Link of the Week: Is Twitter the New LinkedIn?

As future members of the workforce we know how important social media is when hunting for a job. LinkedIn is one of the best and most efficient social media websites when it comes to creating a professional presence and “linking” with possible employers. Having a LinkedIn profile is a great way to show off your experience and skills, and gives recruiters a good picture of what you can contribute as an employee. Today, social media has become more prevalent than ever before, especially when it comes to Twitter. Could Twitter be the new LinkedIn? This article from Venture Beat states that according to a study by the social recruiting company Gozaik, every minute fifteen new jobs are posted to Twitter. In the last six months this number has grown by 32 percent. Gozaik co-founder Joe Budzienski says that at this rate Twitter will become the dominant channel for talent recruitment. Sales happens to be the biggest category at 25 percent followed by IT and other tech positions. With these percentages in mind, Twitter should reach two million job postings a month. Posting jobs in real-time on Twitter quickens the recruiting and hiring processes. Although book and magazine publishing companies aren’t the top tweeters, New York City accounts for the top city with the most job postings on Twitter. Searching #nyc or #newyorkcity might be the most beneficial thing we can do.

Are any of you avid Twitter users? If not, check out this article from Marketing Think about how to build the perfect Twitter profile. The article even contains its own Twitter blueprint. Here is the full blueprint in a slideshow. Checkout this great infographic from Media Bistro as well.

Link of the Week: Media Links

Ever feel like you’re behind on the top issues surrounding publishers, advertisers, and designers? Checking the New York Times doesn’t cut it anymore for the most up-to-date information on mergers and redesigns, and you need information now!  The early bird gets the worm, and if you learn about a new imprint or publication before the rest of the city does, you’re one step ahead of the curve. There are some great websites that gather all of the top news in the field for people who are interested.


  • I Want Media is a fantastic resource for publishing students looking to research top headlines. Publications, organizations, and all forms of media are represented here. You can sign up for their mailing list to get their roundups in your email, too. They also have a great resource for job postings.
  • Media Bistro takes today’s media news stories and contextualizes them for easier understanding. They have postings for media events and meetings, and also have a great resource for jobs. Additionally, they offer information about where to study various courses to improve your editorial, design, and marketing skills.
  • Adweek’s focus is more on the advertising side of media, however they keep an eye on all the big business names and how they are growing or shrinking (particularly helpful if you are thinking about joining a company with a reputation you are unsure of!) This is a great tool to see how different branding styles or structural changes are received by the wider public at large.