Jobs of the Week

Hearst Media Design

Type: Full Time

Position: Assistant Social Editor

Location: New York, NY

The Hearst Design Group –,, and – is looking to hire a savvy, design–obsessed, and analytics-minded assistant social media editor to manage all social verticals for the three sites. The ideal candidate has experience working on social media for a major brand and has demonstrated success growing the following, engaging an audience, and increasing traffic referrals. You should love interior design, follow @ELLEDECOR, @Housebeautiful and @Verandamag across platforms, and be familiar with the voice and tone of our social channels.

In this position you will:

  • Identify top-performing themes and article ideas for coverage on the three brands
  • Write and assign articles based on what’s working socially
  • Write and schedule posts across all of the three brands’ social media channels
  • Obsessively track performance of social posts to better understand what works and increase monthly referrals to the three websites
  • Engage followers and grow the audience
  • Pitch and execute posts generated from user content
  • Launch the three brands’ presence on emerging and appropriate social platforms


  • 1+ years experience writing/editing with a lifestyle brand
  • 1+ years experience working on social media for a major brand, with a proven track record for increasing followers, engagement, and traffic
  • Experience with Omniture, Chartbeat, Google Analytics, or similar
  • Experience with CMS/blogging tools
  • Strategic thinker willing to to push the envelope and bring fresh, innovative ideas to life
  • Knowledge of/obsession with design and the design world blogosphere
  • Experience producing multimedia and/or knowledge of video and photo editing platforms is a plus.

View the original job posting here.

Random House – Ballantine Bantam Dell

Type: Full Time

Position: Assistant Marketing Manager

Location: New York, NY

The Random House Publishing Group seeks an Assistant Marketing Manager for the Ballantine Bantam Dell division. This position will report to the Director of Marketing and is ideal for those who have a passion for women’s fiction and romance novels. The Assistant Manager will be responsible for the marketing campaigns for frontlist and backlist authors, and will work in collaboration with publicity, sales, and the marketing team to create consistent messages to reach our targeted audiences.

Responsibilities include:

  • Thinking out of the box to generate, plan, and execute creative ideas for promotional campaigns
  • Brainstorming targeted messaging, taglines, and content
  • Managing the creation of campaign materials including ad reservations, writing copy, coordinating with design and production, and campaign reporting
  • Developing long-term integrated marketing strategies and adhering strictly to budgets
  • Digital marketing campaign execution such as creating and updating Facebook profiles for authors, handling digital ads, coordinating corporate and author e-newsletters, and updating website content
  • Coordinating marketing mailings including writing galley letters and researching/creating/tracking new lists

Our requirements:

The ideal candidate has a BA in marketing or a related field, as well as related experience in a corporate marketing department. Candidates must have demonstrated proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite, particularly Excel and PowerPoint. This role requires strong communication, organization, exceptional attention to detail, and the ability to prioritize and multi-task in a dynamic environment.

View the original job posting here.

Job Opportunity

teachers-college-at-columbia-universityColumbia Teacher’s College

Position: Interim Production Assistant

Posting Number: 0603554

Department: TC Press

This position performs various tasks to support, primarily, the Production Department. Some tasks are of a regular nature and some are on an as-needed basis. Tasks are often time-sensitive, and always require attention to detail. The Production Assistant can be assigned tasks by multiple people, but manages their time with the Production Director.

Partial list of functions: 

– check corrections and front-matter/back-matter on page proofs;
– manage sending file to for “search within the book” and ensuring that files are posted properly;
Submit completed books for copyright registry, including proper paperwork;
– prepare final production folders for completed titles, including filing of manuscript, proofs, etc.
– fulfilling disability requests, either through PDF or hard-copy of book;
– filing cover samples, book files, etc.
– photocopying and scanning;
– cover front desk, when needed.

Minimum Qualifications:

Careful attention to detail
Must be capable user of Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat
Comfortable working with technology
Ability to prioritize tasks

*This position is part-time, 15-20 hrs a week. You can apply here by sending your resume and an optional cover letter.

Link of the Week: Hybrid Publishers

Today, it has become more and more difficult for new authors to publish with the traditional publishing companies. If an author does not have a previously established platform, then the likelihood of getting the manuscript onto an editor’s desk greatly decreases. The barriers surrounding traditional publishing have grown incredibly high, leading authors to self-publishing, and the hopes of either building their platforms or striking a hit. However, self-publishing leaves everything up to the author, including the investment costs and marketing. Self-published books will never see the light of a bookstore as well, losing a huge portion of the market. Also, it becomes difficult for readers to sift through all of the self-published books on websites like Amazon, making it even more difficult for a single author to receive any exposure without a heavy marketing initiative.

Thankfully, new authors with a strong will to have their work published now have a third option: hybrid publishers. What is a hybrid publisher? According to She Writes Press creator, Brooke Warner, SWP is “author-subsidized, which is where the similarity to self-publishing ends.” SWP is modeled on a traditional press, with a “strict vetting process” and also offers traditional distribution. At She Writes Press, authors receive the attention they need so that they feel confident that their work, indeed, is good enough for publication. Warner says about hybrid publishing, “This middle ground is fast growing, and its popularity stems from savvy aspiring authors who realize that in order to publish well, they need to have a team in place who know about books and knows how to navigate the industry.”

