Independent Book Publisher’s Assciation Conference

To All Currently Enrolled MS in Publishing Students,

You are invited to attend the annual book publishing conference sponsored by the Independent Book Publishers Association. Called IBPA University, the conference will be held May 24-25 (before the BEA) at the Roosevelt Hotel, (45th and Madison). There are some very interesting lectures including Professor David Hetherington who teaches in our program.

If you are interested in attending some or all of the lectures, please email the Executive Director, Terry Nathan, at Please copy Professor Jane Denning on the email to Mr. Nathan.

To select the sessions that you would like to attend in advance, please go to the schedule at:

Please note that this is an expensive conference and you are asked to bring your own lunches. He is happy to offer free admission, but cannot cover the cost of lunch. There will be a special section reserved for students during the keynote luncheon on Tuesday, May 25th. If you would like to view the full conference schedule, please visit the conference website at:


Professor Jane Denning
Director of Internships and Corporate Outreach
MS in Publishing
Pace University