Quote of the Week

“Writing novels is much the same. You gather up bones and make your gate, but no matter how wonderful the gate might be, that alone doesn’t make it a living breathing novel. A story is not something of this world. A real story requires a kind of magical baptism to link the world on this side with the world on the other side.” – Haruki Murakami

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Metadata for Books – Course Information

NEW YORK, May 8 2019 – Pace University’s Dyson College of Arts and Sciences is once again breaking new ground in training for the publishing industry with its first-time course offering, Metadata for Books. The course, part of the Masters in Publishing program, recognizes the key role that metadata plays in the success of book publishers in an increasingly online industry. While other publishing programs cover the topic within book marketing courses, Metadata for Books is the first course offered solely on the topic.

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2019 Women in Leadership Workshop

On March 7th, Marymount Manhattan College held its second annual, Women in Leadership Series: Women in Publishing Workshop. The event was organized The Pace MS in Publishing program’s Internship Professor, Jennifer Romanello, as a way for students to hear from and network with women in leadership positions across the publishing industry. The event catered to those already working in the industry and those looking to learn more about how to start their career.

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