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Today, it has become more and more difficult for new authors to publish with the traditional publishing companies. If an author does not have a previously established platform, then the likelihood of getting the manuscript onto an editor’s desk greatly decreases. The barriers surrounding traditional publishing have grown incredibly high, leading authors to self-publishing, and the hopes of either building their platforms or striking a hit. However, self-publishing leaves everything up to the author, including the investment costs and marketing. Self-published books will never see the light of a bookstore as well, losing a huge portion of the market. Also, it becomes difficult for readers to sift through all of the self-published books on websites like Amazon, making it even more difficult for a single author to receive any exposure without a heavy marketing initiative.

Thankfully, new authors with a strong will to have their work published now have a third option: hybrid publishers. What is a hybrid publisher? According to She Writes Press creator, Brooke Warner, SWP is “author-subsidized, which is where the similarity to self-publishing ends.” SWP is modeled on a traditional press, with a “strict vetting process” and also offers traditional distribution. At She Writes Press, authors receive the attention they need so that they feel confident that their work, indeed, is good enough for publication. Warner says about hybrid publishing, “This middle ground is fast growing, and its popularity stems from savvy aspiring authors who realize that in order to publish well, they need to have a team in place who know about books and knows how to navigate the industry.”

According to Forbes, most hybrid publishers only offer small advances to their authors, if any at all. Only giving small advances, or none, allows these hybrid publishers “to price their books more aggressively to gain market share without losing money. In return, authors earn higher royalties which are paid monthly and are reportedly more transparent than standard big 5 publishing contracts.” Also, most hybrid publishers do not charge their authors to publish, giving them a “marketable advantage against self-publishing or so-called ‘partner publishing’ where an author pays all of the upfront costs.”

Hybrid publishers only have a few salaried employees as well, meaning that more money can go into offering authors what they need. The low cost and entrepreneurial structures of hybrid publishers allows them to mimic self-publishing companies while also creating greater resources such as agile marketing. Since an author is expected to go to a hybrid publisher with a mostly publishable manuscript and a general idea of a marketing plan, the hybrid publishers can churn out each book in less than four to six weeks. All a hybrid publisher has to do is fine-tune the manuscript, if needed, and take the guiding reins on the marketing plan. According to Forbes, “Hybrid publishers may have a persistent advantage [when it comes to marketing] because not only are they natively speedy, but they also attract like-minded authors.  They draw in self-published authors looking to expand their footprint, many of whom are used to putting out multiple books in a year. They also appeal to traditional authors looking for more control and higher royalties who are already savvy in marketing books.”

What does the future hold for hybrid publishers? Are they simply self-publishing companies with a fancy name, or will they accomplish something for new authors that wouldn’t otherwise be possible? Brooke Warner, creator of She Writes Press says, ” I firmly believe in author meritocracy, and that outstanding books should be published. First-time authors need a chance, but the new reality is that authors today must take a chance on themselves. Hybrid publishing makes this possible, and gives authors a sense of confidence, knowing that there are professionals backing them to publication and beyond. The polarization of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing is waning, and as more authors move to hybrid publishing as a first choice, this third way will be the future.”

Original content from Forbes and Publishers Weekly.

Jobs of the Week


Position: Editorial Assistant
Job/Internship type: Full-time
Location: New York, NY

Core77, the design magazine and resource, is currently seeking an Editorial Assistant for our New York City office. The Editorial Assistant will support day-to-day operations across Core77’s properties, with a primary focus on producing and maintaining editorial content on Strong communication skills are paramount, as he or she will be responsible for writing blog posts, calendar entries and sponsored content, as well as copy for social media (Facebook, Twitter) and other outlets as needed. Additional responsibilities include providing support for regular editorial features, such as monthly newsletters, event coverage and production, and a share of administrative tasks: general correspondence, site housekeeping, and updating resource sections of the site.

The Editorial Assistant will report to the Managing Editor, with whom he or she will work closely as a team to deliver new editorial products and services on an ongoing basis and in a timely manner. He or she will also collaborate with additional teams on integrating content from various properties owned and operated by Core77: namely, Coroflot, our sister portfolio site, and the Core77 Design Awards. The Editorial Assistant will also be expected to attend industry events on a regular basis to stay abreast of news and to cultivate community connections on behalf of Core77. Some overnight travel may be required.

Position Accountabilities and Specific Duties
• Produce editorial content under direction of Managing Editor
• Act as principal editorial and administrative support during Core77 Design Awards program
• Update Core77’s online calendar of events and school listings
• Manage social media content and assist in strategy

• Reports to Managing Editor
• Complete daily, weekly, and monthly housekeeping tasks
• Passionate about design, industrial and otherwise: visual communication, service design, strategy & research, design thinking, etc.
• Adhere to in-house style guide and best practices for web publishing
• Produce short-form editorial assignments
• Understand site & operational goals, align activities to help reach them
• Extensive HTML/CSS and graphic production abilities strongly preferred
• Familiarity and experience with video/photo editing and publishing a plus
• Identify key news, events, personalities and work for editorial coverage
• Prepare content and traffic reports and present them during weekly editorial meeting
• Provide additional support for workflow depending on the editorial news cycle


Please send a cover letter, resume and up to three short writing samples to, with the subject line “Editorial Assistant position on ED2010.” This job was originally posted on Ed2010.



Position: Associate Brand Producer
Job/Internship type: Full-time
Location: New York, NY

Forbes Media seeks an associate brand producer for Forbes BrandVoice™ and editorial sponsorships. The BrandVoice™ integrated content distribution platform lets marketers publish transparently labeled content to using the site’s native publishing tools. The position supports digital brand content and sponsorship production within the Digital Ad Products group.

Preferred candidates are:
· Skilled in journalism and/or digital marketing with a strong emphasis on content that is editorial in nature
· Familiar with digital audience development including content marketing, SEO, social media and more
· Highly organized and able to work well independently within a dynamic, complex, collaborative environment
· Adept at learning and using a variety of digital publishing, project management and other collaborative tools
· Comfortable communicating regularly with clients, sales staff, other internal teams and vendors

· Produce and optimize content for BrandVoice partners on
· Manage daily client communications and program production tasks
· Set up partner sites and provide ongoing platform support
· Write, schedule and publish site promotions
· Work cross-team to execute editorial sponsorships
· Curate themed content from across
· Guide partners in content best practices and trending topics
· Support audience development for brands, including content marketing, SEO, social media and more
· Review metrics to monitor traffic trends and help brands capitalize on it
· Assist in the production and publishing of brand video when required
· Monitor content marketing industry news
· And more

An editorial test will be required for top candidates. Strong entry level applicants will be considered as well as candidates with 1 year of relevant experience.


Resumes to go to This job was originally posted on Ed2010.


Quote of the Week

A magazine editor recently asked me to sit down on my 40th birthday and write an article on the most important things I had learned in my first 40 years. I told him that the chief thing I had learned was that the copybook maxims are true, but that too many people forget this once they go out into the heat and hustle and bustle of the battle of life and only realize their truth once one foot is beginning to slip into the grave. The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure.

— B.C. Forbes