Multi-Task with ePortfolio From Your iPad and iPhone!

With final season around the corner, your schedule may be getting tighter. Make the most of your downtime on the train, plane or wherever your busy day takes you, to update your ePortfolio! After hearing about our recent employer research, you will be happy you did. Follow these easy steps for the iPad and iPhone below.

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Editing on the iPad:

  • Step 1: Log in to ePortfolio
  • Step 2: Exit Safari, and go to “Settings”
  • Step 3: On the Menu bar click Safari and turn OFF JavaScript
  • Step 4: Exit Settings
  • Step 5: Go back to Safari
  • Step 6: When you are back onto ePortfolio click “edit this page”
  • Step 7: There will be radio buttons that allow you to click and then click an empty bar to place it in that area
  • Step 8: For editing, just click “Edit” or if you would like to move any section, use the arrow keys located right next to the heading of each section

While you do not have all of the editing options on the iPad that you would on a laptop or computer, these steps make it possible to upload your files to your profile page.

Uploading Images From The iPhone

Did you just snap a great photo from your iPhone that would look great on one of your pages? Waste no time in getting it up there with PortfolioUP- a free application to upload images.  Images are loaded directly from the smart phone to the “My Files” section of your ePortfolio.

Be sure to have your iPhone updated to iOS 4.3 before you download the application.

  • Step 1: Download “PortfolioUP” from your device’s app store:!/id398444044
  • Step 2: Go to “authentication settings” to add details like your Mahara URL, username, and password.  Click “save” (you will only need to do this one time)
  • Step 3: Take a photo, or choose one from the images on the phone
  • Step 4: Review the photo in preview
  • Step 5: Input image title and description
  • Step 6: Click upload
  • Step 7: Click OK
  • Step 8: Now acquire another image!

By Samantha Egan


Career Fair Research: ePortfolios Impress Employers

Career Fair Research: ePortfolios Impress Employers



If you’re looking for a reason to update your ePortfolio, try taking a look at the latest research: At the Pleasantville career fair on October 10, 2012 ten out of ten employers who were asked stated that they would look at a candidate’s ePortfolio at some point during the hiring process.


 Two ePortfolio student assistants (also known as “eTerns”) Michelle Birch and Megan Burke approached recruiters from various fields, from finance to communications, about ePortfolio.  The first  presented ePortfolio as a link on a paper resume (placed beneath the contact information) and asked and employers  if they would be inclined to click access the link. Seven of them said they would, while three said they would wait to look at it later on in the hiring process, perhaps before interviewing a candidate.


 Next they showed recruiters ePortfolio pages on the iPad. Most of the employers had never seen an ePortfolio and agreed that it would differentiate the job seeker from other candidates.  After seeing ePortfolio for the first time, one employer said she might even search for ePortfolios going forward. Another employer liked that ePortfolio showcased a candidate’s experience, but warned against posting unprofessional pictures.


When used correctly, placing an ePortfolio link on your resume is enough to make employers curious.  What better reason to polish up your ePortfolio and show employers your unique skills and experience? For assistance with your ePortfolio contact


By: Samantha Egan

Introducing the New ePortfolio

The new e-Portfolio: Ever wish you could re-name some of your ePortfolio pages, or better yet, create your own?  Consider your wish granted! Over the summer, ePortfolio completed a significant upgrade, granting users many new features and increased control over their pages. Users can now also create multiple portfolios, called collections. Check out some of the new features and enhancements:


1. Creating pages: While the traditional seven pages are still available to you (Introduction, Academic Materials, Extracurricular/ Co-curricular Activities, Professional Preparation/Resume, Showcase, Recommendations, Rubrics), you now have the power to create more pages, re-name pages and delete ones you don’t use.


2.Collections: This feature allows you to organize your ePortfolio pages into separate groups. For examples, you might place your career-related pages into one career ePortfolio, like eTern Michelle.



3. Plans: If you love checklists, you’ll love this feature. Plans are a new section under the “content” tab that allow users to create plans, or goals, then create tasks to accomplish the goal. Users set a completion date, so you can hold yourself accountable! Plans can be shared or kept private.


4. Resume: You’ve always been able to upload your resume via file or text box, but this new resume builder gives it a more polished look. After filling in all of your information, you can select which pieces you’d like to display on an ePortfolio page.


