Link of the Week | Caveat


CAVEAT is “New York’s newest speakeasy stage for playful, intelligent nightlife.” Located at 21 A Clinton St. on the Lower East Side, the bar/salon is a mix of Harvard Club, the esteemed meeting place of Harvard intellectuals, and CBGB, the birthplace of punk. Intrigued? This’ll seal the deal. Caveat promises that if you go there for drinks, you’ll go home smarter. Sold. Continue reading “Link of the Week | Caveat”

Link of the Week | Book Industry Guild of New York

The Book Industry Guild of New York (BIGNY) is an organization for book publishing and manufacturing professionals. Operated by members for members, it subsidizes educational seminars and trips, holds monthly information programs, and raises money for the Literacy Assistance Center, a nonprofit dedicated to “strengthening and expanding the adult education system, and to advancing adult literacy as a core value in our society and a foundation for equal opportunity and social justice.” BIGNY partners include the Graphic Artists Guild, Book Business magazine, and the Women’s National Book Association. Continue reading “Link of the Week | Book Industry Guild of New York”

Link of the Week | Pen + Brush

Pen + Brush Gallery | 29 East 22nd Street, New York, NY, 10010
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 12–6pm

Gender-based inequality has long been an issue in the arts. As we learned from VIDA in last Wednesday’s Link of the Week, women make up 80 per cent of the publishing workforce, yet they are underrepresented as reviewers, byline-holders, and writers. Pen + Brush recognizes this disparity, and works to effect real change for emerging and mid-career female artists and writers. Continue reading “Link of the Week | Pen + Brush”

VIDA | Women in Literary Arts


It’s almost impossible to scroll through headlines today without encountering an article on sexism or sexual harassment in the workplace. While the conversation has recently turned to sexism in Hollywood, Publishers Weekly was right to remind us that “Women in Publishing say #MeToo.” According to PW, women make up almost 80 per cent of the publishing workforce, yet “the industry is rife with sexual harassment.”

It’s also rife with underrepresentation. Cue VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, an organization that works to illustrate inequality in the industry. The nonprofit’s goal is to amplify the voices of women, people of color, writers with disabilities, and queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming authors – individuals who have, historically, faced discrimination in mainstream society. Continue reading “VIDA | Women in Literary Arts”

Link of the Week | Canva


At a recent site visit to Simon & Schuster, Joy Bertan, the house’s Director of Talent Acquisition and Diversity Initiatives, talked about what she looks for in new hires. One way to distinguish yourself from other candidates, she said, is to spice-up your resume. Continue reading “Link of the Week | Canva”