Link of the Week: Melissa Marr

Book Expo America 2012 was rich with the literary masterpieces of emerging and veteran authors. Many of these respected authors spoke during panels in order to share their experiences with fellow writers and admiring book lovers. During the YA Buzz Panel early Tuesday afternoon, six authors discussed current YA trends and their own personal writing stories. Young Adult is an ever-changing genre, and people are eager to understand it. We want to know what sells and why, what is and will never be compromised and why, and how it feels to embrace a youthful imagination. One member of the panel, author Melissa Marr, shared stories of her journey to international acclaim, especially in Europe and Latin America. Along the way, she made many interesting points about her habits as an author, including the fact that she deliberately avoids indicating a character’s ethnicity so as not to influence a reader’s experience. Marr does not limit herself to the YA field; she simply sees herself as an author – not one tied to a specific genre. She, like the other authors on the panel, is committed to expressing her imaginative brilliance and sharing it with her readers.