Looking for a Spring Internship?

Alright, everyone. This is a long post, but a really important one. If you’re hoping to intern at a book, magazine, or media company in the spring, now’s the time to start looking at PUB 699A, a.k.a. Internship I. In the fall and spring, internships run the length of the semester and students are required to intern 16-24 hours/week. (Summer internships, by contrast, are typically 35-40 hours/week and run from June through August.)

Professor Denning, Executive Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach, is the M.S. in Publishing program’s go-to contact for internships. Need help writing a resume or cover letter? Contact Professor Denning. Want to talk through the applications process? Contact Professor Denning. Found the perfect publisher but can’t find an internship position? CONTACT PROFESSOR DENNING.

The semester before registering for PUB 699A, all students are required to meet with Professor Denning. Feel free to book an appointment with her here: jdenning@pace.edu.

Also be sure to browse the tabs at the top of the blog for Magazine/Digital Media Internship resources and Book Internship Resources. You can also click here to download the Course Descriptions for Internship I & II. [Word, 3.4 MB]

Over the course of the semester, we will be featuring a variety of book, magazine, and digital publishers that offer exciting internships. This week's post focuses on the Big 5. 


Internship I Course Reminder- Spring 2014

ATTENTION all MS in Publishing Students:


If you have not yet taken PUB 699A, Internship I, and are interested in doing so during the spring 2014 semester, now is the time to be applying for spring internship positions.

Please contact Professor Jane Denning at jdenning@pace.edu ASAP so that she can begin working with you on your resume and cover letters.  There is a wonderful MS in Publishing Internship Website available exclusively for students enrolling in the fall course but you need to contact Professor Denning to access the site.

Click here for a description of the PUB 699 A and B course sequence.

Summer 2012 Internship Report!

By Professor Jane Kinney-Denning

This summer, there were 20 students enrolled in PUB 699A, Internship I, and interning all over New York City (with one student in Florida) in prestigious internships in both the book and magazine publishing industries.  It has been a very exciting and rewarding summer for all, and certainly a wonderful way for Pace MS in Publishing students to build their resumes and launch their careers.  Below is a list showing where these students interned and what their titles were.  I have also included links to five of the final Internship Essays (one of the requirements of the course) in case any of you are interested in getting a better sense of what the internship experience was like for some of these students.  All of the essays my students submitted were excellent, but the ones attached represent a broad spectrum of experiences and showcase the varied interests and talents of our students.

I am very proud of all of these students and very grateful to the companies who hired them and provided them with such a wonderful educational opportunity.

Students in our program are required to complete one internship for credit (if they are not online students or already working in the industry or another industry) and to write a thesis paper in PUB 699B, Internship II, the following semester.  It is a wonderful way for them to reflect upon the experience and to develop expertise in a particular area of the industry—a useful thing for them to take with them as they begin interviewing for their first entry level positions.

These courses are offered in the Fall, Spring, and Summer, so if you are a student in the program and interested in doing an internship, please email me at jdenning@pace.edu to set up an appointment.  If you are an employer and have internship positions available and would like to interview some of our students, please email me at the above address anytime.

I believe that our internship program, coupled with courses that students take to complete the MS in Publishing degree, really prepare our students for successful publishing careers.  They enter the workplace with excellent skills, practical, real world experiences, outstanding technological skills, and a strong knowledge of current issues facing a dynamic and evolving publishing industry.

It is a pleasure working with our students and I am looking forward to another exciting academic year!


James Abbate
Noelle Webster: Agency Intern – Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, http://sheedylit.com/
Liberty Schauf: Sales Intern – HarperCollins’ Distribution Client Services, http://www.harpercollins.com/
James Abbate: Editorial intern – Kensington Publishing, http://www.kensingtonbooks.com/
Read James’s Internship Essay here.
Rakesh Suresh: Production and Manufacturing Intern –
Hachette Book Group, http://www.hachettebookgroup.com/

Diana Cavallo
Zhen Li: Design Intern – Musee Magazine, http://museemagazine.com/
Coleman Bentley: Editorial Intern – Elite Traveler Magazine, http://www.elitetraveler.com/
Diana Cavallo: Agency Intern – Nancy Yost Literary Agency, http://www.nyliterary.com/
Read Diana’s Internship Essay here.
Shao-Chun Kung (Abby): Social Management Intern – classictravel.com, http://www.classictravel.com/

Andrew Villagomez
Mallory Davis: Styling Assistant – Cityist, http://www.cityist.com/
Andrew Villagomez: Editorial Intern – Passport Magazine, http://www.passportmagazine.com/
Read Andrew’s Internship Essay here.
Julia Cuozzo: Editorial Intern – bizbash media, http://www.bizbash.com/, and EMCblue.com, http://emcblue.com/
Yuhan Liu: Fashion/Editorial Intern – New York Monthly Magazine

Natanya Housman
Elyse Rozelle: Production Editorial Intern – Fodor’s Travel, a division of Random House, http://www.fodors.com/
Timothy Maxwell: Editorial Intern – classictravel.com, http://www.classictravel.com/
Natanya Housman: Social Media Intern – Workman Publishing, http://www.workman.com/
Agency Intern – Charlotte Sheedy Literary Agency, http://sheedylit.com/
Read Natanya’s Internship Essay here.
Nidale Hosri: Pub Marketing Intern – American Express Publishing, http://www.amexpub.com/

Hannah Bennett
Caroline Perny: Agency Intern – Folio Literary Management, http://foliolit.com/home-9/
Hannah Bennett: Editorial Intern – Tor Books, http://us.macmillan.com/TorForge.aspx
Read Hannah’s Internship Essay here.
Mary Caya: Operations Intern – Rain Publishing, LLC. (part of Fourth Door Creative Media), http://www.rainandgrow.com/
DJ McErlean-Hopson: Research Assistant for Dr. Sarah Blackwood (Pace University) and Professor Janet Neary (Hunter College) on their text, A More Perfect Likeness: African Americans Write Nineteenth-Century Visual Culture