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WWNorton (1)W. W. Norton & Company.

Position: Music Editorial Internship

Type: Part-time. $7.25/hr

The music department is currently seeking an intern to assist the editorial team from May to August. Starting and ending dates are negotiable. The intern will assist in the publication of a substantial list of text and trade books; assist in the development of a social media platform; provide information to professors and college bookstores regarding Norton’s music publications; procure music, photo, and text permissions; assist in market research; assist in the writing and proofing of copy; research online databases; and perform various clerical tasks as required. The ideal candidate is extremely detail-oriented with strong organizational skills, excellent command of spoken and written English, and the ability to balance multiple projects at one time. The ability to read music and experience with music notation software are preferred but not required. Please note that this is a part-time internship for someone who is interested in a publishing career.

Submit resume and cover letter as an email attachment to Michael Fauver (mfauver@wwnorton.com). W. W. Norton, an equal opportunity employer, is fully independent and employee-owned.

Our offices are located at 500 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY.

The Wilson Center has posted its Summer 2014 internships on the Career Services eRecruiting website! The internships are paid, and students will work with nonprofit institutions.


  • Once logged into eRecruiting,  students should select “co-op” and then search “Wilson Center,” the list of internships will pop up.
  • There are varied and substantive opportunities at 15 distinct innovative non-profits/social enterprises.
  • These summer opportunities are for 8 weeks/35 hours a week, for a total of 280 hours @ $15/hour,  = $4,200.
  • All applications are through eRecruiting. Applications will be reviewed by the host organizations on a rolling basis, and until the end of April.
  • All students (international, undergrads, grads, all majors and schools) currently enrolled at Pace and graduating December 2014 or later are eligible to apply.

Find more information about eRecruiting here.

Titan Publicity Internship

titan-books-bottom-bar-grey-1Position: Publicity Intern

Location: Cortlandt Manor, NY

Type: Part-time position, 10 hours/week, most likely split between Mondays and Tuesdays (with flexibility to do other days as well)

-Unpaid, will cover travel expenses

Start Date: ASAP

About Titan: 

Nominated as Independent Publisher of the Year 2011, Titan Books publishes an extensive line of titles including high quality film and TV and gaming tie-ins, with particular strength in the area of licensed entertainment titles.  Titan also publishes an extensive line of media- and pop culture-related non-fiction, graphic novels, art and music books.  Its rapidly growing fiction list encompasses original fiction and reissues, primarily in the areas of science fiction, fantasy, horror, steampunk and crime.   Titan Books is a division of Titan Publishing Group, an independently owned publishing company, established in 1981, which also owns Titan Magazines/Comics and Titan Merchandise. Titan Publishing Group is based at offices in London, and operates worldwide, with sales and distribution in the US and Canada being handled by Random House.


An intern will have the opportunity to write pitches & press releases, develop targeted lists of press outlets, and support the Titan publicity team with general p.r. administrative duties. Requirements include having: excellent writing and phone communication skills; fresh and innovative ideas; the ability to juggle multiple tasks; excellent researching skills; knowledge of Mac and PC, Excel, Powerpoint, Google Docs, Cision; and a eagerness to working on the kinds of titles that Titan publishes.

Alum_Spotlight3Adynah Johnson is a Brooklyn, NY native, raised in an Afro-Latin, Caribbean and American household. She has always had a passion for stories, culture and the how lives intertwine. Adynah graduated with honors from Long Island University holding a Bachelors of Arts degree in Creative Writing and is a recent graduate of the MS Publishing program with Pace University. She currently works with Tor Books an imprint with MacMillan as an Associate Publicist.

Professor Denning: What have you been doing professionally since graduating from the MS in Publishing Program?

picture of AdynahAdynah: Since graduating from the MS in Publishing Program in 2012 I have dabbled in a quite a few different areas of publishing. I worked within the publicity department of a fashion magazine for a number of months while building a used bookselling platform called Ink and Vine and now I’m currently Associate Publicist with Tor/Forge Books the Sci-fi, fantasy and mystery imprint within MacMillan Publishers.

Professor Denning:  How did you end up at MacMillan? What is unique about the company?

Adynah: I love books; they are not only the repositories of human knowledge by also gateways into the varied perspectives of human beings. Books allow you to travel into the depths of your own imagination through words; which is an extraordinary thing! Working within a science-fiction and fantasy imprint, the books we publish are the epitome of the combined realities of the conscious, subconscious and the unconscious mind(s) which makes for great fiction! The choice was clear!

