Ms. Magazine Celebrates Its 40th Anniversary

Ms. Magazine has been inspiring women to change their lives and the world since the early 1970’s, and this June, Ms. celebrated its 40th anniversary!  Since it was founded by Letty Cottin Pogrebin and Gloria Steinem ( in 1972, Ms. has reported on the most important feminist issues of the day. Ms. has also kept up with the digitalization of the magazine industry, now featuring its powerful content on the Ms. Magazine website,  To commemorate the anniversary of Ms., Marlo Thomas wrote an article for The Huffington Post – a detailed account of the ways in which Ms. has touched the hearts of women for the past 40 years. An excerpt of this article is below.

Ms. Magazine, Wonder Woman And 40 Years of Change
By Marlo Thomas

The early days of Ms. were shaped by editors whose lives and experiences acted as inspiration for its groundbreaking articles. They reported on women at speak-outs on abortion; small “CR” groups talking about their bodies; their dead-end jobs; domestic violence; and the newly recognized women’s plight of juggling two jobs -– motherhood and career. From this compelling and authentic coverage, a Ms. philosophy quickly evolved: ‘If something is happening to one woman, maybe it’s happening to other women, too.'”

You can read the full article here!