Link of the Week: BookExpo America/Cast

LotWBookExpo America (BEA) is the premier trade event for the North American publishing industry. See and learn exactly what you need to survive today’s changing industry and challenging economy. Meet 500+ authors and discover hundreds of new titles on a Show floor bristling with 2,000 exhibitors and featuring the NEW Downtown Stage and Uptown Stage and the ever popular BEA Autographing Area. Learn the trends during 60+ focused sessions at the NEW “Big Ideas at BEA” Conference and this year’s Global Market Forum: Books & Publishing in the Arab World. Experience the buzz of the book business at dynamic Special Events. Conduct rights business at the largest North American International Rights Center. Enjoy NEW Show floor amenities such as more seating and places to eat. All of this, plus all of New York City—the publishing capital of the world and where BEA will be held until 2012.

BookExpo Cast is a video and audio media resource center for events that take place at previous BookExpos. Explore hundreds of author panels, conferences, sales forecasts, and thoughts on the digital future of the book industry by leaders in the industry.

Also, Pace M.S. in Publishing students, don’t forget that you have the opportunity to attend the 2011 BEA!

Pace University Hosts First Pace-Hunan Publishing Training Program

Hunan Group
The Hunan Publishing Group

From March 21st to April 8th 2011, Pace University’s Publishing Department hosted the first Pace-Hunan Publishing Training Program. A group of Chinese publishing professionals who sought to learn more about publishing practices in the U.S. were engaged by three weeks of intense coursework that threw them into the heart of modern American publishing.

Courses ranged from site visits to Bloomberg News Headquarters, to lectures on “Content Organization”, “Best Practices in Employee Recruitment, Development, and Retention”, and “Brand Management and Intellectual Properties.” Program participants had the chance to meet and attend lectures from industry giants like Jason Epstein, Michael Healy, Eric Frank, and George Slowik.

Pace University’s own Prof. Melissa Rosati and Prof. Kirsten Sandberg, who together presented many of the lectures during the program (with the assistance of Prof. Xiao Lian), had this to say about the experience:

We were fascinated by the tension between the openness the Chinese executives displayed as technology consumers and the hesitation they have as content producers.  During our lectures, several participants were using laptops and handheld devices to text, email, surf the Internet, read downloads, and take and upload photographs in real time–behavior perhaps more typical of executives at Google, Amazon, and Apple than at the Big Six publishers. Almost every morning, an executive came to class with new iPad2 or another gadget. Their unbridled enthusiasm of new publishing platforms as consumers was in contrast to their hesitation as producers, and with good reason: piracy is as much a problem there as it is here, except that their government does not rigorously enforce copyright protection or crack down on unauthorized online content distributors. That is a big concern in a country with some 457 million Internet users, over 40% of which read literary content online or via their mobile devices.

Our theme for the program was Innovation and Collaboration. We emphasized that publishing’s future is in a company’s ability to think in terms of content ecosystems, where creators and readers are connected through one or many social media applications and platforms. Underscoring our theme were guest speakers from Flat World Knowledge, IBM, Bowker, BISG, Barrons, John Wiley, among others.

Director of the M.S. in Publishing Program at Pace, Professor Raskin:

The Hunan Publishing Group is a very prestigious publishing organization in the Hunan province of China. We were pleased to have the opportunity to train and educate their executives and give them an understanding of how we publish books here in the U.S. Most importantly, we are working to create understanding between the U.S. and China, so we’re fostering good relations as well as a first-rate publishing education.

Professors Sandberg and Rosati give their remarks
Professors Raskin and Whitson pose for pictures

The next training group will include members from China’s Phoenix Publishing & Media Group, from May 9th through the 27th.

Two Digital Sales Support Positions Open at Conde Nast

Conde NastThese positions are a great starting point for someone interested in the business side of publishing, particularly digital.

The positions are usually temporary to permanent, at $17 an hour. There is a chance for a permanent position for someone with prior experience. These are NOT Sales Assistant positions (i.e. making reservations and getting Starbucks). They are a stepping stone generally into Account Managing or Marketing:

Digital Sales Associate

  • Proficiency in Excel and all other Microsoft Office applications
  • Utilize the PeopleSoft sales system to:
    • Check inventory availability
    • Hold inventory
    • Enter Insertion Orders
    • Enter campaign optimizations
    • Maintain Weekly Estimates for Sales Rep
  • Complete Creative Services Forms:
    • Job Initiation Forms, or JIFs
  • Campaign management responsibilities:
    • Create detailed tracking sheets for each campaign
    • Weekly tracking of all campaigns
    • Weekly Third Party tracking of all applicable campaigns
  • Work closely with Sales Planner and Ad Operations to:
    • Launch all campaigns
    • Monitor delivery
    • Implement all optimizations
  • Responsible for weekly updates of the following:
    • Campaign prospects
    • Call reports for Sales Representative(s)
    • Client contacts
  • Hold weekly campaign review meetings with Ad Operations Representative(s) and Sales Planner
  • Work with Finance, Ad Operations and Inventory teams on approval of all campaigns
  • Update monthly Third Party Billing worksheet
  • Gather screen shots for all ad placements
  • Serve as the point of contact in Sales for billing discrepancies
  • Generate in/out of-town monthly T&E reports for Sales Rep
  • Pull basic research runs for MediaMetrix, @Plan and Advertising Database

Digital Sales Planner

  • Proficiency in Excel and all other Microsoft Office applications
  • Manage all campaigns from start to finish
  • Oversee Sales Associate counterpart
  • Responsible for the creation of the following for all RFPs/campaigns:
    • Media Plans
    • Client Decks
    • Wrap reports
  • Recommend optimizations to clients based on performance
  • Work closely with Sales Associate and Ad Operations to:
    • Launch all campaigns
    • Monitor delivery
    • Implement all optimizations
  • Serve as the day to day client contact for all advertising campaigns
  • Write business correspondence for existing and new clients
  • Create and continually update campaign management document
  • Generate Marketing and Creative Services requests when needed
  • Hold weekly campaign review meetings with Ad Operations Representative and Sales Associate
  • Send weekly tracking updates (provided by Sales Associate) to client
  • Work with Sales Associate and Finance team to reconcile billing discrepancies
  • Accompany Sales Representative on select sales calls
  • Experience Required:
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • 1 – 2 years minimum experience in a Digital Media role:
    • Digital Sales Assistant and/or
    • Digital experience at a Media Agency

Interested candidates should send their resumes and cover letters to AND

Open Summer Position at HarperCollins Childrens

HC Children's

HarperCollins Childrens is looking for a qualified candidate to fill a temporary summer part-time paid position opening in a Children’s Editorial group.

The commitment is three consecutive days a week, from 10-5. Responsibilities include general administrative tasks, as well as:

  • Taking dictations via phone for Editor-at-Large and typing emails to send on his behalf
  • Sending faxes, packages (via UPS or messenger), and art for safe return.
  • Xeroxing, Collating papers, Meeting Preparation
  • Light Correspondence to authors, agents, literary scouts and in-house staff (such as memos for routing materials)
  • Sales charts, grids and competitive title research
  • Archiving, Shredding, Organizational Projects
  • CTBing books, pulling reviews from DAM, Staples Orders

If interested, please contact Rebecca Alimena, HR Manager, at