Link of the Week: Nathan Bransford’s Blog

There are countless blogs about publishing available to the curious reader, but a few stand out from the crowd.  One stand-out blog is written by Nathan Bransford, an author, former literary agent, and current social media manager at CNET.  Bransford has written two Jacob Wonderbar books, and previously worked for Curtis Brown Ltd.  He has put this variety of experience to great use in his blog, posting about topics ranging from “How to Write a Query Letter” to “Why Some E-Books Cost More Than the Hardcover.”  Keeping up on industry news, Bransford also periodically publishes a post on “The Last Few Weeks In Books,” where he examines new titles and current events in publishing.  His posts are well-researched, informative, interesting, and easy to read, culminating in a blog that is equally useful to experienced professionals and newcomers to the business.