Link of the Week: Blogging is NOT dead



The importance of being connected to the world on the Web is undeniable. Creating a presence is no easy task, but it’s worth the effort. Not only do social media and blogs allow you to share articles, images, videos, etc. that you find interesting or discussion-worthy, but they also provide places for you to share what you generate on your own, from ideas, opinions, or solutions. Blogs especially are a platform that allow for engagement that go to depths that Twitter and Tumblr can never reach.

UnknownAt the end of January, Andrew Sullivan, a prolific political blogger, announced on his website that he and his co-bloggers had reached the end of their time blogging at The Dish. Why is this significant? Because Sullivan was one of the first to plunge into the blogosphere. He was able to make a respectable living from his website/blog, but now that he’s decided to let it go, many are saying that the era of blogging has ended. With the existence of sites like Medium, Twitter, Pinterest, and Tumblr, it’s easy to see how some might think that the time of individual blogs on WordPress might be winding down.

Yet what I want to draw your attention to is an article written by Ben Thompson over at Stratechery. In it, he outlines the arguments supporting the opinion that blogging is dead and goes on to rebut them, explaining why blogging is still alive and well, and why it is still viable as a business venture. That’s not to say that all blogs can be used to create business; that’s just one way a blog/blogging community can be used. Regardless of how a blog is used, there is no argument about the importance of a blog:


…when I speak of the “blog” I am referring to a regularly-updated site that is owned-and-operated by an individual (there is, of course, the “group blog,” but it too has a clearly-defined set of authors). And there, in that definition, is the reason why, despite the great unbundling, the blog has not and will not die: it is the only communications tool, in contrast to every other social service, that is owned by the author; to say someone follows a blog is to say someone follows a person (Thompson).


UNIQUE Volunteer/Internship Opportunities the NYC Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association

New York City Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association is looking to immediately fill the position of Social Media Coordinator.  This is a volunteer position, a great resume building opportunity, as well as a wonderful way to give back to the organization. The Social Media Coordinator will:


  • Manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages by posting relevant content to the
  • WNBA community
  • Track followers and fans for monthly reports to be shared during monthly meetings
  • Encourage membership and community engagement through posts
  • Promote and attend events, post content on respective events
  • Coordinate with blog editor and other WNBA-NYC members for posts and content creation


The New York City Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association is looking to immediately fill the position of Blog Editor.  This is a volunteer position, a great resume building opportunity, as well as a wonderful way to give back to the organization. The Blog Editor will .

Assist blog manager with:

  • Creating, editing, and proofreading blog posts, including member interviews, event promotion, feature writing, and member news updates
  • Researching appropriate topics for blog posts
  • Tracking followers using WordPress statistics for monthly reports
  • Attending events and writing recaps for the blog
  • Coordinating with Social Media manager for posts and content creation
  • Promoting member involvement on the blog

If you are interested, please email your resume to Professor Jane Denning at

Jobs of the Week


This week we bring you two opportunities geared towards the writers among us. Both of these jobs are on the web side of things, writing or blogging for established internet brands. Please let us know if you’d like any help crafting your resume, cover letter or interview prep!



 UrbanDaddy Staff Writer

Job Type: Full-time

Company/Publication Name: UrbanDaddy

Location:  New York, NY

UrbanDaddy is a leading digital lifestyle magazine geared toward the young, urban sophisticate. UD covers the latest and greatest in food, nightlife, style, gear and leisure. They are currently seeking staff writers for their NYC headquarters.

As staff writer, you’ll be working hand in hand with our powerhouse team to generate daily content for our award-winning editorial platforms. You’ll be responsible for—among other things—writing short, dynamic and witty copy, researching and developing stories, and other editorial duties. This is a fantastic opportunity to help develop an award-winning digital lifestyle publication and expand a growing company.

• Generate articles that flawlessly embody the UD voice, style and approach
• Work closely with senior editors on content strategy and selection
• Identify and track on-brand venues and lifestyle opportunities for coverage consideration
• Act as liaison between all members of editorial team

• Bachelor’s degree—Journalism or English preferred, but not required
• Over two years of experience at an established publication (*not necessary if you have a natural talent and passion for funny writing and the ability to learn the UrbanDaddy voice… in which case, just write us a brief cover letter that explains and displays this)
• A love (and knack) for sourcing interesting and ahead-of-the-curve content
• A strong understanding of the UD voice and brand
• A sharp and witty sense of humor that shines through in writing
• A desire to be involved with an entrepreneurial company
• Talent, plain and simple

