Sales Rep Position at F.A. Davis Company!

F. A. Davis Company, a 134 year old independent Health Science Publisher, is seeking a self-motivated, intelligent and organized person for a Sales position based in New York, NY.   The territory consists of the five boroughs, Long Island, North Jersey, and Upstate to Poughkeepsie, NY.  The territory has 134 accounts and will require approximately 20 overnights a year


Our customers are educators in Nursing, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Medical Assisting and other health science programs.  Our accounts are Universities, Colleges, Community Colleges, Vocational Schools andProprietarySchoolsthat have health science programs.  Our products are textbooks, references, digital content (eBooks and mobile/hand-held products), and on-line resources used by students and professionals in the classroom and clinical settings.


Candidate must possess a 4-year college degree and should be proficient in using a laptop computer and mobile devices.  Sales and business travel experience is preferred.  Educational publishing experience is considered a plus. 


We offer a competitive salary, bonus plan, company car (valid driver’s license & good driving record required), full benefits and complete travel expenses.  



Duties and Responsibilities

  1.  Meet or exceed assigned yearly sales goal.
  2.  Meet acceptable number of units sold of Taber’s print and electronic content based on the history of the territory and forecast.
  3. Call on all assigned accounts within given territory during the academic year.
  4. Promote and demonstrate content on multiple platforms based on customer need.
  5. Solicit and report potential textbook reviewers and author prospects.
  6. Report on market trends, conditions, and the competitive environment.
  7. Monitor and manage territorial sales expenses.
  8. Maintain competent level of product knowledge.
  9. Develop and maintain an effective and cost-efficient itinerary.
  10. Monitor and control complimentary copy distribution.
  11. Complete special projects as assigned by manager.
  12. Maintain open line of communication with sales manager and in-house personnel.
  13. Maintain all company property.
  14. Maintain and keep current all territory records.
  15. Maintain and keep current all company manuals (i.e., Training Manual, Paperwork Procedures Manual, etc.)


To apply, please contact Mr. Robert Craven at

Summer Internship with Author, Selene Castrovilla

Summer intern needed for children’s and YA author, Selene Castrovilla.


Majority of work involves marketing books in two genres: children’s nonfiction (American Revolution) and YA novels.  Niche groups need to be targeted and contacted for each genre.  This would involve social media, internet research, and arranging blog tours.


I am located on Long Island, but work can be done from home and coordinated with me via phone/e-mail and some personal meetings.  The internship has a $500 salary for the summer.  Hours are flexible and subject to mutual agreement.   


I am easy to work with, and dare I say even fun.  Interning me should be pleasurable, and you will be immersed in the work of book marketing.


I seek someone organized, reliable and good-spirited.  An artistic spirit is a plus.


Please visit my website: learn about my books. The books I am marketing are Revolutionary Friends (just released), Saved by the Music and The Girl Next Door (both being re-released digitally.)

Contact me at or by phone at (516) 204-5019.


Let’s meet and discuss if we are a good fit!

 Selene Castrovilla

BISG “Making Information Pay Conference”


The Book Industry Study Group or BISG would like to invite MS in Publishing students and faculty to our annual Making Information Pay conference on May 15, 2013 in New York City.


A group of 10-15 students and/or faculty will have free admission to the conference.

If you are interested in attending, please email as soon as possible.

Prof. Sherman Raskin Celebrates 50 Years at Pace!

The Dyson Digital Digest recently posted a wonderful piece about Professor Sherman Raskin’s 50 years of service at Pace University.   Continue reading or click here to read the entire article.

Professor Sherman Raskin Celebrates 50 Golden Years of Teaching at Pace


“1963 was a watershed year – President John F. Kennedy is assassinated, The Feminine Mystic is published, and James Meredith is the first African American graduate of the University of Mississippi. It was also the year Sherman Raskin, a new father and a part-time actor, joined the ranks of Pace University teaching basic English and freshman composition.

This year, Pace University is honored to mark Professor Raskin’s 50th anniversary of distinguished service.

Professor Raskin was born in 1937 in the Bronx, NY, the youngest of two siblings. To his father’s delight, Raskin wanted to be an actor and studied it at Columbia University, earning a BFA in Acting. His mom, on the other hand, worried and wondered why a man so bright wouldn’t become a doctor or an accountant. Raskin appeared in film, commercials and television shows including the NBC DuPont Show of the Week: Ride with Terror where he played a young bookworm held hostage on a subway car by hoodlums. Eventually, he would go on to earn a MA in English from Columbia University.

Professor Raskin’s vision and entrepreneurial spirit have contributed significantly to shaping Pace into the remarkable institution it is today. In 1978 he was appointed Chair of the English department where he served for 24 years. Under his tutelage, what were then new concepts in higher education – honors sections, learning communities, women and gender studies courses, a film studies minor – flourished. He was instrumental in organizing and hosting the Dyson Lectures in the Humanities, a series of talks by distinguished guests including Joyce Carol Oates, Budd Schulberg and Gloria Steinem and Wendy Wasserstein, among others. The lecture series ran for more than 20 years and contributed significantly to the level of intellectual discourse.

In 1984, he and Allan Rabinowitz (Pace ’57), a retired professor of Accounting and Publishing, launched the Master of Science in Publishing program and in 1986 he became the program’s director. 27 years later, he’s still the program director. Adding to his portfolio of responsibilities, in 1990 the Pace University Press, a publisher of academic books and journals, was established with Professor Raskin as its helm. Until 2002 Professor Raskin oversaw all three departments at once.

“Sherman Raskin has worked tirelessly throughout his career at Pace with a dedication that knows no bounds. His entrepreneurial spirit led him to build new programs in the English department and to develop the graduate Publishing program, where he expanded Pace’s international presence in China,” said Nira Herrmann, dean, Dyson College. “All of us at Dyson congratulate him for reaching this notable milestone and thank him for his significant contribution to the University.”

“When I look back I’m very fortunate and very grateful. There are many schools that don’t give you the opportunities I found here. Pace has always allowed one to grow,”; said Professor Raskin, “and for that, I’ve loved my work for 50 years.”

Perhaps Professor Raskin’s greatest pleasure comes from family. When he’s not fostering new programs or shaping the minds of students, Professor Raskin enjoys going to the theater and museums with Paula, his wife of 49 years. They have two sons and three grandchildren – Noa, Ari and Taro – with whom he also loves to spend time. He recalls one of the greatest summers ever. “My granddaughter Noa was 12 and she got into the American Ballet Theater’s summer intensive program. That summer she stayed with Paula and me, and every morning we’d get on the LIRR and go into the city. After class, I’d pick her up. She would be hungry so I’d stop at Barnes & Noble and get her a chocolate chunk cookie and a lemonade. On the train ride home, she’d sit reading her book, drinking her lemonade, eating her cookie and I just looked at her and thought, ‘boy, am I lucky.’”

-Dyson Digital Digest, Spring 2013

 To view a great slide show of Professor Raskin’s past 50 years at Pace, click here.

Exciting Summer and Fall 2013 Courses!

Haven’t decided on your Summer or Fall 2013 course schedule yet?  Never fear!  A full schedule of courses are being offered!  Click here to view the Summer 2013 and Fall 2013 course schedules. Highlighted below are a few interesting and important classes that you might want to consider registering for.


The book and magazine publishing industry has undergone tremendous changes in only a few short years. With the explosion of pure online content sites, interactive tools and ebooks, and media-centric mobile applications on the market, roles that were once more common in technology fields are now becoming standard in publishing houses as well. In the last few years we’ve seen a new role in particular emerge in publishing. Digital product management is no longer just for computer science or engineering majors working in software companies. With user experience, return visits, and content quality becoming the predominate drivers of successful digital media sites and apps, publishing companies are now turning to professionals with traditional liberal arts and publishing skills to help develop engaging media products.  Now the digital project manager – the person who oversees the creation of all of these content-driven sites, tools or mobile applications – often plays a key role in developing all of the kinds of features for publishing companies.  This course will help take the mystery out of technical product development and methodologies, give students hands-on, highly sought after skills, and bridge the gap in ways that publishing professionals can immediately put into practice. This course addresses, in both books and magazines, interactive media content.


This course stresses academic publishing. It introduces students to the principles and practices of scholarly, professional, college textbook, school, and reference publishing, and looks at the impact of technology on these segments of the market. The course covers all aspects of the business, from editorial and production to marketing and sales. Students explore current issues and work with a variety of publishing documents such as book proposals, sales sheets, and marketing plans to gain practical insight into these critical tools.  Guest speakers form major publishers will provide insights from the industry.


This course will focus on ethics in the publishing industry – both personal ethics and the business ethics dictated by the legal requirements and cultural trends.  How personal ethics are developed and how they might be applied in the workplace will be explored; students will also examine cases of questionable ethics (and criminal offenses) in the publishing industry dealing with fraud, plagiarism, and copyright infringement using specifics both general and specific examples.  Ethics as opposed to compliance and the growth of ethics courses in universities as well as in industry will be examined.  Students will look at how society dictates ethical behavior through religion, philosophy and the law.  The concept of an ethical culture will be examined and applied to the publishing industry.


This course examines the strategic methodology of supply chain management; primarily in the book publishing industry. Supply chain models of other print as well as electronic publishing will be discussed. Supply Chain Management is an interdisciplinary subject and students will be exposed to many aspects of publishing – after the original work is completed and ready for publication. The topics this course will cover include: basic economic principles; supply chain models; forecasting and analyzing consumer demand; procurement and global sourcing; inventory planning; ordering and fulfillment; logistics.