Content Management Specialist needed at Highlights in Honesdale, PA!

With a history of over 60 years of content, Highlights has a need for a Content Management Specialist!

The main function of this position is to accept requests for content, retrieve content, prepare files, and  deliver files via the appropriate method in the required time frame, while tracking the requests and improving the content repository through metadata capture and file organization. Being able to prioritize and re-prioritize projects while meeting all agreed-upon deadlines and deliverables is a must. The role also includes supporting the manager of asset services on a variety of organizational and process-oriented projects related to the continuous improvement of the content repository.

Specific responsibilities include:
Fulfill approved asset requests as they come in–
  • Handle a variety of requests from internal as well as external customers, including editorial, marketing, licensing, and international teams.
  • Convert files to various formats (requires familiarity with CS4 and Quark)
  • Send files via Internet or post.
  • Coordinate file transfer and distribution of files as it relates to our international partnerships.
  • Follow-up with customers to be sure files have been received in the appropriate format.
  • Organize and save new file formats for the content repository.
  • Check rights availability and file formats for requests.
  • Create screen PDF’s and various other formats of existing assets upon request.

Track asset requests in FileMaker–

  • Create a project outline for each request.
  • Share information about individual projects with individuals involved.
  • Track requests.
  • Maintain asset request tracking system within the FileMaker database.
  • Develop overall understanding of the entire FileMaker database. Develop understanding of existing data, search, and reporting capabilities.
  • Perform associated data entry.

Document and assist in creating new processes–

  • Provide support to the manager of asset services, which will include involvement in a variety of organizational and process-oriented projects.
  • Document processes to lead to better consistency in the capture of information and publishing processes.
  • Continuously add to and improve existing metadata, organize values lists, create taxonomies and controlled vocabularies.
  • Develop an understanding of industry best practices in Content Management and Digital Asset Management.
  • Train/help editorial and administrative staff with FileMaker input, search, and process development.

Maintain Digital Asset Management system–

  • Develop deep understanding of Portfolio Digital Asset Management software.
  • Create content samples from PDF library of content using Portfolio Digital Asset Management software.
  • Train/help users understand how to use Portfolio software for their needs. Tasks include: building galleries, performing searches, applying keywords and metadata values.
  • Add content to the content repository.
  • Perform general maintenance on all files.

•  Bachelor’s degree • 2­4 years’ experience in a related role.Excellent software skills with ability to learn our existing content management software (Portfolio, FileMaker).Working knowledge of Adobe InDesign.Familiarity with Adobe Creative Suite 4 and Quark.Ability to understand how to use content management software to search content and apply keywords to individual pieces of content.Good organizational skills.Ability to easily take on new tasks as they arise.Self-motivated and able to develop a strong understanding of Highlights products and file formats in a short amount of time.Mac (expert) and PC skills.Relocation to Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Location: Honesdale, PA (Click for more information about Honesdale and the surrounding area.)

Please submit resumes in either Microsoft Word or PDF format to, Place “Content Management Specialist” in the subject line.

The Young to Publishing Group Presents: National Book Awards House Party!

The National Book Awards are among the nation’s preeminent literary prizes, and one of the most important events on the literary calendar. In an effort to expand the audience and accessibility of the awards, the Association of American Publisher’s Young to Publishing Group (YPG) has partnered with the National Book Foundation to secure exclusive live feed of the awards ceremony.

The inaugural House Party: A Celebration of the National Book Awards will take place from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Wednesday November 17 at Random House at 1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019.

The event will be designed and produced by Jes Gordon of properFUN, and feature DJ Lars, an open bar and hors d’oeuvres, and a charity auction to benefit Literacy Partners. For more information about Literacy Partners, check out our auction page. The browser-based album editing company Pixable will be present to curate event photos and instantly create videos and slideshows to be shared across social media platforms. Robert Redd, the world’s first literary product company, will host an interactive literary game held throughout the party based on the legend of Robert Redd. The company will provide signature knit shirts to the winners. Other event sponsors include Rent the Runway, Macaron, Nine Cakes and Archie Grand.

Purchase your tickets now for the early bird price of $30! Tickets will be $40 after November 1st. The party is open to all book lovers regardless of AAP affiliation.

About the Young to Publishing Group:

The Young to Publishing Group strives to give entry-level employees a chance to build a community outside of their own publishing house and to educate themselves about the industry as a whole. YPG is an initiative of the Association of American Publishers (AAP).

Greenlight Bookstore & WNBA’s Author Panel Discussion Summary

Earlier this week the Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) sponsored an event at Brooklyn’s Greenlight Bookstore as part of the National Reading Group Month.

A panel of authors that included Rick Moody and Sheri Holman came to share their unique insights into the writing, editorial, and publishing process. It was a wonderful event in a great location (the 7 line is right around the corner) and a free smorgasbord of cheese and wine was available both before and after the panel discussion that, of course, served only to enhance the pleasure of the evening’s festivities. The polished wood paneling and walls of books that surrounded both authors and guests alike made for a more intimate atmosphere.