• Competitive compensation
• Full health and dental benefits
• Attractive office in prime location
• Dynamic, fun and hardworking office culture

To apply:

Send the following to Christine Graham

1. Résumé
2. Cover letter explaining why you’re the best candidate for the position
3. One 200-215-word UD article covering food or nightlife, keeping the voice, format and humor on-brand
4. Answers to the following questions:
a. Please describe UrbanDaddy as if it were a person.
b. Looking at the archives from NYC, how would you define the style, tone, voice and brand of UD?
c. Looking at our current Perks, pick one that’s the most on-brand, and one that’s the least on-brand. Please provide direct links and a short explanation of your reasoning.
d. Describe your ideal night out. Where would you go, who would you go with and why?

This job was originally posted on Ed2010 on 02/11/13

Cheapflights Travel Blogger

Job Type: Freelance

Company/Publication Name:

Location: Remote

Cheapflights is looking for a new travel blogger (contract position) for their new U.S. blog. They are  looking for someone with a fresh, fun tone who is going to have readers hooked with his or her obvious passion for travel, off-the-charts writing style, sense of humor and creative post ideas. The ability to craft posts people can’t wait to share across our social networks is a must.

Month-long trial to start.
Has the potential to turn into an ongoing contractor gig.
Must file three travel blog posts each weekday (so, 15 posts per week.)
Blogger can be based anywhere in the U.S.
Pay is $1,100 per month, paid at the end of each month.

To apply:

Each candidate is asked to submit his or her resume and two BEST clips to Melisse Hinkle.

This job was originally posted on Ed2010 on 02/11/13

Jobs of the Week!

This week we are featuring two excellent employment opportunities.  The first, for those interested in live entertainment and blogging at SeatGeek and the second for digital book sales management at Workman!  Check them out below, apply if interested and let us know if you get  one of them!  Good luck!



SeatGeek Blog Editor

Job type:  Full-time

Location: New York, NY

SeatGeek is looking for a lightly seasoned and/or heavily ambitious person to step in and take the reins of the SeatGeek blog. They have two main goals for their blog:

Make it a top destination for readers seeking live entertainment news

Use it as a powerful engine for SeatGeek’s organic growth.

You’ll oversee achievement of those goals by efficiently scaling up the blog and experimenting with new tactics that benefit SeatGeek’s bottom line.

-Manage team of ~10 freelance bloggers
-Make weekly/daily content assignments
-Edit & proofread articles
-Recruit, interview, hire, & train new bloggers
-Write articles
-Devise & execute social media contests/strategy
-Assist with content plan strategy
-Assist with email marketing
-Assist with SeatGeek intern program

This job was originally posted on Ed2010.

Digital Sales Assistant at Workman

Job type: Full-time

Location: New York, NY

Workman is currently seeking a Digital Sales Assistant to manage the day-to-day operations with e-retail accounts and to assist the digital department with various administrative duties.

Daily ebook billing report verification and approval
Daily eBook Distribution and Metadata Verification
Weekly/Monthly Ebook Sales Report Creation and Distribution
Monthly Verification of eBook Sales and Invoicing
Ongoing metadata record creation and verification between internal systems and external sales channels
Assist with Creation and Setup of new digital/ebook accounts internally
Quarterly assist with questions and reports regarding royalties
Manage departmental calendar
Manage input of departmental invoice records and run a monthly expense report
Produce weekly or bi-weekly departmental report of industry/digital/tech highlights
Collaborate with Digital Department to plan and execute new digital promotions and programs

The ideal candidate will possess:
Bachelor’s Degree
Outstanding organizational and analytics skills
Basic understanding of e-book standards and formats
Understanding of metadata standards and management
Ability to work efficiently and flexibly in a fast-paced, team-oriented environment
Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
Familiarity with the digital marketplace including knowledge of various sales models and evolving business trends

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Link of the Week: Elizabeth Bird’s Blog

The School Library Journal began as a magazine intended for an audience that works with young people – particularly school librarians, media specialists, and public librarians. The magazine’s articles and reviews are now present on the SLJ‘s website as well as many blogs that provide interesting information and opinions about the book world. Elizabeth Bird is one such blogger. Among other impressive accomplishments, she is the New York Public Library’s Youth Materials Collections Specialist, has served on Newbery, and written for Horn Book. On her blog, Ms. Bird shares her opinions on different aspects of the book world. Most recently, she has been ranking the top 100 children’s novels. Her charismatic writing style and clever subject matter make her a very up-and-coming blogger.