Job Opportunity!

Simon & Schuster is a major force in today’s consumer publishing industry, dedicated to bringing an extensive cross section of first class information and entertainment, in all printed, digital, and audio formats, to a worldwide audience of readers. They are currently seeking a publicity assistant for the nonfiction team of one of their imprints!

They are looking for someone who can handle some very well-known authors, so applicants should have previous publicity experience.

If interested, and for more information, please contact Katherine Gales at

Link of the Week: PayScale

‘Tis the season… for job-hunting! With summer swiftly approaching, people are on the prowl for open positions. That means, updating resumes, revamping cover letters, and sharpening interview skills. However, there are other steps to take in the employment-seeking process, and this week’s link is here to help. First, take a look at PW’s salary survey results because while it is important to find a job, it is also important to receive proper payment! Next, go to PayScale’s website; PayScale is an online company that provides information on salary, benefits, and compensation for various jobs worldwide. It was created to help people, like you, obtain accurate information on job market compensation. Educate yourself, and good luck!

Remote Internship Opportunity!

Are you interested in getting experience reading manuscripts and writing reader reports for a literary agent? This is a wonderful opportunity for anyone who is interested in working remotely on this specific aspect of the agenting process.

Jennifer De Chiara, of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency, is looking for an intern who can read at least one full manuscript each week. After completing the manuscript, the intern would write up a reader’s report, comprised of a few paragraphs describing why the manuscript is good or is not good as well as his or her recommendation. The manuscripts would be mostly YA and some adult, including genre fiction. A sample reader’s report, demonstrating Jennifer’s expectations, will be provided. Please indicate if the candidate is interested in working as an agent or editor in the future. Although this interest is not a requirement, it is preferable.

If you are interested, please e-mail your resume and letter of interest to Professor Denning at to be considered for this position.

Link of the Week: The Millions

In 2003, C. Max Magee created The Millions, an online literary magazine that provides content on books, art, and culture. The Millions is similar to Publishers Weekly in this respect because its guest writers and regular writers contribute articles about advancements and news about the book industry. Moreover, they publish special features, such as a “Top Ten” booklist every month in order to celebrate new releases. Throughout its lifetime, NPR has featured The Millions, as have The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times, and The Village Voice. There is an abundance of content present within the pages of the literary magazine, all of which speaks to the publishing industry in one compact location.

Link of the Week: Genreville

Publishers Weekly is a weekly trade magazine; it provides readers with reviews on upcoming books and is particularly helpful for publishers, avid readers, and librarians. One of its other features is a blog, called Genreville, which covers science fiction, fantasy, and horror publishing news from around the world. Some of the more interesting blog posts inform readers about awards for relevant titles, while others are more on the silly side and feature real-life people imitating the covers of some of their favorite novels. The Genreville blog posts speak to a broad audience due to the content, style, and voice of each sentence. Even people who are not fervent readers of the three genres find themselves reading the blog because of Genreville’s entertainment value. Check it out!