Jobs & Internships | April 5th – 11th

Center for Communication | Cooper Leibner Fellowship

Location: New York, NY
Position: Fellowship/Internship
Experience: Entry-level

The Center for Communication is “a nonprofit supported by major media companies to bring more diversity to the media industry and give students access to influential figures who can speak about the business today.” Each year, it awards the Carole Cooper and Richard Leibner Journalism Fellowship to a New York-area female college junior, senior, or graduate student. Students from underrepresented communities are encouraged to apply. Continue reading “Jobs & Internships | April 5th – 11th”

Around Town | Dec. 12th – Dec. 18th

Since the holidays are almost upon us, here are some great events to get you into the holiday spirit! (If the snow on Saturday didn’t already hype you up.) Continue reading “Around Town | Dec. 12th – Dec. 18th”

Around Town | Nov. 28th – Dec. 4th

While there are a lot of great events going on around New York City this week, we hope to see you at the David Pecker Lecture on Wednesday, November 29 at 6pm. The 2017/18 David Pecker Distinguished Lecturer of Publishing is Bette Rockmore, who will present on “Bridging the Gap: From the Classroom to Corporate America.” (To RSVP and to see an interview with Rockmore, click here.) Meanwhile, here are more awesome events you can attend this week! Continue reading “Around Town | Nov. 28th – Dec. 4th”

Children’s Book Council Event

CBC Children's Book CouncilA Not-To-Be-Missed Event!

The CBC Forum Committee is pleased to present the final event in this year’s “Storm the Gates: Innovations in Direct-to-Consumer Branding, Publicity, and Marketing” Forum series:

CBC ForumMarketing: How outside companies can help you with outreach

Our Forum Committee has reached out to successful companies to hear about the different ways that they can help publishers’ marketing, publicity, and digital media teams engage children, teens, caregivers, librarians, and teachers.

This not-to-be-missed panel will offer key insights from companies including Riffle, Next Big Sound/Book, Book Bub, and Sanborn Media Factory, and will be moderated by talent from Masthead Media.

Alliance buildingDate & Time:

Wednesday, October 22 from 3:30-5 PM

Refreshments from 5-6 PM


Manny Cantor Center

197 E Broadway at Jefferson St.

New York, NY 10002

Easily accessible from the F train’s East Broadway stop!

The newly-renovated Manny Cantor Center is a gathering place and an inspired space for the entire community to learn, to laugh and to connect. Learn more.

Registration required here by Monday, October 20 at 5PM.


  • Julie Hochheiser Ilkovich, Managing Partner & President of Editorial Operations at Masthead Media


Sample questions for Forum panelists include:

  • Why do you think your particular approach to digital marketing can help publishers better market their books? Have you gotten direct responses from your clients and concrete data proving that your approach works? In other words, can you prove that what your company offers can directly move copies and generate revenue?
  • Social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have long been self-promotion tools for authors. How can authors take advantage of new avenues for promoting their brand and their books? Are there new digital tools on the horizon that you would recommend? How would you work directly with an author to help them take advantage of marketing themselves online and beyond?

Remote Access:

If you are a CBC member who is unable to attend in person, you may register to access the meeting remotely.

RSVP here by Monday, October 20 at 5PM ▸▸

Learn more about the CBC Forum Committee here ▸▸

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