Link of the Week: PEN America

PEN America is a nonprofit organization that for over 90 years has focused on ensuring that people around the world have the freedom to create literature, to convey information and ideas, to express their views, and to make it possible for everyone to access the views, ideas, and literature of others. PEN America  hosts a full range of programs, including the PEN World Voices Festival of International Literature, in order to expand the freedom to write and celebrate the power of literature. It also supports and defends writers endangered because of their work. PEN America relies on its members which include a community of novelists, journalists, editors, poets, publishers, translators, agents, and of course devoted readers.

Become a student member of PEN America here. Find internships here.

Internship Opportunity: Berghahn Books

Type: Paid Internship

Position: Marketing Intern

Location: DUMBO, New York


Berghahn Books is seeking a marketing intern for its DUMBO-based books division. The experience requires a responsible person who can handle multiple tasks in a small-firm environment with minimal supervision.

The position will involve assisting with a range of tasks from market research and social media outreach to database management. As an independent press, this position will offer a great opportunity to learn many facets of the publishing process.

This is a paid open-ended internship (3 days a week ca. 20 hours) with long-term placement opportunities.


Candidates should have experience using social media platforms and be familiar with book discovery platforms. Good researching skills are important. An interest in scholarly publishing is valuable and a background in social sciences or the humanities a plus. Excellent communication skills and a command of English grammar and spelling as well as proficiency in Word processing applications are vital.

How to apply:

Please send cover letter and resume to Vivian Berghahn:

About Berghahn Books:

Berghahn Books is an independent scholarly publisher of books and journals in the humanities and social sciences. Its program is focused on History, Sociology & Anthropology, International Politics & Policy Studies, Cultural and Media Studies, Jewish Studies, and Migration & Refugee Studies.

Link of the Week: IndieReader

Sifting through the electronic piles of self-published books on Amazon can become a little overwhelming. Sure, there are reviews from avid Amazon members. But what if there was a website that provided not only great reviews on popular self-published books, but also that truly cared about giving self-published works a chance? You’ll find all that and more at IndieReader. IndieReader describes itself as a “venue for discriminating book-lovers to find and purchase books published by the people who wrote them.” IndieReader believes in the tradition of book publishing on the writers’ own terms. Not only that, but IndieReader provides publishing services that can guide an author on a secure self-publishing path. Those at IndieReader want others to have the chance to find a great book from authors who wish to deliver their art straight to the reader without a publishing company as the middleman. Also check out this great article on the Huffington Post from self-published author of Wool, Hugh Howey, who explains the importance of writing simply to write. If you are truly passionate about your work, and you trust in your words, then self-publishing may be right for you. To work with a publishing company today may not be the best route for everyone, especially when profit seems to drive the present masses.

Link of the Week: The Moth

An organization dedicated to the beauty of telling stories, The Moth is an experience all its own. Creator of The Moth, George Dawes Green, a poet and best-selling novelist, wished to recreate episodes similar to those that took place in his home state of Georgia. On warm summer evenings, he and his friends would sit together on a screened-in porch, telling tales to one another. A hole in the screen allowed moths through, who were attracted to the soft porch light. Thus the Moths were born; a group of storytellers with a joined closeness through words.


Since 1997 Green has taken what once was a small gathering in Georgia to new heights. The Moths no longer tell stories on a small porch, but in a room that fills hundreds of people, all crowding to hear each human experience. The storytellers are honest and true, and the stories are spoken live and without notes.

In addition to being an entertaining storytelling site, The Moth, also provides a weekly free story called The Moth Podcast, as well as The Moth Radio Hour. In 2000 The Moth launched the MothSHOP Community Education Program which teaches the principles of storytelling to students and disenfranchised adults in underserved neighborhoods. The program then shares these stories within the community and beyond, giving a voice to those who might have otherwise gone unheard.

Some of our favorite stories include Jamaica Kincaid’s, The Letter, Sebastian Jungar, WAR, Carlos Kotkin, The Accidental Executive and Joyce Maynards, The One Good Man.  Click here to see the stories and let us know what ones you like.

The Moth also offers great opportunities for those who wish to volunteer and intern. Interested in volunteering? Click here.

The Moth has internships all year in the production, media, and development departments.


Link of the Week: Society of Publication Designers

The Society of Publication Designers, or SPD, is dedicated to promoting and encouraging excellence in editorial design. Members are art directors, designers, photo editors, editors and graphics professionals. Since drafting its charter in 1965, the SPD remains the only organization specifically addressing the visual concerns of print and online editorial professionals. Editorial design plays a crucial role in shaping and documenting our common history; the efforts of the Society and its members also serve to educate and enlighten the public about the importance of magazines and online publications.

The activities of SPD promote the role of its members as journalists and partners in the editorial process, as well as fostering new generations of publication designers through educational outreach and scholarship opportunities. Member benefits include significant discounts on events, entry fees, Adobe software and training opportunities, complimentary copies of the SPD Annual, and more.

Make sure to check out the SPD-U PUB(lications) CRAWL, the annual all-day event that features a tour of two magazine and/or design offices to give an in-depth look at how things there really work. Space is limited so buy your ticket here. This event takes place on Friday, September 27th. Doors open at 9:15 am at the SPD Office.

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