UNIQUE Volunteer/Internship Opportunities the NYC Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association

New York City Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association is looking to immediately fill the position of Social Media Coordinator.  This is a volunteer position, a great resume building opportunity, as well as a wonderful way to give back to the organization. The Social Media Coordinator will:


  • Manage Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest pages by posting relevant content to the
  • WNBA community
  • Track followers and fans for monthly reports to be shared during monthly meetings
  • Encourage membership and community engagement through posts
  • Promote and attend events, post content on respective events
  • Coordinate with blog editor and other WNBA-NYC members for posts and content creation


The New York City Chapter of the Women’s National Book Association is looking to immediately fill the position of Blog Editor.  This is a volunteer position, a great resume building opportunity, as well as a wonderful way to give back to the organization. The Blog Editor will .

Assist blog manager with:

  • Creating, editing, and proofreading blog posts, including member interviews, event promotion, feature writing, and member news updates
  • Researching appropriate topics for blog posts
  • Tracking followers using WordPress statistics for monthly reports
  • Attending events and writing recaps for the blog
  • Coordinating with Social Media manager for posts and content creation
  • Promoting member involvement on the blog

If you are interested, please email your resume to Professor Jane Denning at jdenning@pace.edu.

SW♥♥N Reads

Are you interested in becoming a published author? Or interested in being a reader of manuscripts pre-publication?

Check out this unique opportunity:

SW♥♥N Reads is a revolutionary new crowd-sourced romance imprint dedicated to publishing books that capture the intensity and passion of teen love. Its also an opportunity for undiscovered writers and avid romance readers to come together to make books they love happen.

More than just another publishing imprint, SW♥♥N Reads will be a community, one whose members are included in every step of the publishing process, from the initial discovery of the manuscript, to providing edit notes, designing covers, and marketing the finished books.

Please visit the site today (swoonreads.com). This is an incredible opportunity to become a published author with a $15,000 advance and a standard royalty-based publishing contract!  Or to be a Reader on the site and play a role in what gets published.

Subscribe to Publisher’s Weekly with Special Student Discount!

Publishers Weekly is offering Pace University M.S. in Publishing students a special discounted rate to subscribe to their magazine. A year-long online subscription is only $19.95, or if you prefer, the print version is available for $99.95.

Publishers Weekly describes itself as the “book industry’s leading news magazine, covering every aspect of creating, producing, marketing and selling the written word in book, audio, video and electronic formats. We keep professionals and aspiring professionals informed on the important happenings in our industry through in-depth interviews with top authors and publishers, detailed reports on industry issues and trends, and over 7,000 book and media reviews each year.” It is an essential resource for book publishing professionals.

Interested students should subscribe using the link below to take advantage of this special offer!

Subscribe to Publishers Weekly today!

Link of the Week: Bookforum

We are always on the lookout for great blogs and resources about books. With so many publishers out there it would be impossible to keep up with the latest books without book-news websites such as Bookforum. Also a magazine, this organization truly keeps an ear to the ground when it comes to the latest book information. Their site is divided into several sections. There are daily reviews, both original and reposted, from a variety of sources including the NYT and New York Review of Books. There is an Omnivore section, which covers news from across the globe not limited to publishing and Papertrail, a section devoted to book info. There are interviews and articles galore, and it is a great resource for keeping up-to-date with the latest industry bulletins.


Bookforum also accepts submissions! So if you’ve attended a great literary event or have the ultimate guide to Margret Mitchell, you might want to submit an article about it!

Link of the Week: Susan Larson

Susan Larson, president of the New Orleans Women’s National Book Association, hosts a regular radio show titled The Reading Life on an NPR station in Louisiana. Susan Larson was the book editor for The New Orleans times-Picayune from 1988-2009 and is the vice president for literary programming at the Tennessee Williams New Orleans Literary Festival.

Her radio show features interviews with  up-and-coming authors along with commentary on the most important literary issues of the day. You can listen to her show on WWNO 89.9’s website and follow the hottest book trends in NOLA. She has written the book The Booklover’s Guide to New OrleansCheck out her interview with the Women’s National Book Association here.