Quote of the Week | Charlotte Brontë

A letter from Charlotte Brontë to Ellen Nussey.

On this day in 1839, Charlotte Brontë – the famed author of Jane Eyre – wrote an amazing rejection letter – a “bold defiance of oppressive gender ideals, packaged as the ultimate it’s-not-you-it’s-me gentle letdown.” The suitor in question, Henry Nussey, was a Reverend in Sussex. His sister, Ellen Nussey, was one of Charlotte’s closest friends, and had been since they met as teenagers at Roe Head School in January 1831. Ellen would later be instrumental in preserving the legacies of the Brontë sisters. Her letters to Charlotte, for example, lay the foundation for the first biography ever written about the author. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Charlotte Brontë”