding members of the first publishing program in China at Wuhan University, and taught book marketing in the Publishing Science Department, School of Information Management at Wuhan University, China. He has lectured and published extensively in China on the topic of digital publishing.

The Pace Publishing Blog featured Lian in the “Faculty in the Spotlight” series in April 2012.