Link of the Week: The Huffington Post

The Huffington Post book section, called HuffPost Books, provides an excellent combination of book news, guest blog posts, videos, reviews, opinion columns, and images, culminating in a one-stop shop for all things books!  HuffPost Books publishes humorous articles alongside more serious reviews to both entertain and enlighten curious readers.  Features such as ‘The Book We’re Talking About This Week’ provide quick synopses of books to look out for.  Other articles focus on pop culture and celebrity news as they relate to books, such as 50 Shades of Grey parody videos or interviews with Hunger Games celebrities.  There is even a link to join the HuffPost Book Club, where you can join in the discussion with other readers.  A colorful and diverse site, HuffPost Books is an entertaining way to stay up to date on the world of books.

Link of the Week: Nathan Bransford’s Blog

There are countless blogs about publishing available to the curious reader, but a few stand out from the crowd.  One stand-out blog is written by Nathan Bransford, an author, former literary agent, and current social media manager at CNET.  Bransford has written two Jacob Wonderbar books, and previously worked for Curtis Brown Ltd.  He has put this variety of experience to great use in his blog, posting about topics ranging from “How to Write a Query Letter” to “Why Some E-Books Cost More Than the Hardcover.”  Keeping up on industry news, Bransford also periodically publishes a post on “The Last Few Weeks In Books,” where he examines new titles and current events in publishing.  His posts are well-researched, informative, interesting, and easy to read, culminating in a blog that is equally useful to experienced professionals and newcomers to the business.

Link of the Week: Book Boroughing

New York City is truly a book lover’s paradise, hosting a remarkable assortment of book and publishing-related events each week.  If you weren’t aware of these numerous events, you probably haven’t been reading Book Boroughing, “a site dedicated to keeping you up-to-date on literary events in New York City and the surrounding boroughs.”  On its main page, Book Boroughing maintains a Literary Event Calendar, which updates weekly with notifications about author readings, book signings, lectures, workshops, exhibits, and more.  Book Boroughing also publishes a blog that further promotes the literary community of New York.  Posts include features on local bookstores, links to other book-related blogs and websites, and interviews with writers and publishing professionals.  Rounding out the website are lists of ongoing reading series and reading venues around town.  By collecting, vetting, and organizing all of this information, Book Boroughing makes the literary community of NYC more accessible than ever.

Link of the Week: Neil Gaiman

In honor of Graduation, we thought we would deviate a little from our usual links of the week to share a commencement speech by Neil Gaiman for The University of the Arts class of 2012.  Gaiman’s commencement address, found here, is encouraging and hilarious – the perfect words of inspiration for our own graduating class.

Neil Gaiman is a writer of novels, comics, biographies, YA books, TV shows, and films.  He has also been a leader and trendsetter in the development of online author platforms.  His website sets the standard for online author marketing.  He was one of the first authors to establish a blog, which he started in 2001, and was an early proponent of Twitter, on which he now has over 1,700,000 followers.

Gaiman achieved his extraordinary success by committing himself to being a new and unique voice in the world.  In his commencement speech, Gaiman encourages students to find their own voices.  “Make your art,” he says.  “Do the stuff that only you can do.”  We are confident that our Pace 2012 graduates will do just that!

Link of the Week: The Book Depository Live

If you ever get discouraged about the state of book sales around the world, take a look at The Book Depository Live to brighten your spirits!  The Book Depository Live is a live map that updates several times per minute with the names and locations of books purchased through The Book Depository, the United Kingdom’s largest online bookseller.  For example, a quick look at the map reveals that “Someone in Norway bought The Catcher in the Rye,” and “Someone in the United Kingdom bought Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter.”  It’s entertaining for book lovers to watch the map as it scrolls to countries all over the world, showing the widely varied book purchases of readers around the globe.  And for those who hope to enter the industry of book sales, it’s reassuring as well!