Link of the Week: Book Club Central

Book Club Central, a new online resource for book clubs and readers, has a new book recommendation, No One is Going to Save Us, selected by its Honorary Chair person, Sarah Jessica Parker.

Book Club Central is a new online service for book clubs and readers to supply them with reading recommendations, book reviews, author interviews, discussion questions and more. Along with the aforementioned book pick, Parker will offer more book selections called SJP Picks.

Book Club Central is distributed by the American Library Association and have several sponsors and partners including Booklist, Libraries transform, and, big 5 publishing house, Penguin Random House.

Book Club Central also offers users the opportnity to not only search for book selection, but to lead a book club, find a new book club, and start a book club online. The site has author interviews with Colson Whitehead, Underground Railroad, and Matthew DesmondEvicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City available as well.

Link of the Week: Banned Books 2012

Happy Banned Books Week! This week organizations across the country are working together to raise awareness about censorship and celebrate intellectual freedom. Some of your favorite books might have been censored or burned at one point in time. Many books are still challenged today, and abroad some people still suffer severe consequences for the thoughts they express. Take a look at how some groups are drawing attention to the week.


American Library Association
American Library Association

What’s your favorite banned book? Post your answer in the comments!

-By Jenna Vaccaro