Valerie Tomaselli, vice-president of “the original WNBA,” began by introducing herself and talking about both her organization and her appreciation for co-owner Jessica Bagnulo’s indie Greenlight Bookstore for continuing to host these events.

The actual discussion between the moderator, Rosalind Reisner, and the authors began with a look at their most current novels and an elucidation of the various processes of how they came to fruition. Jackson Taylor, author of The Blue Orchard, looked to his grandmother’s inspirational and difficult life to form the basis of his novel. Her work as an abortionist had been something of a family secret before Jackson slowly pried pieces of information from family members, some of whom subsequently found the novel so distasteful and revealing that they still spite him for publishing it. Other authors, like Rick Moody, drew from their childhood. Rick grew up watching B horror movies, and one in particular, The Crawling Hand, was so poorly done that he knew he had to write a book around it.

When asked about how research factors into the creative process, Rick says that he “does a lot of making stuff up,” and that rather than researching about a particular subject for which there’s no end of information (his new novel, The Four Fingers of Death features NASA rocket launches and space travel), “you have to know widely.” Writing artfully and with imagination will always take precedence over historical or factual accuracy.

The author’s comments on the publishing and marketing process were particularly interesting to me, as this eclectic group of people are the very type I plan to work with in the future as an editor. When his book was still in the publishing process, Jackson was pleased to hear that his publisher, Simon & Schuster, had made a tremendous advanced sale to Wal-Mart. Of course S&S; pitched the book as a “woman’s indomitable struggle against all odds,” etc. but of course failed to mention her work as an abortionist which Wal-Mart then discovered just prior to the release date. All advanced sales were cancelled and Wal-Mart refused to carry the book.

Mr. Moody says it’s the “worst market [he’s] ever seen” for trying to get your work published, but that “people are going to read, and writers are going to write.” Another author at the event, Susan Henderson, seconded those sentiments, pointing out that there is “nothing smart about being a writer in the first place,” and that authors are simply obeying “an urgent voice inside of you saying, ‘tell this story!’”

In regards to editing, Susan remarked that the editorial process was like having a finished knitted sweater, then being asked to change some of the stitching around the shoulder. An author will say, “aha!” and appreciate the good advice, but one must “unravel the whole sweater” to get operate on the problem. Emily St. John Mandel, author of The Singer’s Gun, agreed, and adds that “the book was better for all the painful revisions” and that the process was definitely worthwhile. Both were thankful for editors who never pushed them to make changes, but simply suggested ideas. Because no one mentioned bad editors or books that came out the worse for the editorial process, I feel a bit more confident that I won’t mangle some poor author’s manuscript.

Greenlight Bookstore celebrated its one-year anniversary last week, and is now launching three book clubs beginning in January for adult fiction, mothers, and young adults aged 8 – 14. Go there, sign up, shop, and be on the lookout for their next event!

Pace Publishing Alumnus J.T. Solomon’s Magazine Launch & Networking Event

F.I.R.M. Magazine, in Conjunction with The New York Urban League of Young Professionals (NYULYP), presents:

Community Connects: Official Website Launch and Networking Event
November 11th, 2010 – Apple Restaurant and Bom Bar (Manhattan, NY)

What the new generation needs is F.I.R.M. Magazine.

F.I.R.M. Magazine (Fashion, Investments, Recreation, and Music) is an online publication that empowers readers financially, physically, spiritually, and mentally through the perfect balance of information and entertainment. Morehouse College and Pace University alumnus, J.T. Solomon, created a magazine that speaks to educated young adults and also transcends socio-economical boundaries by providing valuable information about personal credit, attire, real estate, health and fitness, and more to readers in some of the most underprivileged of our communities. From profiling up-and-coming fashion designers and musicians to helping our audience seek out investment opportunities in companies with proven global strategies; F.I.R.M. Magazine does it all.

Join us at Apple Bar Restaurant and Bom Bar (17 Waverly Place, New York, NY) near Washington Square on November 11th from 6PM-10PM to celebrate F.I.R.M.’s Community Connects: Official Website Launch and Networking Event hosted by The New York Urban League of Young Professionals (NYULYP). The event is FREE, but donations are gladly accepted. Network with the industry’s leading young professionals in fashion, entertainment, financial, and various other professions in NYC. Bring your business cards! This is a networking event you don’t want to miss! Check out F.I.R.M. Magazine online: and See you at the celebration!

Press Contact: Cheron Mangum | | Phone: (347) 857-8272

Paid Part-Time Internship Opportunity

Boutique literary development company Paper Lantern Lit needs a blogging intern.

They are looking for someone to write an average of four posts a week on NEW books (especially teen and children’s books), popular culture, and our ongoing projects, as well as to maintain and expand our web presence and brand by making meaningful comments on other teen and book oriented blogs.

Please look at our website and past blog entries to get an idea of what we are looking for. While experience in the industry is not required, a keen awareness of what’s going on TODAY is key to this position. Interested candidates should write a sample blog post on a relevant topic of your choice and email to with the subject Blogging Intern.

Please also include a resume and a link to any other blogs you have written for. Position will be paid a stipend of $100 per month. NOTE: The readership will be both teens and adults in and outside of the industry. Tone is important here, so please have fun with it.