Professor Denning: What is a typical work day like for you? What does your job entail?

Adynah: As an Associate Publicist I am responsible for publicizing the assigned book through varied mediums. I typically receive galley copies of a book also known as Advance Reader Copies (ARC’s) and disseminate them to a well groomed media list of long lead publications. After that, I strategize and plan other ways to gain publicity for the book. I work closely with editorial and the author(s) and plan for a possible book trailer (now that we are very much in the digital transition period of publishing), blog tours, traveling book tours, conventions like Comic Con, et al…. Shortly after, I disseminate finished books which are the hard copy of the book 2-3 weeks before publication date (also known as the “release date”) to a diverse number of publications including radio and TV. Throughout this time a lot of what us publicists like to call “pitching” takes place, we pitch the book to any relevant outlet. Then there is a bounty of following-up with media where we receive review confirmations, pending’s or the inevitable no response; this is where the pushy publicist reputation was born. Once the book has been reviewed in the choice publication(s), I share with my team at Tor and we bask in our accomplishments!

Professor Denning: What are some of the things that a publicist does that many people may not know about?

Adynah: Publicists are actually quite level headed, there are strange stereotypes about publicists being very talkative, aggressive and constantly inundated with tasks and while yes this career can be quite hectic; publicists must remain calm, clear minded and focused—which has been my experience. What many people don’t know is that literary publicists are some of the most important people in the process of bookselling, next to the editors. If publishing was a plant, the editor would be the sun, and the publicist would be the water, working together to help it grow but have two very separate and essential functions.

artemisProfessor Denning:  Do you work on “blog tours”? Can you explain what those are?

Adynah: Yes! Blog tours are great because they are a new way to gain visibility for a book most particularly if a book has a very niche readership. A blog tour is simply one type of online publicity. One difference between a blog tour and online publicity in general is timing. Blog tours start and end on designated dates.

Professor Denning: What do you think the biggest trends are in book publishing today? How do they impact the role of the publicist?

Adynah: There are quite a few emerging trends in publishing and the way readers are choosing books. The biggest would of course be through digital means. Purchasing books online through the leviathan that is Amazon and other online book sellers, Goodreads is a fantastic innovative tool for readers to communicate with each other and for authors to gain publicity through giveaways, and there are countless others, but I figured I’d give big well known platforms as examples. The digital shift impacts the publicist is various ways; one way is now instead of being lambasted because of constant phone calls to media, our primary source of communication is email and now the use of Twitter and Facebook gives us greater insight into what is current, and who the power players are in book reviewing.

Professor Denning: Were you always interested in publishing? What led you in that direction? When and why did you decide to pursue your Master’s Degree in Publishing?

Adynah: I was always interested in books, reading, creative writing and literature and had no idea that there was a way for these interests to coalesce into a tangible gainful career. I thought my only options were as a writer or a teacher, but after diligent research and the unquestionable desire to get my Master’s degree, I landed in publishing with enthusiasm and curiosity.

Professor Denning:  How did your publishing education and degree help prepare you for your career?  What were some of the highlights of your time at Pace?

Adynah: The question should be, how has it not helped prepare me!  Each class, teacher and project has pushed me towards greater understanding of the industry all while in an intimate setting. Some highlights would be my supportive classmates who I am still friends with today, as well as my Ethics in Publishing course with Professor Soares—great class environment, brilliant educator and applicable lessons.

california bonesProfessor Denning: What advice do you have for those trying to break into the business?

Adynah: Never stop learning, don’t be afraid to ask questions and network. Follow your favorite writers on Twitter, Facebook, read Publishers Weekly, Shelf Awareness, Publishers Lunch, really immerse yourself. Most importantly, not every working or internship experience is going to be the same; you’re allowed to try new things until you find the right place for you.

Professor Denning:  How important do you think networking is?  Do you still keep in touch with your Pace classmates?

Adynah: Networking is imperative, the job I have now is because of my predecessor from a past employment opportunity. I reached out, told her of my interest in the company she was working for, a few weeks later I had a successful interview and landed the job, and all it took was a kind email to ignite my future! I definitely still keep in touch with my amazing classmates from Pace. Each is hardworking, talented and passionate about books.

Professor Denning: What was the topic of your thesis paper? Do you have any words of wisdom for those students who still need to write theirs?

