Random House Open House Event

Random House turns Open House with a unique event in New York City on Friday November 2nd.

MS in Publishing students, are you interested in visiting Random House office and meeting publishing professionals?  Attend the Random House Open House event!

The event will include behind-the-scenes tours, discussions, mingling, panels reviewing bestsellers, politics and seasonal book-related gift giving.


Tickets for the Friday, November 2, 2012 Open House are $25 and can be purchased at Eventbrite.com.  This admission includes a full day of programming, coffee and breakfast, lunch, wine tastings and the opportunity to meet big-name authors and editors.  The Open House will begin at 10AM and end at 5 PM at Random House’s location, 1745 Broadway, New York, NY. 

For more information, visit the Open House website and Twitter links here!

Media Internship Panel for Students

Media Internship Panel for Students

The New York Chapter of National Association for Multi-Ethnicity in Communications (NAMIC) is hosting a Media Internship Panel for students on Tuesday, November 13, 2012.

This panel is very worthwhile for MS in Publishing students interested in the media industry.  The program will take place at HBO Headquarters, beginning at 1:45pm.  Recruiters from HBO, NBCUniversal, Viacom, Discovery, and Time Inc. will be in attendance. 


After the panel, students will also have an opportunity to meet with the recruiters individually and share their resumes.  Connect with employees of leading companies in the media/entertainment industry!


This event is FREE for students attendees.  Please click here to RSVP before the event date.

Pace Mobile App Design Contest!

Attention M.S. in Publishing Students: Pace’s Entrepreneurship Lab has announced the Mobile App Design Contest!  This would be a wonderful opportunity for students with technical skills, creative abilities, or an interest in app development.



Create a concept for a mobile app that demonstrates innovative design in helping meet user needs. Submit a full app design using any tool (Adobe Photoshop or Microsoft Publisher) or language (HTML, CSS and Javascript).  Screenshots from mobile simulators will also be accepted.


In addition to cash prizes (TBA), benefits of participating are:

  • Clarity of what your app would look like
  • Market your app at the Final Showcase event
  • Get feedback from students or “your first customers”
  • Use these designs in the Pitch contest or other future pitches


Note: This is only a design contest and not a development contest.  Programming is NOT required. 

Register Here!


For more information, visit the contest page or contact Nikhil Kalyankar at nkalyankar@pace.edu

What Are You Reading?: The Blessings Series


What Are You Reading?: The Blessings Series

By: Tqwana Brown


One of the things I love most about owning a Barnes and Nobles Nook, besides th­e convenience, ­ is the access to free reads.  Each Friday, BN.com’s Nook Blog offers a free download for Nook owners, as well as anyone who uses the Nook app.  Not only do you get a free book, but the featured author is then asked to recommend something else that you might want to check out. Fiction, nonfiction, classics, romance, and thrillers – it’s all there.  So, when I find myself looking for the next book to read, I search my virtual book shelf for one of these hundreds of books I’ve downloaded.  And that’s how I found the Blessings Series by Beverly Jenkins.  The first in the series was a Free Friday selection.  I’m currently on the fourth book, and hoping for a fifth one soon!


What makes this series special isn’t sophisticated writing style, steamy romance, or gratuitous violence – but a sense of hope that drives the narrative.  The story follows the town of Henry Adams, Kansas, an all-black township with a rich history.  And it’s for sale on eBay.


Enter Bernadine Brown, a wealthy divorcee, looking for a sense of meaning and purpose in her life, after catching her husband of 30-plus years cheating on her with his secretary.  You go on this sort of spiritual journey with Bernadine as she rebuilds and restores the town, its residents, and herself.  It makes you nostalgic for a time when people had a real sense of community, instead of looking for a taller fence to block out the neighbors.  Part of her project also involves bringing new families to Henry Adams and pairing them up with 5 foster children.  The entire town gets involved in raising these kids, bringing to mind the adage of “it takes a village.” Though the good heavily outweighs the bad in Jenkins’s story-telling, you still get the expected problems foster families endure, even if some of the tougher emotional scenes feel a bit rushed.


Woven throughout the books are also great historical references to real towns like Henry Adams, settled by The Exodusters – freed slaves who migrated to Kansas after the Civil War and Reconstruction. W e learn details about Black Seminoles and their grievances with tribes and the government, as well as tribal traditions still practiced by Henry Adams townspeople.  Who knew that braves wooed their would-be brides by playing the flute?  We learn what it was like for all-Black regiments in the Armed Forces during the World Wars and the black outlaws of the 1880s. I immediately went on a Google search to learn more.


If I had any criticisms about the series so far, it would be that it all seems too perfect and “happily ever after.”  Henry Adams is too idyllic at first glance. This changes somewhat as the series continues.  There are a few deaths and hard truths, especially for the children, which must be faced.  Even Bernadine begins to question her actions; maybe throwing money at a problem isn’t the best solution?  None of it takes away from the overall feeling of optimism as people find love, forgiveness, and independence.  In short, these are stories about growth and finally coming into your own.  I think readers will easily fall in love with Bernadine, the Julys, Paynes, Garlands, and all of the people of this little modern-day Main Street U.S.A.

To find out more about The Exodusters, visit this PBS link for a brief article.


Tqwana Brown is in her first semester in the MS in Publishing  program.   A former high school English teacher, Tqwana is shifting gears to the publishing career track.   She is interested in working on in the editorial side of book publishing or as a Literary Agent.

New Student Orientation – Fall 2012!

The Pace Publishing community is thrilled to welcome the new MS in Publishing Students to the Fall 2012 semester!  To further welcome new students, the Publishing Department will be hosting a New Student Orientation.  Attending the Orientation is a great way to meet some of your fellow students, learn a little more about the program, and talk to some of the staff and faculty members.  In attendance will be Professor Sherman Raskin, the Director of the Program, Barbara Egidi, the Program Manager, and Professors Jane Kinney-Denning and Manuela Soares.

The Fall 2012 New Student Orientation will be held on Monday, Sept. 10, from 5:00 – 6:00 PM.  Students should meet in the Publishing Multi-Media Lab, in the Pace Midtown Center (551 Fifth Avenue, 8th floor). Light snacks and refreshments will be served.

If you would like to attend the New Student Orientation, please RSVP to puboffice@pace.edu. We look forward to seeing you at the Orientation!