Volunteers Needed- VIDA

VIDA is seeking a determined, meticulous, and thorough intern to assist with the VIDA Count. The VIDA count is a well-publicized annual tally of the gender disparity in publishing. It is the counter’s job to research and determine the gender identity of writers as well as the genre of the work published.

The VIDA Count will require strong knowledge and use of:

• Google Docs
• Microsoft Excel
• DropBox
• Doodle
• Google Hangout

The 2017 internship will run from August 2017 through March 2018. Counters must be able to commit to the full term and spend an average of 5 hours per week on the project, in a combination of solo tallying work and team numbers reconciliation sessions. Applications for the 2017 Count are due by July 15, 2017.

If you are interested in volunteering to be a Counter for the VIDA Count, please send a resume and letter of interest with subject line “VIDA Counter Candidate [Surname]” to Sara Iacovelli at siacovelli@vidaweb.org.


VIDA’s mission as a research-driven organization is to increase critical attention to contemporary women’s writing as well as further transparency around gender equality issues in contemporary literary culture.

Each year The VIDA Count compiles over 1000 data points from the top tier, or “Tier 1” journals, publications, and press outlets by which the literary community defines and rewards its most valued arts workers, the “feeders” for grants, teaching positions, residencies, fellowships, further publication, and ultimately, propagation of artists’ work within the literary community. Volunteers from across the country dedicate thousands of combined hours to compile this information and release the results as our trademark blue and red pie charts.

The VIDA Count reveals major imbalances at premiere publications both in the US and abroad. It has been culturally transformative in the way it frames the debate about gender equality in print. VIDA’s work has engaged the general public in a better understanding of the literary landscape and the issues facing artists of all genders. (Information taken from VIDA About page)

The 2015 VIDA Count was released on March 30, 2016. The count is separated into sections and highlights certain publications. There are results of the Larger Literary Landscape VIDA Count, an Intersectional Survey, Women of Color VIDA Count, Disability VIDA Count, Trans Women VIDA Count, and more.

They have compiled the data into infographics like the one below for The New York Times Book Review: 
nytbrScroll through VIDA’s findings and discover the status of today’s women in the literary arts.

Announcing a VIDA Fellowship for The Home School Conference

In August 2014, The Home School launched in Hudson, New York—an annual six-day intensive writing conference for poets interested in radicalizing their poetic craft through a consideration of other art forms (music, dance, visual arts, cinema). Home School’s curriculum is centered around four daily activities: morning calisthenics lead by acclaimed teaching artists; afternoon workshops lead by a renowned experimental poetry faculty (approx. 14 participants each); afternoon artist talks from contemporary masters centered around collaboration; and evening poetry readings by faculty and visiting poets.

Home School Miami 2016 will provide one VIDA fellow with full tuition waiver (1175 USD) plus an honorarium (500 USD) for travel or hotel accommodations within walking distance of their Miami Beach campus. While in residency, the selected fellow will participate in all Home School activities (including readings by Natalie Diaz, Renee Gladman, Jorie Graham, and Mira Gonzalez) and select their choice of workshop leader with one of the core faculty workshop instructors: Timothy Donnelly, Adam Fitzgerald, Dorothea Lasky, Cathy Park Hong, Tan Lin, Maggie Nelson or Mónica de la Torre.

Applicants will be vetted by the VIDA Board of Directors and results will be announced in September 2015.
Deadline to apply:
Applications must be submitted by August 15, 2015 through this Submittable link: https://homeschool.submittable.com/submit/811a30fb-c13d-4a65-be5d-f83c591f3dd5
How to apply:
We welcome applications from all women, including trans, genderqueer and non-binary.

Through Submittable, applicants provide:

  • contact information and cover letter
  • 3-5 pages of creative work

Link of the Week! VIDA: Women in Literary Arts



Equality for women in the workplace, and in society at large, has been an issue for a long time now. Movements have come and gone, bringing change to our world. One of publishing’s shortcomings is the imbalance of men and women in high leadership positions, and further, a lack of diversity.


One volunteer group has been tackling the issue of awareness head-on. VIDA is “a research-driven organization” that strives to “increase critical attention to contemporary women’s writing as well as further transparency around gender equality issues in contemporary literary culture” (Source). Every year, this group collects data from “Tier 1” journals, publications, and other top literary presses in order to represent, in hard numbers, the disparities among writers and other participants of the literary world.

The VIDA Count reveals major imbalances at premiere publications both in the US and abroad. For example: The New York Review of Books covered 306 titles by men in 2010 and only 59 by women; The New York Times Book Review covered 524 books by men compared to 283 books written by women (VIDA Count 2010). ~About VIDA

The VIDA count has been an annual event since 2010; a little earlier in the week the 2014 results were published. For the first time, the VIDA conducted a Women of Color count, and for the second year a Larger Literary Landscape count. Read the full report here. The efforts that VIDA is making to illuminate the disparities in the literary world is bringing awareness to a wide population, and hopefully change to balance the inequalities.


Click here to find out more about VIDA!



VIDA: Women in the Arts Internship

VIDA: Women in the Arts is seeking a 2013 intern!


VIDA is a “grass-roots” organization that addresses the need for female writers in literature.  VIDA promotes conversations about this topic in  various literary communities across the country.  In these forums, literature produced by women and its reception are discussed.  Click here to learn more about VIDA.


If you are intersted in interning with this literary organization, contact rshuford@vidaweb.orgClick here for more internship details!