Adynah: My thesis topic was The Future of Art Book Publishing. My word of advice is to start early! And ask for help! Be innovative, be that student that starts the forum for thesis questions, there are many tools at your disposal, use them and make them work for you!

Professor Denning: What skills do you think are essential to have in order to be successful in publishing today?

Adynah: There are various essential tools for success in publishing, but the most important are: stay current with what is happening in the industry, make time to get to know the heavy hitters and the influencers, read, read and read some more, never stop learning.

Professor Denning: Any other advice you’d like to offer to our students?

Adynah: Make the most out of your classes and talk to your teachers. The class sizes are small enough for you to develop a relationship with your instructors, ask questions and make friends. The industry is small and you want to make sure you shine your whole way through!

Thank you Adynah!

quote of the weekk“What an astonishing thing a book is. It’s a flat object made from a tree with flexible parts on which are imprinted lots of funny dark squiggles. But one glance at it and you’re inside the mind of another person, maybe somebody dead for thousands of years. Across the millennia, an author is speaking clearly and silently inside your head, directly to you. Writing is perhaps the greatest of human inventions, binding together people who never knew each other, citizens of distant epochs. Books break the shackles of time. A book is proof that humans are capable of working magic.” -Carl Sagan


April 13, 2014

Downtown Literary Festival

Housing Works Bookstore Cafe and McNally Jackson Books present a downtown literary festival celebrating the literary culture of NYC – past, present, and future. Featured guests include Hilton Als Edmund White Adam Fitzgerald Francine Prose David Goodwillie John Godfrey Patricia Spears Jones @ Bowery Poetry Club, 308 Bowery, 11:00 a.m.

April 14, 2014

Gail Collins

Author and beloved New York Times columnist Gail Collins re-releases her national best-selling book, When Everything Changed: The Amazing Journey of American Women from 1960 to the Present, in a keepsake edition. @ Barnes and Noble, 2289 Broadway, 7:00 p.m.

April 15, 2014

The Debutantes

Writers Jen Doll, Kathleen Hale, Ariel Lawhon, Lindsey J. Palmer, Susan Rieger, and Helen Wan all have two things in common: They’re all women writers and they’ve all just published their first books. Join these first-time authors, along with moderator Liz Egan, Books Editor at Glamour, to talk writing, reading, and getting your work from laptop screen to print. @ Housing Works Bookstore, 126 Crosby Street, 7:00 p.m.

April 16, 2014

Sonya Rhodes

In The Alpha Woman Meets Her Match: How Today’s Strong Women Can Find Love and Happiness Without Settling, therapist Dr. Sonya Rhodes guides readers to finding the right match without compromising. @ Barnes and Noble, 2289 Broadway, 7:00 p.m.

The Moth StorySLAM: Secrets

10 stories, 3 teams of judges, 1 winner. $8 at the door. This event always sells out. Limited seating; please arrive early. @ Housing Works Bookstore, 126 Crosby Street, 7:00 p.m.

Prof. Jane Denning, President of the NYC-WNBA interviews award winning poet Joan Gelfand.


logo_wnbaNew post on Women’s National Book Association | NYC Chapter


Joan Gelfand, Author of The Long Blue Room

by Blogger Editorial

Award winning poet Joan Gelfand  has been a WNBA San Francisco member since 2004 and has served as San Francisco Chapter President, VP/National President and Immediate Past President from 2006-2012. She is currently Chair of Development and the National Writing Contest Committee Chair.

longblueroomJoan’s work has been published in national and international publications, including Kalliope, Levure Litteraire, The Toronto Quarterly, California Quarterly, The Griffen, the MacGuffin and The Chaffin Journal. Select anthologies include ‘It’s Animal But Merciful,” “Connections: Bridging New York,” “You Are Here: Poetry from the Streets of New York,” “Continents of Light,” “Broken Circles: A Gathering of Poems for Hunger,” “Touching,” and “Fighting Words: PEN Oakland.” Readings include Bowery Poetry Club, Southern Festival of Books, Litquake, The Oakland Museum, The Beat Museum, Sparring with Beatnik Ghosts and the NY Public Library. She has been featured on KPIX, NBC, cable TV and over 20 radio stations.

Joan is the Poetry Editor for the “J” and a member of the National Book Critics Circle.

Her newest poetry collection,“The Long Blue Room,” was just published by Benicia Literary Arts. (Feb. 2014) The book is available from the publisher, Ingram and on Amazon.

