Faculty in the Spotlight: Veronica Wilson

I always say to my students, “I wish I had found the publishing industry as soon as I graduated from undergraduate school at Temple University.” I came across the publishing industry when I met someone who sold advertising for Essence Magazine. At the time I was working within the corporate insurance sector at CIGNA Corporation and was just about to start my ninth year in the business. While it was an amazing experience, where I learned a great deal about the corporate world, traveled the country and worked with many Fortune 500 companies, I longed for something more dynamic, more interesting and more fun! When my friend told me what advertising sales was all about I said I knew my work experience would make me an ideal candidate for a job within this industry. She introduced me to the Associate Publisher of Essence and I was thrilled. However, the Associate Publisher did not think the transition from corporate insurance to publishing would be an easy one at first. I interviewed for a year, and was passed over twice, before I landed a job at Essence.

Once I made the transition in Ad Sales I knew that I had found an industry that I could work in for the rest of my life. I was given the business category since I came from corporate insurance, so I had accounts like Citibank, Solomon Smith Barney, New York Life, America Online, and more. Based on the success I had with this category they decided to give me more business within different categories, until I was promoted to manage the biggest accounts in the business, such as L’Oreal Paris, Lancome, Maybelline, Estee Lauder, Clinique and more. The business was ever changing and I was always moving around to meet with my accounts and talk about their new launches and how our audience would fit with their various brands. And the magazine editorial was also changing so we always had something new cooking to talk about.
Now I had been out of college a good ten years at this point. And I felt I would have been further ahead in my publishing career if I had started right after undergraduate school. I had this sense that I needed to catch up somehow with where I thought I should be at this point in my life, as if I had actually chosen this industry right out of college. That is when I started looking around at M.S. in Publishing Programs. I knew that this type of Masters would round my background out so that I would learn all the different disciplines that make up a magazine, from production, to editing, to marketing and more. I graduated from Pace in 2003 and knew that now I had the full knowledge to aspire to higher levels at Essence and in my career in general.

Essence was about to go into a joint venture with Time Inc. at the time and that made me very happy as now I would be inside one of the largest publishing houses in the world and would learn even more. I went from being a sales representative to being sales management, as I was promoted to Northeast Ad Director, where I had a sales staff that reported into me directly. Things continued to go well at Essence and within Time Inc. I was promoted again to National Ad Director, where I oversaw all advertising sales across the country at Essence and took part in strategic decision making alongside the Publisher and Associate Publisher of Marketing. I came into my ninth year at Essence, and decided that nine years was enough time at one magazine and now was the time to venture out to another publishing house to see what more I could learn. I moved on to Conde Nast where I was the Associate Publisher for two magazines, Modern Bride and Elegant Bride. The bridal category was a brand new experience and very different from working for a women’s beauty/fashion/lifestyle magazine. I found it to be too small of a niche market, so I made the decision to go back to the category that I loved most, beauty/fashion.

Opportunities within the magazine world were far and few at the time, as the print industry began to shrink and numerous titles were closing due to the emergence of digital. When they say knowing another language is an asset that is not an understatement in anyway. Growing up half Chilean, I always had the Spanish language in my home life, so my next move would turn out to be within the U.S. Hispanic category at Meredith Corporation. Meredith is known for some of the largest, and oldest, magazines in the country, such as Better Homes & Garden, Parents, Ladies Home Journal, More, Fitness and others, and the Hispanic population is booming, as we all know from the 2000 Census. Here I serve as the Associate Publisher of four titles, Siempre Mujer (Always a Woman) a beauty/fashion title, Ser Padres (the Spanish version of Parents Magazine), Espera (Expecting) and Bebe (Baby), all parenthood titles. These are some of the largest Spanish language magazines in the country and now I can say I have expanded my experience to include the parenthood category, as well as the women’s beauty/fashion category. I also have the privilege of overseeing their digital properties, which gives me great exposure to this ever growing sector of publishing.

I have been teaching at Pace as an Adjunct Lecturer since 2008. I teach Ad Sales and Business Communications, both on-line. When teaching Ad Sales, I ask my students to look at many different magazines and I ask them to pick the title they could see themselves working with the most and we discuss what we like and dislike about the magazine and the advertising. We also include the web in some of the class since digital is such a large part of the advertising sales world now (and in the future). We go through a lot of exercises in which we review the ad sales discipline from many different angles including the salesperson, the publisher, the client and the ad agency. We also look at research, circulation, marketing, editorial and production, as ad sales touches each one of these areas in different ways.

In my Business Communications course I have to take a different approach. Because business communication is a tool used daily across all industries, I work with a textbook that addresses the generic principals of business communication. I then introduce different publishing scenarios that might occur in the real work environment to the class. Students address the various situations as if they had to deal with the matter at hand in writing. One week we may be addressing an angry magazine subscriber because they were offended by a magazine cover, and the next week we might be asking someone to support a publishing concept we found on kickstarter.com. It’s really a class about how to approach, think through, and address, different business scenarios (and in our case publishing specifically) which can occur, both positive and negative.

As an alumnus of Pace University, and as an adjunct lecturer here, I truly believe that education is the key to success and that our M.S. in Publishing Program provides a well-rounded perspective on this ever changing and increasingly important industry. I am so glad to see the program, and the graduating classes, grow in size with each passing year.

