Ray Bradbury: In Memoriam

Photo Credit: Camera Press for The New York Times

The literary community has recently lost one of its greatest and most imaginative voices – Ray Bradbury.  Bradbury was a science fiction writer whose works have consistently been heralded as some of the most influential in modern science fiction.  He was best known for his novels, such as Fahrenheit 451 and Something Wicked This Way Comes, and for his collections of short stories, such as The Illustrated Man.  His passing ended a writing career of over 70 years.

To commemorate his life and works, the New York Times published an excellent obituary, chronicling his inspirations and achievements.  Inspired by Bradbury and his contributions to science fiction publishing, John Farr of the Huffington Post published his own list of the 10 Best Science Fiction Films.  It is clear that Bradbury’s literary legacy will indeed be an enduring one.