Link of the Week | CoSchedule

Having trouble trying to manage where all your social media posts are going and when your next blog update is going to be? Not sure who is looking at your website or social media and how often?

CoSchedule is a website designed to help with that. By using one website you can organize your office, or just yourself, to make things easier. Created in 2014, this website boasts that “On average teams save 12 hours per week.” It even has a calculator that can help you identify how much time you could save as a team by inputting how many members are on your team, how many projects you do in a week, and even how many social media accounts you have.

What’s even better is that the guesswork that comes along with figuring out the best time for posting is gone. By using their “best time” feature for social media posts, it‘ll allow the user to let the program take care of that, by analyzing the best time to post your message to get the most amount of traction. CoSchedule will even be able to identify which of your social media posts did the best and then recommend you running it again in 1,2, or even 3 months after the first post.

CoSchedule has a variety of different plans that allow the user to be able to find one that fits their individual needs, whether that be a single person running a blog, or an entire company that needs to know where each team is on a large project.

Link of the Week | Brooklyn Book Festival


The Brooklyn Book Festival (BKBF) is one of the biggest festivals in New York City and this year it is featuring over 300 authors. Originally meant to showcase the unique “voice” of Brooklyn, because of the variety of authors that resided there, the event has taken off allowing other authors outside of Brooklyn to be celebrated as well.

The Festival starts on Monday, September 10 and will primarily be in downtown Brooklyn. There will be different panels, themed readings, author signings, and vendors that will be present. More recently, the festival has gown to include two special days during the festival: Children’s Day (Saturday, September 15) and Festival Day (Sunday, September 16th).

They are also presenting the Bobi Award, which is the Best of Brooklyn award for the author “whose work best exemplifies or speaks to the spirit of Brooklyn”. This year, the winner is N.K Jemisin who is the first author to win with speculative fiction.

The full schedule for the Brooklyn Book Festival can be found here.

VIDA | Women in Literary Arts


It’s almost impossible to scroll through headlines today without encountering an article on sexism or sexual harassment in the workplace. While the conversation has recently turned to sexism in Hollywood, Publishers Weekly was right to remind us that “Women in Publishing say #MeToo.” According to PW, women make up almost 80 per cent of the publishing workforce, yet “the industry is rife with sexual harassment.”

It’s also rife with underrepresentation. Cue VIDA: Women in Literary Arts, an organization that works to illustrate inequality in the industry. The nonprofit’s goal is to amplify the voices of women, people of color, writers with disabilities, and queer, trans, and gender-nonconforming authors – individuals who have, historically, faced discrimination in mainstream society. Continue reading “VIDA | Women in Literary Arts”

Link of the Week | National Book Foundation

As I’m sure most of you know, October is National Book Month – a blissful, 31-day period dedicated to America’s favorite pastime (#sorrynotsorry, baseball fans). Since 2003, the National Book Foundation has spent the greater part of October hyping its finalists for the National Book Award, one of the highest honors awarded in American literature. Continue reading “Link of the Week | National Book Foundation”

Link of the Week | Center for Communication

The Center for Communication is a nonprofit organization sponsored by major media companies and other academic partners. It’s mission? To increase diversity in the media industry and better prepare students for careers “by connecting them with the best minds in media.”

Influential figures in the business today, like David J. Barrett, Director of Hearst Corporation, Anthony Ambrosio, Senior Executive Vice President/Chief Administrative Officer (CAO)/Chief Human Resources Officer for CBS Corporation, Julie Henderson, Executive Vice President and Chief Communications Officer for 21st Century Fox, and Hilary Smith, Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications for NBCUniversal, all play a leading role at the Center.

Center for Communication events, namely panels and on-location seminars (195 Plymouth St #320, Brooklyn, NY, 11201), are FREE for students. While most events are open to the public, some are exclusively for students, and these generally require early registration. You can scroll through the Center’s Events Calendar here or you an subscribe to its newsletter for news and updates.

You can also peruse the Center’s website for articles and other resources like “5 WAYS TO PREPARE FOR THE REAL WORLD” and “HOW TO BRAND YOURSELF WITHOUT SPENDING A DIME“.

The Center for Communication annually awards the Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner Journalism Fellowship to a New York-based college junior, senior, or grad student. The Fellow receives a monthly stipend and interns at the Center for Communication during the school year. For more internship listings, check here. (This looks like a broken link right now,  as there aren’t any positions currently available at the Center.)

If you’re just hearing about the Center now and you’re disappointed you’ve missed so many events, fear not. Past events, luncheons, and interviews are posted on vimeo for you to watch at your leisure. For a sample panel, check out this panel on Media Giants and Media Literacy: