WNBA: New UN Youth Representative


The WNBA has announced in their newsletter the new UN Youth Representative, MS in Publishing Student, Dena Mekawi!



New Youth Rep!

We are proud to announce that Dena Mekawi is joining Jenna Vaccaro as one of our UN Youth Representatives! Dena is in the MS in Publishing program at Pace University. She was also recently a contestant in the Miss Arab World pageant. She is excited to get more involved with international affairs. Dena and Jenna attended their first UN Youth Representative briefing this month, a panel of youth discussing educational initiatives and public-private partnerships.

“Being the new WNBA United Nations Youth Representative is such a rewarding opportunity. Contributing and having the power to make a change and be heard is a journey I look forward to embracing. I had the opportunity to be in a pageant that served to empower Arab women word wide. With that platform I wrote to inspire women, and I was featured on an online magazine. I want to continue in that light, and make a difference. I want cultures to be united as one, and challenging stereotypes with any race. Sharing personal experiences and stories truly can inspire others around you. Through this opportunity given to me, I hope to make that my ultimate goal.” -Dena Mekawi


Congratulations, Dena!