“The Long Blue Room” poems have won many awards including: Poets 11 judged by Jack Hirschman, Poet of the Month from PoetryMagazine.com, Honorable Mention from Pen Women/Roanoke, First Prize from Osmosis Sanctuary and Honorable Mention from the City of Benicia. Her poem, “Transported,” was nominated for a Pushcart prize.

Joan’s previous books include: “A Dreamer’s Guide to Cities and Streams,” “Here & Abroad,” (winner of the 2010 Cervena Barva Fiction Award) and “Seeking Center.” Her CD, “Transported,” can be found on iTunes. She also blogs regularly for the Huffington Post and is a writing coach.

Joan will be in New York City for two exciting
events so please do come out to see her!

Saturday, April 12th in NYC
at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe – 2pm
With Raymond Nat Turner & Live Jazz
236 E 3rd St, New York, 10009
Phone:(212) 505-8183

Sunday, April 13th
at the Parkside Lounge – 4 to 6
with WNBA SF member Mary Mackey.
Hosted by Great Weather for Media

Jane: How long have you been a member of the WNBA? How did you get involved with the organization? What does the WNBA mean to you?
Joan: I’ve been a member of WNBA for 10 years. I learned about the WNBA from a writer friend. The WNBA means community, networking, sharing of information, and a supportive organization that offers collegiality and friendship in the world of books.

Jane: You are the currently the Committee Chair of the WNBA’s National Writing Contest. Can you tell us a bit about the contest and how it supports WNBA members?
Joan: The writing contest was a long time coming! I’m so excited that we’ve just closed our 2nd year and have great winners in both fiction and poetry. As the contest initiator, it was my belief that if we were supporting women in the world of the book, we should be supporting emerging writers as well. The way that it supports members is that the winning writers have their work published in a special contest edition of the Bookwoman, which, as you know, gives them national exposure.

Jane: Congratulations on the recent publication of The Long Blue Room. Can you tell us about this collection of poetry?
Joan: Thank you! I’m very excited about this collection. The work spans a few years – the last of which have been highly turbulent for this country. The book includes poems that address the economic crisis, the environment and the ways in which our attention has been fragmented. I also take a look at the intimate lives of my fellow poets – Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Sylvia Plath, Czeslow Milosz and others. I’m also interested in exploring the ways in which we still rely on poetry as a touchstone for our emotional lives, especially when we find ourselves in extremis – in crisis and in joy.


Read the full interview in the May edition of the NY Bookwoman!


** Student Registration to be a member of the WNBA is only $20**


pacebpefOn Wednesday, April 9th Pace University’s MS in Publishing program held its third Student Appreciation Dinner.  The dinner was focused on the successes of the MS in Publishing Students, whether currently in the program or graduates of the program.

IMG_6330The event took place on the 18th floor at 158 Williams Street at the downtown Pace University campus. Maria Iacullo-Bird, the Assistant Dean of Grad Programs, and Susan Ford, the University Director of Graduate Admissions along with other Pace faculty and MS in Publishing Advisory Board members were in attendance.  Dr. Uday Sukhatme, Provost and Executive VP for Academic Affairs, Dr. Nira Hermann, Dean of Dyson College of Arts and Sciences and Professor Sherman Raskin, Director of the MS in Publishing program, welcomed the students, staff and faculty and our distinguished guests.

rogerfriedmanRoger Friedman, CEO of Lebhar-Friedman and former BPEF Chair spoke about the Edgell Scholarship as well as on the merit of entering the BtoB side of the magazine publishing industry. Elizabeth Reid, the Community & Special Projects Manager at ABM, spoke about the opportunities the BPEF Internship Program afforded her and about the Edgell Scholarship/Internship opportunity available to students this summer (applications due April 19th).

Professor Denning and Professor Soares both talked about their internship and thesis courses and about the remarkable talent and ambition of the students enrolled in their classes. They also shared their exciting news about a panel that Prof. Soares will be moderating on Digital Marketing Strategies for YA Books at the upcoming panel  BEA for the raskindinnerNYC Chapter of the Women’s National Book Organization  of which Prof. Denning is the President.  Each year Dyson College supports our students and faculty by providing them with the opportunity to attend the BEA-something that both faculty and are grateful for.