5. Notes: Previously in ePortfolio you probably used text boxes to post simple text on your pages (such as your goals and skills). Now textboxes are stored as “notes” under the content tab, enabling you to display text boxes on multiple ePortfolio pages (it also acts as a safeguard in case you accidentally delete a text box!).


6. Enhanced Groups: Just like you create your own ePortfolio pages, now you can create collaborative group pages. To add pages to an existing group, just open your ePortfolio group and click the “pages” tab. Our eTern team created their own group pages that listed their office hours.


7. Edit-to-view back buttons: No more constant clicking around—now you can easily move from viewing to editing in one click.


8. Easier Navigation: While browsing friends’ pages  you can always find your way back home by using the quick links seen by hovering your mouse over the little white arrow next to the ePortfolio logo.


 9. Image Gallery : This feature allows you upload several images at once and gives your three options for displaying: slideshow, side-by-side thumbnails, or side-by-side square thumbnails.


 10. Google Apps:  Now you can use your ePortfolio to display your Google books, docs, calendars and maps! eTern Breanna already experimented by putting her office hours calendar on our eTern group page.


Try out these new features and let the ePortfolio team know what you think at .  Our newly expanded team is able to assist you in building a robust ePortfolio that you can take with you after graduation.

Graduating soon? Take Your ePortfolio With You!

By Samantha Egan

Another semester is nearly wrapped up, and, for some of you, that means you’re getting ready to put on your cap and gown and hang your hard-earned degree on the wall. While you leave your favorite seat in the classroom behind, there’s one thing you can keep for life. No not your friends (but you can keep those, too), your ePortfolio!

If you’re thinking that you can only use your ePortfolio as a student, consider these three ways to use it as a Pace Alum:

  • Send it to prospective employers

If you keep at least one ePortfolio page public, you can use this URL to share it: Try putting this clean, simple URL at the top of your resume, along with your address and email.

  • Keep in touch with your former professors

A wonderful thing about Pace’s Publishing Program is that most of the instructors work, or have worked, in the field. Take advantage of this networking opportunity by keeping your page up to date with your latest activities as a way to keep connected with your past professors.

  • See what your peers are up to post graduation

Facebook is great for keeping in touch, but ePortfolio is better for seeing what your friends are up to in the publishing world.

Now is a great time to look back on your academic journey while it’s still fresh in your mind and post items that represent your best work (and maybe include a photo of your shiny new degree!).

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out  the two publishing students who won our 2012 spring contest!

Michelle Liew, Graduate Student in the Masters in Publishing Program; Spring 2012 Contest Winner

Click to see the full portfolio.

Jennifer Ross, Graduate Student in the Masters in Publishing Program; Spring 2012 Contest Winner

Click to see the full portfolio.

Ten Ways to Keep Your ePortfolio Up-to-Date!

One of the great things about ePortfolio is that it evolves as you do. As you pursue new internships/jobs and add more course work to your repertoire, your ePortfolio is the ideal place to keep track of your activity. Having a current ePortfolio allows you to be prepared for whatever opportunities may spring up unexpectedly (as they tend to do).

Here are eight easy ways for students to keep their ePortfolios current:

  1. Work with a professor to revamp your resume. You can then upload it in your ePortfolio as a document, or paste it in a textbox.
  2. Rethink how you showcase your coursework (papers, projects, etc). How can you prepare them to showcase your writing
    skills and knowledge of the field?
  3. Doing an internship? What sort of artifacts (work samples, photos, videos, articles, links) can you post to demonstrate
    what you have learned and achieved? You may even consider creating a blog on ePortfolio for weekly reflections on your experience.
  4. If you posted a brief bio or introduction somewhere on your page, make sure you frequently update it with your current activities.
  5. Add to the Skills box on your Introduction page.
  6. Link to any new recommendations or positive reviews you receive via LinkedIn, or other platforms/methods on your
    Recommendations page.
  7. If you posted any contact information on any of your pages, be sure all of the information is still correct.
  8. Revisit your ePortfolio on a weekly basis to see if there are any additions you can make.

And here are a couple of tips for Faculty:

  1. Do you have pieces (articles/lectures) that you could post? Can you write something on what you are doing in the classroom?  The Pace M.S. in Publishing Blog just did a faculty profile of Andrea Baron – the piece she included about her guest lecturers is something she wrote up for her ePortfolio.
  2. Keep a current list of the courses you teach each semester.

Your ePortfolio is your brand. Keep it up-to-date, and be ready to show it off!