Career Resources

Assorted Resume Tips

Business Insider Video on Things to Avoid Adding to a Resume

Resume Tips from The Huffington Post

Resume Tips from HarperCollins to Secure an Entry-Level Publishing Position

Some Details Worth Removing From Your Resume

Cover Letter Format 

The Wall Street Journal’s Tips On How to Build Rapport During an Interview

The New York Times On What to Do When You Have Had an Interview, But No Call Back

Related Tips and References to Consider

Social Habits of Successful People

Job/Volunteer/Related Positions Posts from The New York Public Library

Additional pace University Tools

Offering assistance and resources exclusive to Pace University students, The Pace Career Services Department boasts a team of counselors dedicated to advising and working with students to aid them in building their networking connections, search for jobs and internships, and help them apply and secure professional positions.

Covering everything from custom resume and cover letter critiques to interview skill-building and recruiting sessions, the Career Services is available to meet in-person or over email.

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