Perhaps the most vibrant time during the dinner was when the students themselves got to speak. Graduate Assistant Andrea St. Aubin opened with a lighthearted and poignant speech on how Pace was making her long-time publishing dreams come andreastaubintrue, where as Dominique Ingram spoke on how the program has prepared  her and motivates her to fiercely pursue her passions and dreams. Three graduates of the program, Noah Efroym of Simon & Schuster, Hannah Bennett of Rosetta Books, and Kristen Flanagan, who will be a teaching in the program during the Fall 14’ semester, had the chance to speak on what the program meant to them both personally and professionally.dominique

It was a wonderful evening and we all appreciated the opportunity to gather with other students, faculty and industry professionals.

Why does World Book Night exist?

Reading for pleasure improves literacy, actively engaging emerging readers in their desire to read. Reading changes lives, improves employability, social interaction, enfranchisement, and can have a positive effect on mental health and happiness. Book readers are more likely to participate in positive activities such as volunteering, attending cultural events, and even physical exercise.

Each year, 30- 35 books are chosen by an independent panel of librarians and booksellers. The authors of the books waive their royalties and the publishers agree to pay the costs of producing the specially-printed World Book Night U.S. editions. Bookstores and libraries sign up to be community host locations for the volunteer book givers.

After the book titles are announced, members of the public apply to personally hand out 20 copies of a particular title in their community. World Book Night U.S. vets the applications, and the givers are chosen based on their ability to reach light and non-readers. The selected givers choose a local participating bookstore or library from which to pick up the 20 copies of their book, and World Book Night U.S. delivers the books to these host locations.

Givers pick up their books in the week before World Book Night. On April 23rd, they give their books to those who don’t regularly read and/or people who don’t normally have access to printed books, for reasons of means or geography.

There will also be several kickoff events. Quite a few authors, including Tobias Wolff and Walter Dean Myers, will be at the New York Public Library on April 22 from 6:30 to 8pm.

All information obtained from us.worldbooknight.org. Visit for more information.

We are pleased to announce that we are currently accepting applications for the 2014 Robert Edgell Scholarship.

pacebpefEach year, the Business Press Educational Foundation (BPEF) awards the Robert L. Edgell Scholarship to a student from Pace University’s MS in Publishing program who demonstrates an understanding of and an interest in the business-to-business media industry.

This year, one student will be awarded the scholarship and will be placed in an internship with a B2B magazine during the summer of 2014.

This is a $5000 award, to be paid as follows:

$500 will be awarded upon receipt of the scholarship and $4000 will be paid over the course of the summer (as part of the internship wage) with a payment of $500 upon completion of the internship.

Details of the publication where the student will be interning, hours and timeframe will be discussed with the recipient of the scholarship.

The Edgell Scholarship will be awarded by April 19th.

**How to Apply**

To apply, interested candidates must submit their application to BY EMAIL to Professor Jane Denning (jdenning@pace.edu) at 551 Fifth Avenue, Room 805F, no later than 5:00 p.m., Monday, April 21st.  The applications will then be reviewed and a winner chosen by executives at ABM. 


Interested students must submit the following materials:


  • A copy of your current resume
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation; one from a Professor in the program and one from a current or former employer
  • A 2-5 page double spaced personal essay on why you would like to intern for a BtoB magazine focusing on what you hope to gain from the experience.


About BPEF

The Business Press Educational Foundation (BPEF) Internship program gives college students the chance to work at business media companies, in either editorial or non-editorial roles. BPEF, affiliated with ABM, the association of business information and media companies, was established in 1985 by Harold W, McGraw Jr., then-chairman of The McGraw-Hill Companies.

Since then, BPEF has actively promoted the business media industry among college students nationwide through a unique internship program and various scholarships. Over the last two decades, BPEF has placed over 700 students in internships and awarded more than 75 scholarships.

To learn more about BPEF, click here: http://www.bpefinternships.org/

About ABM

ABM, the association of business information and media companies, is the center of the global b-to-b ecosystem. As the only association focused on the integrated b-to-b media model — which includes business information, digital, print and events — ABM delivers intelligence to industry professionals worldwide, including Madison Avenue, Wall Street and the Beltway. With more than $20 billion in annual revenues, ABM’s 200 member companies reach an audience of more than 100 million professionals, publish nearly 4,000 print and online titles, and host over 1,000 trade shows.

To learn more about ABM, click here: www.abmassociation.com  

What is B2B Media?

B-to-B media is critical to how business professionals make decisions, buy products, set strategies and more. In an ABM video, veteran b-to-b journalist Matthew Weinstock says, “This is a way to sink your teeth into a subject matter, and become a subject-matter expert, and then learn how to craft that into a story that really impacts the reader.”



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