Link of the Week: ResumeBear

Final exams are difficult, but many would agree that what follows graduation – finding and applying for jobs – is even harder.  The world of job hunting is complex and intimidating, but there are guides out there to help new job seekers navigate the corporate waters.  One such website is ResumeBear, which provides tools and tips for job seekers.  Visitors to the site can receive expert help on building a professional resume, alerts about job postings, and general advice from the ResumeBear blog.  One blog post, “45 Inspiring Career Blogs for College Students,” is particularly helpful to students and recent grads.  In this post, ResumeBear has compiled an impressive list of blogs aimed at young professionals and college students.  The blogs offer everything from advice on interviews to job search engines and social networking tools.  This post is a treasure trove of advice for young professionals entering the job market!