News from the French Building

The MS in Publishing Blog would like to take this time to introduce our new feature, News from the French Building!   This section of the blog encourages Alumni, Faculty and Advisory Board members to share news about their publications, new jobs, recent successes, promotions and positions on boards with blog readers.  Anyone interested in submitting to this feature should contact Prof. Jane Denning at jdenning@pace.edu or the Publishing Office email account, puboffice@pace.edu.


We look forward to reading about all of your continued success!  Below are the first installments to this feature from recent program graduates, Hannah Bennett and Lisa Hartman.


Hannah Bennett graduated from the MS in Publishing program in December 2012. She interned with RosettaBooks during her last semester in the program, and began working with them full-time in January as the Production and Distribution Associate.  RosettaBooks is a leading independent ebook publisher, annually selling over 1,000,000 ebooks worldwide. Hannah’s job entails the quality assurance of ebooks, including working with digitizers and proofreaders to ensure the best possible products. RosettaBooks is a small and growing company, and Hannah is excited to be working with a forward-thinking company and expanding her knowledge of the ebook business.



“After spending the majority of my time in NYC while completing the MS in Publishing degree from Pace, I relocated back to my hometown of Columbia, Missouri in December for my final semester of the program. I was offered a position with Missouri.com, a start-up online magazine that highlights each major city and its culture. I was brought in as a Marketing Consultant for Columbia where I’ll be selling our digital marketing services to local business owners as well as help them set up their profiles on Missouri.com. Additionally, they decided to keep me involved in the design process of client websites and marketing materials based on my publishing background. Since Missouri.com was only launched two months ago, we will eventually be working together to further develop the editorial mission of the site and potentially begin writing feature articles for the city of Columbia. I’m so grateful for this opportunity and extremely excited to be involved in the creative process for Missouri.com.” -Lisa Hartman  http://missouri.com/columbia.

Jobs of the Week!

This week we are featuring two excellent employment opportunities.  The first, for those interested in books is at  Hachette Digital, Inc. and the second for magazine publishing professionals is at NYLON magazine!  Check them out below, apply if interested and let us know if you get  one of them!  Good luck!



1. Job Description: ebook Operations and Client Service Coordinator at Hachette Digital, Inc

The e-Book Operations and Client Service Coordinator will oversee product development and operations for EPUB-based special projects for the Hachette Book Group and distribution clients. This position reports into the eBook Product Development Manager.  The ideal candidate will have experience in all of the following areas: XML, ONIX, EPUB, and e-book production.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinate day-to-day production for all third-party titles distribution clients who elect to have Hachette produce content for them;
  • Helpcoordinate HBG digital projects including: illustrated titles, digital-only, enhanced e-books, and other special edition EPUB-based products, with Product Development Manager;
  • Manage schedules and inventory control for special and client-based digital projects;
  • Function as primary contact for internal production teams and vendors for assigned projects;
  • Oversee QA of special projects in partnership with editorial and managing editorial teams; manage QA directly for third-party clients;
  • Implement and monitor distribution client standard design protocols;
  • Serve as primary point of contact for distribution clients in support of HBG distribution business

Apply here if interested!


2. NYLON Daily Newsletter Editor

Job/Internship type: Part-time

Company/Publication Name: NYLON Magazine

Location: New York, NY

Description: NYLON Magazine is hiring a part-time editor for our NYLON Daily newsletters. Responsibilities include researching, writing, and editing content for each of the 10 daily city newsletters, creating crossover content for the NYLON website, as well as potential writing opportunities across NYLON’s platforms. Applicants must have a strong research and editorial background, a basic knowledge of Photoshop, as well as their finger on the pulse when it comes to the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty, music, culture, and more (not to mention an understanding of the NYLON brand).


Basic Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • 2-3 years experience in digital publishing
  • Strong knowledge of with Outlook, Excel, Access
  • Experience with XML, ONIX, EPUB, OeB, and other e-book-related data formats
  • Experience in trade book publishing and production processes related to e-book creation
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills
  • Candidate must be detail- and accuracy-oriented and have the ability to balance many projects in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment while maintaining high standards of quality


The part-time position is three days a week in the NYLON office, with the
possibility of it becoming full-time.

Contact: To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to rebecca@nylonmag.com.

Quote of the Week

A magazine editor recently asked me to sit down on my 40th birthday and write an article on the most important things I had learned in my first 40 years. I told him that the chief thing I had learned was that the copybook maxims are true, but that too many people forget this once they go out into the heat and hustle and bustle of the battle of life and only realize their truth once one foot is beginning to slip into the grave. The man who has won millions at the cost of his conscience is a failure.

— B.C. Forbes

Job of the Week

We are starting a new feature here on the MS Publishing Blog designed to help connect Pace alumni and current students with employers. Check back every Thursday for a new job posting, and let Professor Denning know if you need help with your resume, interview skills, or general direction when applying to jobs.


  • Fast Company is seeking a fulltime associate editor! A business start-up related company, this job requires previous editorial experience and proven copy editing skills.  The job would require you to write and report on different business strategies and applications. Fast Company is looking for individuals who are social media savvy with a general interest in business strategy and personal development. Candidates should have some HTML knowledge. For more information, click the link.


  • Mary Beth Liebert is seeking a Peer Review Associate! Based in Westchester, this publisher is home to premier medical and scientific journals. This position is mainly administrative and customer service based, and the candidate will be responsible for coordinating manuscript submissions. The ideal candidate will be responsible, have great communication skills, and be able to work independently. For more information, click the link. Interested candidates should get in contact with Professor Denning.