According to Forbes, most hybrid publishers only offer small advances to their authors, if any at all. Only giving small advances, or none, allows these hybrid publishers “to price their books more aggressively to gain market share without losing money. In return, authors earn higher royalties which are paid monthly and are reportedly more transparent than standard big 5 publishing contracts.” Also, most hybrid publishers do not charge their authors to publish, giving them a “marketable advantage against self-publishing or so-called ‘partner publishing’ where an author pays all of the upfront costs.”

Hybrid publishers only have a few salaried employees as well, meaning that more money can go into offering authors what they need. The low cost and entrepreneurial structures of hybrid publishers allows them to mimic self-publishing companies while also creating greater resources such as agile marketing. Since an author is expected to go to a hybrid publisher with a mostly publishable manuscript and a general idea of a marketing plan, the hybrid publishers can churn out each book in less than four to six weeks. All a hybrid publisher has to do is fine-tune the manuscript, if needed, and take the guiding reins on the marketing plan. According to Forbes, “Hybrid publishers may have a persistent advantage [when it comes to marketing] because not only are they natively speedy, but they also attract like-minded authors.  They draw in self-published authors looking to expand their footprint, many of whom are used to putting out multiple books in a year. They also appeal to traditional authors looking for more control and higher royalties who are already savvy in marketing books.”

What does the future hold for hybrid publishers? Are they simply self-publishing companies with a fancy name, or will they accomplish something for new authors that wouldn’t otherwise be possible? Brooke Warner, creator of She Writes Press says, ” I firmly believe in author meritocracy, and that outstanding books should be published. First-time authors need a chance, but the new reality is that authors today must take a chance on themselves. Hybrid publishing makes this possible, and gives authors a sense of confidence, knowing that there are professionals backing them to publication and beyond. The polarization of traditional publishing vs. self-publishing is waning, and as more authors move to hybrid publishing as a first choice, this third way will be the future.”

Original content from Forbes and Publishers Weekly.

Quote of the Week

quote of the weekkA new posthumous book by Kurt Vonnegut is coming to print, and it’s aimed at the nation’s youth. Vonnegut’s lifelong friend, David Wakefield, in conjunction with Donald Farber, the literary executor of Kurt Vonnegut’s estate, compiled discarded speeches and commencement addresses Vonnegut had written or given during his lifetime.

Wakefield edited the speeches and penned an introduction to make it into an eBook last year entitled, If This Isn’t Nice, What Is? This year, the book will be released in hardcover, including various illustrations by Vonnegut.

vonnegutiftisisntniceAs time winds down for those who are graduating the MS in Publishing Program this May, we’d like to leave you with the imparting words of wisdom from Vonnegut’s commencement speech to the Syracuse University class of 1994.

“Now this gathering is a work of art. The teacher whose name I mentioned when we all remembered good teachers asked me one time, “What is it artists do?” And I mumbled something. “They do two things,” he said. “First, they admit they can’t straighten out the whole universe. And then second, they make at least one little part of it exactly as it should be. A blob of clay, a square of canvas, a piece of paper, or whatever.” We have all worked so hard and well to make these moments and this place exactly what it should be.

As I have told you, I had a bad uncle named Dan, who said a male can’t be a man unless he’d gone to war. But I had a good uncle named Alex, who said, when life was most agreeable – and it could be just a pitcher of lemonade in the shade – he would say, “If this vonnpicisn’t nice, what is?” So I say that about what we have achieved here right now. If he hadn’t said that so regularly, maybe five or six times a month, we might not have paused to notice how rewarding life can be sometimes. Perhaps my good uncle Alex will live on in some of you members of the Syracuse Class of 1994 if, in the future, you will pause to say out loud every so often,

“If this isn’t nice, what is?”



WNBA: Managing Your Career And Negotiating Your Salary




As you progress in your publishing career, you might begin to wonder about your next steps and how to have big conversations about promotions and salary. Together with the Young to Publishing Group of the AAP, we have convened a panel of professionals to offer important and concrete advice about positioning yourself to be successful: learn how to ask tough questions, navigate the corporate ladder, and work with your boss to achieve your goals.

Join us Tuesday, April 29th from 12:30-1:30pm at the AAP New York offices (71 Fifth Avenue, 2nd floor).  This even is free to all. Space is limited, so you must RSVP to




Susan Gordon, President, Lynne Palmer Executive Recruitment

Tina Jordan, Vice President, Association of American Publishers

Julia Montgomery, Technical Business Analyst, Macmillan

Michele Daly, Human Resources, Scholastic



Jane Kinney-Denning, Executive Director of  Internships and Corporate Outreach for Pace

University MS in Publishing (our chapter president, of course!)

Sara Sargent, Chair of the Young to Publishing Group and Editor at Simon & Schuster

**Student Registration to become a member of the WNBA is only $20! Click here to register**



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