Link of the Week | Bookselling without Borders


Bookselling without Borders is a scholarship program that lets American booksellers travel to international book fairs so they can network with publishers, editors, authors, and agents overseas. In addition to connecting with bookseller trade associations around the world, it gives U.S. booksellers (who ordinarily wouldn’t have been able to attend) the ability to speak on fair panels, as well as visit local distributors, literary arts organizations, and other cultural institutions. The benefit of the BWB program is that “booksellers return better connected, better informed, more aware of the international book panorama, and better equipped to put international and diverse literatures into the hands of readers.” Continue reading “Link of the Week | Bookselling without Borders”

Link of the Week: Publishing Perspectives

Publishing Perspectives is an online journal that provides its readers with international publishing news and opinions. Due to its expansive nature, it has been termed “the BBC of the book world.” Each of the journal’s various tabs touch upon a singular aspect of international publishing, such as piracy obstacles in West Africa, the launch of Amazon’s French Kindle Store, and the schedule of events for the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair. The articles enlighten readers and provide them with a broader sense of the worldwide industry. This is certainly helpful in terms of marketing because it allows publishers to learn about other countries without leaving the comfort of their offices.