Quote of the Week | Hans Christian Andersen

Saturday was a beautiful day in the city, was it not? Snowman-makers and selfie-takers took the pond by storm in Central Park: families set up impromptu photo shoots with wiggly, giggly babies; teenagers face-planted in the snow trying to snowboard on skateboards; a young girl dusted flyaway snow from a portrait of Elsa emblazoned on her jacket. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Hans Christian Andersen”

Quote of the Week | C. S. Lewis

On this day in 1962, Kingsley Amis, C. S. Lewis, and Brian Aldiss gathered in Lewis’s rooms at Magdalene College, Cambridge to discuss the merits of science fiction. The conversation was recorded and published in 1964 as “The Establishment must die and rot.” A year later, it was republished – a little less controversially – as “Unreal Estates.” Just beside the River Cam, surrounded by famously lush gardens, the men discussed the inspirations behind their works – and their creative intentions. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | C. S. Lewis”

Quote of the Week | Jesmyn Ward

And we’re back! We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Now, let us return to the world of books. Since you all follow us on Facebook and Twitter (*cough, cough*), I’m sure you’re aware that the novelist, essayist, and memoirist Jesmyn Ward won the National Book Award for fiction on November 15 for… Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Jesmyn Ward”

Quote of the Week | Edwidge Danticat

On November 9, late in the evening, the University of Oklahoma’s award-winning magazine of international literature and culture, World Literature Today, announced the 2017 winner of the Neustadt International Prize for Literature: Edwidge Danticat. In addition to a certificate and prestige, the award comes with a $50,000 stipend and a replica of an eagle feather cast in silver. (#Swag.) The Haitian-American writer is the 25th laureate of the prize. Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Edwidge Danticat”

Quote of the Week | Liz Smith

Liz Smith, affectionately dubbed “the longtime queen of New York’s tabloid gossip columns” by the The New York Times, died in her home yesterday at the age of 94. Best known for her exposés on Donald and Ivana Trump’s split in 1990 and Madonna’s pregnancy  in 1996, Smith loved all things celebrity, and relished chronicling the “little triumphs and trespasses in the soap-opera lives of the rich, the famous, and the merely beautiful.” Continue reading “Quote of the Week | Liz Smith”