Quote of the Week | A Call to Action

On February 2, Publishers Weekly released its latest Soapbox piece, an article stressing the importance of books in teaching compassion, humanity, and understanding, especially in circumstances recently – and powerfully – recognized by the #MeToo movement. The call to action, written by our very own Jane Kinney-Denning, implored publishers to bring books to life in “fair, equitable, and safe workplaces that set an example” for the rest of the world. “I believe that members of the publishing community have a responsibility to continue to push the industry to better reflect who they are and the values that they hold,” said Professor Denning. “I am only one person, and I don’t have all of the answers, but I do believe that we have strength in numbers and that being organized allows us to push doors open even farther. Sexual harassment and discrimination in the workplace are a collective problem, and we need the strength of all of us to fight against it.” Continue reading “Quote of the Week | A Call to Action”

Quote of the Week | Ursula K. Le Guin

“My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; it gives me all the world, and exiles me from it.” These are words from the renowned science-fiction and fantasy author Ursula K. Le Guin, who passed away last Monday at the age of 88. Over the course of her life, Le Guin authored more than 20 novels, 12 books of poetry, 100 short stories, seven essay collections, 13 children’s books, and five volumes of translation. American literary critic Harold Bloom, the Sterling Professor of Humanities at Yale University, described Le Guin as a “superbly imaginative creator and major stylist,” and credits her for raising “fantasy into high literature.” Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Ursula K. Le Guin”

Quote of the Week | Walt Disney

Today marked a momentous occasion in Hollywood. On the heels of 2017/18’s historic #MeToo movement and the Women’s March on Saturday, beloved Disney character Minnie Mouse just took her rightful place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in front of the El Capitan Theatre. Joining long-time beau Mickey Mouse (who received his star in 1978, almost 40 years ago), the ceremony celebrated Minnie’s ninetieth birthday, and marked the 2,627th addition to the Southern Californian-stretch of celebrity. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Walt Disney”

Quote of the Week | Hans Christian Andersen

Saturday was a beautiful day in the city, was it not? Snowman-makers and selfie-takers took the pond by storm in Central Park: families set up impromptu photo shoots with wiggly, giggly babies; teenagers face-planted in the snow trying to snowboard on skateboards; a young girl dusted flyaway snow from a portrait of Elsa emblazoned on her jacket. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Hans Christian Andersen”

Quote of the Week | C. S. Lewis

On this day in 1962, Kingsley Amis, C. S. Lewis, and Brian Aldiss gathered in Lewis’s rooms at Magdalene College, Cambridge to discuss the merits of science fiction. The conversation was recorded and published in 1964 as “The Establishment must die and rot.” A year later, it was republished – a little less controversially – as “Unreal Estates.” Just beside the River Cam, surrounded by famously lush gardens, the men discussed the inspirations behind their works – and their creative intentions. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | C. S. Lewis”