Beijing Meets Big Data

Pace Publishing Welcomes
the China Publishing Group

Kirsten D. Sandberg

Mr. Zhou of China Publishing and Media Holdings introduces his colleagues to Prof. Sandberg and Prof. Lian.

For three weeks, from May 14 to May 30, Pace University hosted a delegation of Chinese publishing executives and engineers from the Beijing-based China Publishing Group. They came to meet their counterparts in New York and attend Book Expo at the Javits Center.

Co-directed by Professors Xiao Chuan Lian and Kirsten Sandberg, the three-week program focused on how to use big data across the publishing value chain and how to launch subscription-based educational podcasts, which are wildly popular and increasingly profitable in China. Continue reading “Beijing Meets Big Data”

Pace University’s MS in Publishing Program Hosts the China Publishing Group

In September, Pace University’s MS in Publishing program hosted a delegation from the Beijing-based China Publishing Group (中国出版集团公司). cpgFormed in 2002 when China joined the World Trade Organization, CPG now publishes more than 16,000 new titles annually, including ebooks and audiovisuals. It also delivers information services online and in print. According to Publishers Weekly, CPG reported revenues of US$1.4 billion, profits of US$138.5 million, and total assets of US$2.7 billion in 2015.

CPG is headed by Mr. Tan Yue (谭跃), a big advocate of managerial training and development as a source of innovation and competitive advantage. CPG conducts ongoing scientific research in publishing technology so that its printing and copying facilities remain state of the art for both print and electronic media.

This is Pace’s fourth executive program for CPG. Participating were Mr. Tan’s top managers from fourteen business units:

  • China National Publications Import & Export Corp. (CNPIEC), which oversees the import of foreign books, the licensing of Chinese-language translation rights to foreign titles, and the export of Chinese-language books and translation rights to China’s best titles
  • China Publishing & Media Holdings Corporation
  • China Publishing & Media Journal
  • China Translation Corporation
  • Commercial Press International, Ltd., established in 1897, the oldest publishing house in modern China
  • CPG Digital Media Co., Ltd. (including its audiobook division)
  • Encyclopedia of China Publishing House, Ltd., led by the head of the delegation, Mr. LIU Guohui (刘国辉)
  • Orient Publishing Center
  • People’s Literature Publishing House
  • Rong Bao Zhai Publishing House
  • SDX Joint Publishing Company, Ltd.
  • Sino-Culture Press
  • Xinhua United Distribution Group Corporation, which oversees the Xinhua Bookstore chain of over 200 stores
  • Zhonghua Book Company established in 1912

china publishing groupCo-directed by professors Xiaochuan Lian and Kirsten Sandberg, the three-week program focused on the future of publishing, particularly trends in digital strategy, content marketing, and operations; digital rights management, intellectual property law, smart contracts, and blockchain technology; and innovation through incubation, integration, partnership, and acquisition.

Bloomberg, RosettaBooks, and Simon & Schuster each hosted the delegation for tea, tour, and talk. Guest lecturers included publishing professionals at the top of their game (listed alphabetically):

cpg group awardsThe executives received their certificates of program completion from Sherman Raskin, professor and director of the publishing program, Dr. Nira Herrmann, dean of Dyson College, and Dr. Uday Sukhatme, provost and executive vice president for academic affairs for Pace University. Assisting throughout the program were graduate students Mr. Li Zhongke and Miss Wang Qingke, with support from their classmates Anna Bailey, Kevin Mercado, and Breana Swinehart.

Many thanks to all who participated!

Written by: Kirsten Sandbergsandberg

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China Publishing Group Training at Pace University

China Publishing Group’s executives finished their second full week of professional development at Pace University. Guest lecturers described exciting experiments and innovations across the publishing industry:

Mr. Marshall Corey
Mr. Marshall Corey


Marshall Corey, Vice President of Books & Products at American Express, explained how to launch new vertical lines within a long-standing company.

Dr. Mark J. H. Fretz, Director of Editorial Services at Scribe, walked through an XML-conformant well-formed document workflow that produces multiple formats from a single file.

Marc D. Jaffe, Partner at Latham & Watkins, presented a case study of a true transmedia suite of products around cultural icons.

Rick Richter, Founder & CEO of the Ruckus Media Group, said, “Mobile publishing is the biggest disruption to the industry since the paperback. It has proliferated faster than the toaster.” He characterized the app market as “completely different” from the ereader market, where the former is ruled by consumer brands.

Michael Crumsho, Editorial Director of Online Medical at McGraw-Hill Professional, identified the shift from periodic manuscript curation to ongoing product development so that medical practitioners always have current knowledge at their fingertips

Rafael Sidi, Vice President of Product Management at Elsevier, described what his digital division is doing to facilitate neuroscientists’ research and enhance their domain experience.

Mr. Art Klebanoff and Ms. Hannah Bennett of  RosettaBooks
Mr. Art Klebanoff and Ms. Hannah Bennett of RosettaBooks

Art Klebanoff, Founder & CEO of RosettaBooks LLC (pictured left with Hannah Bennett, RosettaBooks’ production & distribution assistant and recent Pace M.S. in Publishing graduate), explained how ebook publishing is a direct response business, not a retail play, and how price promotions are critical to success.

Margie Chan-Yip, a Global business Development & Licensing Executive, itemized the critical differences between copyright licensing and consumer brand licensing and digital product development using examples from Hasbro, Disney, and Sesame Street.


The week ended with a tour of the media offices of Bloomberg LP. The program concludes this week. Stay tuned for the wrap-up!

-Written by Professors Sandberg and Rosati

China Publishing Group Training: Week 1

Executives of the China Publishing Group completed their first week of professional development at Pace University. One of the week’s guest speakers was Mike Shatzkin (pictured left), founder and CEO of the Idea Logical Company and co-founder of Publishers Launch Conferences.

Mr. Shatzkin overviewed what he sees as drivers of industry change, among them the unbundling of the value chain, the diffusion of publishing capabilities into organizations of all kinds, and the emergence of businesses that specialize in a particular genre, market, or capability.

Those themes echoed in the presentations of other speakers–Paul Levitz of DC Comics, Clare Toohey of, Rick Joyce of Perseus Books Group,  Dan Blank of We Grow Media, Boris Hughes of HP, and Jason Epstein of On Demand Books.

The week ended with a lively tour of DC Comics (including the offices of MAD magazine) led by Pace M.S. in Publishing alumnus and professor, Thomas Di Mascio.


By: Prof. Kirsten Sandberg