Non-profit Internship Opportunity!

“The On Burning Ground-Joseph Skakun Initiative,” recently incorporated as a non-profit organization, is an interfaith social, literary and cultural memory project, drawing upon the life and wartime story of Joseph Skakun and the text, On Burning Ground: A Son’s Memoir (St. Martin’s Press). The project will involve web and blog development, as well as the cultivation of international publishing contacts, to expand its readership and to advance the ethical and intellectual resonance of this tale of the human imagination in combat with historical adversity and tragedy.

The Joseph Skakun Initiative will seek to encourage the further translation of On Burning Ground into foreign languages, as well as into film and opera. A trailer has already been developed, and a documentary film based on the complex weave of Joseph Skakun’s  unique survival story will be explored. It will also examine the multicultural world in which the protagonist came of age and the coat of many colors he stitched together to survive one of modern history’s most dire chapters.

An intern can work remotely anywhere between 10-16 hours a week. Strong social media, computer literacy, and writing skills are required. Some familiarity with foreign languages would be helpful, though not required. If interested, please send your resume and cover to letter to Michael Skakun at