Editorial Assistant Job Opportunity!

Assist Sharpe Reference’s editorial team in the development and publication of reference works for print and electronic programs!

Manuscripts & Online Content Development:

  • Prepare manuscript files for review, revision, and launch
  • Maintain database of contributors in conjunction with general editors
  • Serve as liaison with authors, editors, and in-house staff
  • Work with Development Editors in reviewing manuscripts and assisting in development, editing, and updating of print and online content
  • Review images, request permissions, maintain log, and prepare image/map program for submission to production and for online purposes
  • Assist editors in developing and repurposing content for online products
  • Assist editors in electronic publication program management


  • Prepare and send contracts, letters, manuscript-preparation guidelines, author questionnaires, and computer information
  • Maintain correspondence with authors and field inquiries
  • Assign ISBNs, and create Contract Data Sheet for distribution to various departments
  • Maintain correspondence with prospective editors and authors
  • Enter proposal and contract information into STAR database


  • Conduct market research for new ideas and products
  • Perform various administrative duties as necessary (check requests, correspondence, tracking royalty advances, CIP applications, comp copies, budget sheets, etc.)
  • Assist editors and director of new program development, as requested

For more information about the company and how to apply, click here. When applying, please copy (CC) Professor Denning at  jkinneydenning@pace.edu.