Link of the Week: Google is Publishing Unprintable Books


Last week BuzzFeed published an article titled “Google is Publishing Unprintable Books.”

Google’s Creative Lab has been collaborating with a London-based book publisher to develop books intended for smartphones and tablets. The project is called Editions at Play and the company has already released two books in the Google Play store.


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Advisory Board Member in the Spotlight

Advisory Board member Michael Weinstein’s article “Reports of the Bookstore’s Death Are Greatly Exaggerated” was recently published by BookBusiness magazine.   The article discusses the future of bookstores, touching on their place in the publishing industry and future business model.  Below are two excerpts that describe what Weinstein feels will become of bookstores:


There’s been a great deal of conjecture lately about the future of the bookstore: What will happen to the B&N stores (especially if they do plan to reduce the number of stores)? What about independent bookstores? Will Amazon crush bricks-and-mortar stores out of existence? Oh, lordy, will there even be such a thing as a bookstore!?!?”


Part of me wants to suggest that we take the emotional hot button of the “nobility” of the bookstore (particularly the local independent variety) out of the discussion and just talk cold/hard facts. But I don’t think we can. I think there are enough people out there that see (and feel) the value of the experience (as Sturdivant wrote), who want and NEED bookstores to exist, to contribute enough to keep them going.”


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THE HOLIDAY BREAK: A Time to Reflect and to Think About the Future

As the semester draws to a close, we want to thank all MS in Publishing students, faculty, staff and Advisory Board members for another stellar semester. Although 2012 will filled with a lot of challenges and tragedy, we persevered and continued to succeed academically and professionally. As we return home celebrate the holidays, it is a great time to reflect upon our accomplishments and to think about what the new year might bring.  It is also a good time to look for internships, interesting jobs and to keep abreast of the latest publishing trends and news.

To get you thinking about the state of the industry and what the future might bring, check out the Huffington Post’s 9 Things that Would Keep Publishers Awake in 2013, and MS in Publishing advisory board member Michael Weinstein’s BOOK BUSINESS blog post, Before the Next eBook Surge. Also thought provoking is American Business Media’s Year in Review.As you work on updating your resume, ePortfolio’s, and cover letters, you might want to check out some of our favorite resources for finding that perfect publishing position: